Monday, April 2, 2018

Best Laksa in Town at Laksaamana, Damansara Uptown

We grew up eating laksa since small and it is something inherently satisfying about a bowl of it, with its coconut creaminess, richness and spiciness. Mommy Jane and Little Angels always on look for the best curry laksa in town and we found it here at Laksaamana, Damansara Uptown.
Laksaamana is a celebration of culinary tradition that makes us proud to be Malaysian. According to Mr Alex Cheah, the Franchisee and outlet Owner at Laksaamana Damansara Uptown, the Franchisor who were consist of Malays, Chinese and Indian, had gone through great lengths to serve and preserve local favourites made with authentic recipes that have nourised, comforted and sarisfies for generations. They blend our cultures with a good mix of herbs and spices to create food that we will treasure each day and crave every time we're away.
Alex Cheah (in red coat), the franchisee and Steve Wang, the Franchisor officiated the opening of Laksaamana DU
Laksaamana Damansara Uptown was officially opened on 21 March 2017 at their newly refurbished outlet. There are free food tasting at their food truck, lion dance performance, lucky draw, vouchers giveaway, celebrity appearance and many more. Officiated by Mr Alex Cheah and Steve Wang, the place looks better, bigger and more new dishes in their menu.
Food Truck for Catering Services
Me and my Little Angels had tried it out and we would like to share some of the dishes that we ordered that day. The first must to try dish is their famous Royal Laksa which is the King of Laksa. It is actually a combination of curry laksa and asam laksa. Made from their fresh ingredients and spices, the gravy is thick with a bit of sourish. The bowl of noodles were loaded with curry chicken, fish cakes, deep fried tofu, chunks of fresh fish, bean sprouts, hard-boiled egg etc. 
Royal Laksa at RM9.90
For the 2nd dish, we had ordered their Nasi Legend. It is a big deal where you can find a generous portion of ingredients that come with a reasonable price. There are 2 pieces of their famous marinated fried chicken, a fried fish, half fried egg, anchovies, peanuts, cucumber, fresh salad, basil chicken mince meat and some of their signature curry sauce. This big portion dish can be share by 2 pax. The chicken mince meat was a bit spicy coz' it was cooked with chili padi and basil leave. The fish was fresh and juicy. Perfect to eat with their curry sauce.
Nasi Legend at RM14.90
Or if you just dine-in alone, then do try out their recommended Nasi Ayam Goreng Berempah with fried chicken, fried eggs, peanut, achovies and curry sauce. The fried chicken meat is tender inside and crispy outside. The curry sauce is not spicy and suitable for kids to eat.
Nasi Ayam Goreng Berempah at RM9.90
As for snack, we had ordered Snack Platter which is my Little Angels' favourite. Snack Platter consists of fried seafood tofu, fish balls and tofu skins or we call it as foochok. The tofu skin is very crispy and children sure love it but a bit oily. Can have it as snack before the meal.  
Snack Platter at RM5.90
As for drinks, must try out their coconut shake which is refreshing and something that cools us down. 
Coconut Shake at RM7.90
All kids will love to drink Milo Dinosaur. A large cup of chilled Milo topped with generous amounts of Milo powder. The taste is so smooth, so creamy and so sweet. It is really nice, thirst quencher and simply superb. 
Milo Dinosaur at RM4.50
Ribena Lemonade is refreshing and cooling. Comes with the taste of ribena, lemon and sprite, it will reduce my kids consumption of gassy or carbonated drink. Check out the magic of the drink before and after you had stir it.
Ribena Lemonade at RM5.90
Do check out their other dishes and drinks in their menu which is Halal and suitable for all races and even foreigners who would love to try out the authentic of our traditional food or western style of lamb chop rice.
Finger licking good. My Little Angels love the food here so much and they could finish it in a short period of time
Laksaamana is located at 83, Jalan 21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Business Hours from Monday to Sunday from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m. For more information on Laksaamana Damansara Uptown, do check out their facebook page at and website at The video on their opening as below...
Mommy Jane and Little Angels love the food and drinks at Laksaamana Uptown. It is simply delicious with generous portion of ingredients and the most important is, it is affordable for all of us to enjoy. We definitely will recommend all of you to try it out and enjoy the best Curry Laksa in Town at Laksaamana Uptown.
Photo taking with Malaysian Psy, Oppa Gangnam Style


  1. I rarely eat laksa due to my gastric issues but your post on Laksaamana is making me droll. I would love to go and give them a shot. Will arrange something the next time I am in town!

  2. Uuuu the name is so good. Laksaamana who sells laksa. The laksa looks yummy. Laksa is on eof my fav btw

  3. All Malaysians favorite food at one place - Rawlins will go soon too! It has been the talk of the town and I don't want to be left behind.

  4. All of the dishes look delicious. Will go soon when at KL

  5. Nampak sedap la Jane. I memang suka Laksa..Nyumsss...nak kawwww sikit kena tambah cili. Damansara Utama tu near my parents house tu. Dulu memang selalu lalu area situ.

  6. I've tried out Laksamana myself, their food is good and affordable, reading your blog makes me miss it, will pay them a visit soon.

  7. Haven't yet their food yet but heard about them many times. Hope this could really kill my craving. I am looking forward to have something similar to my hometown.

  8. Royal Laksa & Nasi Legend looks delicious & yummy. Make me tempting right now! I will try this one day!

  9. Nampak sedap laksa dia. Sis pun suka makan laksa, tapi sis makan mesti kena dengan sambal dia atau cili padi..kasi pedas menyengat..hehehe. Tengok makanan yang lain pun not bad jugak

  10. Yes halal tu yang penting. Sekarang banyak kedai laksa kan. I suka giler bila banyak variety macam ni. I big fan untuk laksa. My fav spot utk makan laksa di IPC Shopping Center food court. Sebab ada 3 kedai laksa. Haha. Laksamana ni berdekatan Starling Mall ke?

  11. Look good and delicious. Laksa is my favourite! Nanti singgah sini bila balik KL! Thanks share.

  12. Looks delicious. the name itself sounds so good haha. next time i should try this laksaamana.

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