Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Homework Rescue with HP 3777 All-In-One Printer

Reinforce our kid's creativity during this school holiday. Make use of their free time to know more about their talent when it comes to art. Ensure the problems of setting up the computer, printer and scanner to be hassle free by getting the world's smallest printer - HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3777 All-In-One Printer.

HP and the Disney Digital Network had worked together to deliver customized content through Disney stories and scale content distribution to the Disney digital audience. 

The HP DeskJet Ink Advantage printer brings innovation and fun to any homework experience. Packed in a sleek and colourful design that's half the size of typical all-in-one printers, the device uses low cost cartridges for our home printing needs. The HP DeskJet Ink Advantage printer is also powered by the HP Smart App, which allows for printing, scanning, set-up and even ink purchase; all from the palm of our hand via our mobile device. Mommy Jane and Little Angels had made doing the Homework Rescue Fun with the help from HP 3777. 

Our first challenge for Disney Homework Rescue is working on a Finding Nemo Playset. Connect our smartphone or tablet directly to our printer. Download the HP Smart App and scan the QR codes to begin with our 1st Challenge. 

Open the url link and confirm the HP DeskJet 3700 as the printer. Choose the no. of copies and tap print. Wait for our photo to come out from the printer. Then we have to cut out all the pieces, make the indicated folds, then glue or tape the smaller rectangels to the back of the large rectangels as the background. Our 1st Challenge completed in just 20 minutes.

Our 2nd Challenge is to make Perry the Platypus 3D Papercraft. All we need is a regular paper or cardstock, scissors, glue or double-sided tape. Print out the Perry on regular paper and cut out the pieces. Make all folds along the dashed lines and use glue to secure all tabs on Perry's body. In just 15 minutes, we had completed our challenge.

Our 3rd Challenge is to stick these adorable stickers featuring James P. Sullivan, Mike Wazowski and Squishy at Monster University on my kids' plastic folder. Print the page on sticker paper and cut out each of the sticker. Cutting should be done by bigger boys or by an adult. Then stick at the folder as below... This challenge took us 10 minutes to complete.

The HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3777 Printer is the world's most compact and lightweight All-In-One printer that can easily fit to any space in our house. It can perform multiple tasks i.e. printing, copying and scanning, to maximise productivity. Check out my video below on how we had completed our Homework Rescue in a fun and easiest way with HP 3777.
Apart from its wireless usage, we can also use the USB cable to connect our printer to our laptop or computer. Once the software is downloaded and installed, we can get started with printing, scanning and copying files. This compact and yet powerful inkjet printer is a great value for money that provides affordable print, scan and copy functions to help our kids to shine in school.
HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3777 All-In-One Printer is price at RM358.00 at HP StoreFor more information, do visit their website at www.hp.com/my and facebook page at www.facebook.com/HPmalaysia. Hashtags are #ReinventLearning and #HomeworkRescue.

Thanks to HP 3777 All-In-One Printer, I could spend a quality times with my Little Angels by doing the Disney Homework Rescue Challenge together. It's not only a bonding moment but we also learns to be creative during the process. The packaging of the HP 3777 is superb with its glossy red and white colour. It's compact with modern and sleek design which is a perfect fit for my home use. The print quality is good and it prints faster than my previous printer. HP 3777 is highly recommended for students who need to print paper works from time to time.


  1. Saya pakai product HP di rumah dan di kantor. Hasil print outnya best lah. Tapi seri yang ini blom pernah nyoba sih... hasilnya pasti lebih best lagi ya pastinya

  2. That fast in printer and the color printing is clear and the color tone is good. I can consider this printer as I need it for my work. And the size is small and easy to be carried.

  3. Cool! This HP is looks so fun and practical for mommy and kids! Can print and crafting. Fantastic tools that we can utilised at home for kids activities! Thank you!

  4. Those activities were so-so fun!!! Love to do the same with the kids also... well, this school holidays, we are more into drawing and colouring, but will try the activities that you have done with the 5 angels later... I wonder if the QR code could be scanned and connected to other HP printer series as well... I will give a try...

  5. Bestnya. Masa study dulu memang guna printer hp. Memang kerja tiptop. Cepat print pulak tu. Bila ada yang the latest ni teringin jugak nak mencubanya.

  6. This will be super handy when my kids start schooling in future! Now I only have a black and white printer for forms and documents only 😂😂 lolx!

  7. Wow I love the colours after printing process. Very nice & vibrant. I'm looking for printers too maybe I will buy this brand. The price also affordable.

  8. It's truly great to hv a nice printer at home.. this model looks good..hp always got nice quality printer...