Sunday, April 22, 2018

GROW Campaign at Tropicana City Mall and The Mines

Early in the morning today, Mommy Jane brought Little Angels to Tropicana City Mall to join the launch of GROW Campaign that targets on nurturing the younger generation on climate change. The program is to getting the children to indulged and immersed to the real benefits from the environment thus developing gardening skills amongst children for the love of the nature.
GROW activities involve a series of organic planting in community green house by the children whom include my Little Angels. This is to encourage them to eat healthy and to preserve the environment throughout the year. Young shoppers and students from schools will be invited to the mall to plant and harvest vegetables via Hydroponic Method at the Green House. 
Held in conjunction with Earth Day and as part of the first series of the GROW year-long campaign, this activity will also cultivates the habit of giving back to the society amongst our future generation as sales from the proceeds will be donated to a charitable organisation.
During Earth Hour on 24 March at The Mines Shopping Mall, 50 students aged 5 to 12 years old from Global Modern International School and Wendy Montessori had planted seeds at the community greenhouse using the hydroponic system. The tutorial and demonstration was conducted by professional landscaper, Professor Kajendran Latchman.

The second series of GROW Campaign at the Mines was held on 20 April with the same children coming back during harvesting and with help from local grocer, Oliver Gourmet, they packed the vegetables to be sold at there and the sales from the proceeds were donated to a charitable organisation too.
Ms Paulin Lim, the Marketing Communications Manager said that The Mines Shopping Mall and Tropicana City Mall are delighted to collaborate with the local grocer, Oliver Gourmet in this year-long GROW campaign.
Ms Paulin, Professor Kajen and Mr Tham had officially launched the GROW campaign
Mr Tham Oi Loon, Managing Director of Oliver Gourmet said as local grocer, they are proud to be part of the program that gives back to the society by helping the under privileged.

After harvesting the plant, the spinach was put in a basket to deliver it to Oliver Gourmet
CapitaStar members will be rewarded with 500 STARS from now until 31 December 2018 with minimum spend of RM30 inclusive of any GROW products from Oliver Gourmet at Tropicana City Mall and The Mines.
At Oliver Gourmet, the staff will packed the fresh spinach and put the price of RM3.50 per bundle
My Little Angel, WH is the first to shop for the fresh Spinach that the children had harvested earlier

Do check out my video on the event below...

For more details on the campaign, do visit their Facebook page at and
My Little Angels had learned on harvesting the spinach which is their favourite vegetables in a healthier way. They also learned about organic planting and the importance of the green house to preserve our environment. They did their part in harvesting the spinach, packing and put the spinach on the display of Oliver Gourmet. They even purchase 3 packets of the spinach using their pocket money so that they can contribute to the society too. A good lesson for them on the environment and being part of the GROW campaign while eating healthily. Do pay a visit to the Green House which located just outside the entrance of the Mall when you shop at Tropicana City Mall. 
My Little Angels with the Spinach that they just harvested at the Green House 



  1. great event for a great cause. love it..

  2. This very nice farming activity now, especially to educate young children is helping to protect the environment.

  3. Nice activity for weekend. Help children to understanding important of planting the tree for future .

  4. Hehe tengok anak u pun dah tau mereka enjoy. Dah besar dah anak u. Sister dah bleh tengok kan adik. Mereka pun sentiasa bersama masa ambil pokok dan tanam. Well done!

  5. wah.. bagusnya ada aktiviti macam ni kan.. boleh mengajar anak-anak cara menjaga alam sekitar dengan menjaga dan memelihara pohon hijau

  6. what a good effort, and program as well.. grow 2018 indeed.