Sunday, June 24, 2018

CARRIE JUNIOR Odour Buster Kids Hair Shampoo

My Little Angels love outdoor activities and everytime they back from playing or from school, there is a strong odour from his sweaty hair and scalp. The only way to eliminate such unpleasant odour is to ensure they wash their hair. Maintaining hair hygiene will decrease the risk of scalp infections besides ensuring they smell fresh.

As parents, we all knew that adult shampoo is not recommended for our young kids aged between 6 to 12 years old due to the dosage used that will lead to scalp and hair issues. Their delicate scalp and hair are too sensitive hence a gentler formulated shampoo would be the best to maintain their healthy hair and scalp.

Mommy Jane recently bought CARRIE JUNIOR KIDS SHAMPOO ODOUR BUSTER for my Little Angels to try it out. The shampoo is gently to their hair. It is safe for daily use and leaves their hair smelling great all day long. Mommy Jane love their brand new function formulated to combat their hair odour effectively yet gentle to their hair and scalp.

With the infused fruity burst scent that lasts for up to 24-hours, my Little Angels could now have fruity fresh smelling hair even after a fun day outdoors. This product is further enriched with olive oil that nourishes and smoothens hair for manageable and easy combing.

CARRIE JUNIOR KIDS SHAMPOO ODOUR BUSTER comes in delightful Perky Peach Fruity Burst and it is pH balanced, mild and gentle for everyday use. Available in two pack sizes i.e. 280g pack retails at RM10.10* in West Malaysia and RM 10.60* in East Malaysia. While 700g pack retails at RM20.70* in West Malaysia and RM 21.70* in East Malaysia. CARRIE JUNIOR products are available at leading retail outlets, hypermarkets, supermarkets and major pharmacies nationwide.

For every Bottle of CARRIE JUNIOR KIDS SHAMPOO ODOUR BUSTER purchased, it comes with a gift too. My Little Angel, WJ loves the cute little elephant so much.

Mommy Jane and Little Angels love the fresh scent of Fruity Burst of their hair all day long. Even after sweaty play, we can still smell it. It is a good Shampoo recommended for kids who are always active to ensure it cleans their hair thoroughly while gentle to their scalp. 
CARRIE JUNIOR is a premium range of children’s toiletries that helps parents bond with their little ones by making bath time a fun time. The vibrant packaging is creatively designed to spark kids’ imagination in the bathroom.
CARRIE JUNIOR’s range of toiletries are formulated with Fruito–E, a combination of natural fruit extracts rich in nutrients and vitamins to help nourish, moisturise and protect children’s delicate skin and hair. Within CARRIE JUNIOR’s range, there are various choices of fruity scents available to keep children smelling fresh and clean all day long. Carrie Junior cleans gently yet effectively and is suitable for everyday use.

Certified HALAL, the Carrie Junior range includes Baby Bath, Baby Shampoo, Hair & Body Wash, Baby Powder, Baby Lotion and Baby Oil. It comes with refreshingly fruity fragrances that kids love.


  1. Shampo ini harum dan tak perih di mata anak kah? Klo iya wajib recomended nih buat ponakan ponakan saya di rumah.

  2. Carrie Junior is a fav item in my house, i put at every bathroom 1 bottle so easy for my kids to use..they happily shampooing their hair and playing with the bubbles..well i really love this shampoo with nice smell...

  3. My fav! Sampai bedak sekarang pun pakai carrie junior tau! Carrie Junior memang wangi!

  4. Read about this in few blogs.
    Carrie junior is the best lah. Sometimes got free toys :-)
    My son, Ijat, loves carrie junior because of its advertisement. A big cute elephant came out from the bottle ha ha ha...

  5. not bad jugak produk carrie junior ni, ada dapat mainan plak tuh ek. but suggest kat member-member di luar sana