Sunday, August 19, 2018

Kids Pasta with Prego Buddies

Do you agreed with me that parents nowadays are struggling to get our kids to eat vegetables ? With Prego Buddies, the first fun shaped dry pasta for kids by Prego which is made from natural tomato and spinach powder to help busy Moms like me to prepare a wholesome and fun pasta meals for my kids in just 10 minutes.
Prego has been delighting families since over a decade by offering its wide range of pasta sauces and dry pasta and now expanded its dry pasta to Prego Buddies in response to our kids' love for pasta and our desire to made our kid's mealtime to be excited.
Michelle Nunis, Marketing Director of Campbell Soup Shoutheast Asia said that Prego has an enduring commitment in bringing mealtime happiness to family. They constantly finding ways to excite home cooks with delicious, fun and easy to prepare meals.
Michelle Nunis, Marketing Director of Campbell Soup Shoutheast Asia
Michelle further explained that as a mother, she know the challenge is real in getting our kids especially those aged between 3 to 12 years old to finish their meal and eat vegetables bit with Prego Buddies, Moms could get the goodness of vegetables and make meal time fun. Prego also supports Moms to be creative in preparing Western or Malaysian themed meals for our little ones with pasta meal recipe using Prego Buddies with any of the Prego pasta sauces.
The ingredients which will make our Prego Buddies Pasta more healthy and delicious for everyone
Scha Alyahya, Malaysian celebrity and actress with her daughter Lara Alana, Gan Mei Yan, Astro Announcer and her son Jo, Danish Harraz, Self-Taught Kid Baker and Cooking Enthusiast, Prego Buddies mascot, Buddies and BoBoiBoy, from the popular Malaysian animation series were present at the launched celebration held at Sunway Pyramid.
11-year old Danish had showcased one of his 2 recipes i.e. Chicken Cheese Buddies that he had created using the Prego Buddies and Prego pasta sauce. It was done in a short time with just a few simple ingredients. Do get the recipes of his Chicken Cheese Buddies and Buddies Chicken Fritters on his website.
Danish Harraz with the Emcee, Jihan Muse 

Gan Mei Yan getting Jo's help to cook the pasta with her. Jo loves adventure and with the space shaped pasta, he was excited to try it out. Gan normally will add chicken and additional vegetables for him 
Both of them happily showing off the Prego Buddies meal that they had prepared together. Yummy Yummy Yummy !!!
Scha with her daughter Lara enjoying their Prego Buddies pasta using the sports shape. Scha felt great serving Lara with something new knowing that she is getting her veggies at the same time

Prego Buddies comes in 2 different variants i.e. sports shaped and space shaped pasta for kids aged 3 years old and above. It is made from natural tomato and spinach powder and available in 200g at the suggested retail price of RM2.35 and it is available nationwide.
For more information and to get a variety of quick to prepare and delicious recipes, do visit their website at Remember to like and follow their Facebook page at for more updates and promotions. Check out my video on the event below...

After the launched, my Little Angels proceed to join the variety of the fun activities and not forgetting to try out the Prego Buddies pasta which were available in Traditional Pasta sauce and Carbonara sauce. They love the taste so much that Mommy Jane had bought 8 packets home together with the sauce. The promotion pack is only at RM1.89 at the roadshow and for every purchase of RM20, we could redeem a set of lunch box.
Prego Buddies Truck to try out the new pasta. Children and adult love the taste and the cute shape
Promotion packs with free lunch set
Enjoying their slide at the space ship
Sports Challenge with Prego Buddies to win a set of Prego Buddies stickers
Learn to be creative by colouring their favourite Prego Buddies mascot with the pasta
Count how many types of sports and space shapes
Thanks to Prego Buddies for the creative kids pasta to encourage our kids to eat vegetables to stay healthy. Mommy Jane and Little Angels love the shape and the taste so much. They had also enjoyed themselves so much with the fun activities on that day. With Prego Buddies, Mommy Jane could easily cook a meal for my Little Angels in just 10 minutes. To all parents, let's enjoy our cooking with Prego Buddies and our kids will sure love it.


  1. singgah sini sambil follow blog mommy :)

  2. A great way to encourage kids to eat healthier meals. Kids nowaday are scare once once they see green veges, including myself when I was a child. But will this new choice, sure they will be amazed and will it out

    1. Definitely agreed with you. My children loves the pasta so much and it is really good for them.

  3. Very good news for parents with difficult children who refuse to eat vegetables. Delicious, healthy and eye-catching, that's what Prego Buddies are.

    1. Emily, agreed with you. Prego Buddies are my Little Angels' best buddies now. They just love the taste of it.

  4. Vegetables in pasta is such a great way to encourage kids to eat more veges! I bet the kids will definitely enjoy this kind of pasta servings.

    1. Sharon, they do enjoy and now I am a happy Mom too seeing my kids start to eat veges now.

  5. wahhh acara yang bagus untuk kanak-kanak lalui pengalaman memasak bersama ibunda tercinta...produk prego memang menjadi piliahan saya sejak dari dulu lagi...sekarang ini makin mudah dan senang untuk sediakan makanan untuk anak-anak..

    1. Bonda, betul. Prego products are healthy and delicious.