Friday, April 20, 2018

Seafood for Kids at Just Seafood

My Little Angels are picky eaters. Sometimes Mommy Jane find it hard to find suitable food for them to eat. They love to eat seafood but not all the flavour suits them well. The flavour that we always go for is the salted egg to cook with crab or prawns or squids. When Mommy Jane heard lots of good review of the salted egg seafood served at Just Seafood , Mommy Jane brought Little Angels there to try it out.
When we look at the menu, there are few flavours for us to choose. Their latest flavour is the Nasi Lemak Cajun and others like Salted Egg, Louisiana Cajun, Butter Milk, Durian Cheese and Creamy Peanut. We choose to have Salted Egg Seafood for my Little Angels and Nasi Lemak Cajun for Mommy Jane and WH as we love to eat spicy food.
Nasi Lemak Cajun
Instead of the traditional way of enjoying seafood where each seafood was individually cooked and served at a plate, at Just Seafood, the Flower Crabs, Air-flown Mussels, Squid and Tiger Prawns were cooked together and served on the table directly with a layer of white baking paper that divides the food with the table. You can directly eat from the white paper with your bare hands or if you're not used to it, then you can request for disposable hand gloves, plate, spoon and fork to eat with the rice and the seafood.
For Durian lovers, you might want to try out their Durian Cheese Seafood or their famous Louisiana Cajun Seafood.
Durian Cheese Seafood
Louisiana Cajun Seafood
For the Salted Egg Seafood, best to eat with their fried bun (man tou) as kids would love it to dipped with the salted egg sauce. The creaminess of the Salted Egg sauce was so yummy and finger licking good or you can just have it with the rice. The seafood served was fresh and the sauce paired well with the seafood.
Just Seafood is a two-floors dining place with wooden table tops. There are several dining options and you can choose to sit outside the verandah with an open-aired podium area or inside the air-cond area. The restaurant was spacious and with an opened kitchen style, makes this place a Kids' Friendly Restaurant where the Kids can have an experience to witness the Chefs in action. 
Just Seafood served Nasi Lemak Cajun for 2 pax at RM119++, 4 pax at RM219++ and 8 pax for RM429++. Different flavours had different price and all sets comes with potatoes, carrot, corns, anchovies and peanut for Nasi Lemak Cajun and also the rice. You can add on petai, broccoli, squid, balitong or cockles at the price stated below.
Just Seafood located at A-9-G, Sunway Giza Mall, Jalan PJU 5/14, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Operating hours from 12 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. daily. Do call them up at 012-2290855 or 03-61446366 for reservation. For more details, do visit their facebook page at Check out my video below...

If you're looking seafood for kids, then you should bring them to Just Seafood. Their friendly waiter and waitress will use the claw cracker to open the claw to make it easier to eat with no mess. It is a family friendly restaurant that each kids and adults should pay a visit here to enjoy their fresh seafood with different flavours.


  1. Oh my! I heard about this place before. The nasi lemak cajun really looks tempting! And I really interested to taste the durian cheese seafood... the price is a bit pricey but I hope it really worth a try! woohoo!

  2. wow... ramai juga yg review nasi lemak cajun. looks lovely and really lain dr lain.. must try. and wow.. price also not bad at all.. ones ones try can lah.. hehehe. tq

  3. Sebelum ni pun ada jugak blogger yang review pasal nasi lemak cajun ni. Nampak macam menyelerakan. Terima kasih atas perkongsian. Hehehe :)

  4. Wow.. sedap gak seafood menu ni mcm best. Kena pergi juga ni.. hrga nampak berbaloi juga

  5. i paling suka nasi lemak cajun...sedappp..tapi yang lagi best seafood kat sini mmg saiz besar2 mmg puas hati....isi padat :-)

  6. Oh my.. my eyes cant stop looking at durian cheese seafood and salted egg seafood. Both menu make me so hungry now. The seafood size also big. Worth to try.

  7. I paling suka sos buttermilk memang creamy. Seafood dia fresh dan tebal isi dia. Worth for money

  8. Durian cheese seafood? Errr....for durian lover ok lah. I makan buah durian sahaja. I love seafood. Makan pula dengan nasi lemak ye?....Oh ketam....besarnya....

  9. Omg sedapnyaaa! Gambar pertama dah buat I watering mouth! I want to go la! Thank you for sharing :)

  10. I heard the other blogger friends talk about Durian sauce..i was so excited to try..will drop by one day and taste by myself..

  11. Gimme the nasi lemak cajun please. Hehe. The dishes all make me salivating hahaha