Thursday, August 9, 2018

Kids Sports Day Activities

Do you remember your School Sports Day ? Mommy Jane miss it so much and for every Sports Day event that my Little Angels participated, Mommy Jane will be there to support. Last weekend, Mommy Jane and Little Angels attended the Kids Sports Day organised by WJ's kindergarden. 

The Sports day was held for half a day only from 8 a.m  to 12.15 p.m. The weather that day is cooling and there is mist at that area. Means that it is going to rain soon but the sports still proceed and when it comes to almost the end of the event, the rain had started to fall heavily.
The event was start off with some warm-up and dancing session before the sports begin. All parents are there to support their children. WH and WT were there too to support WJ.
The spirit of friendly competition comes alive on every Sports Day. My Little Angel and his friends had participated a wide range of different competitions and learn the valuable lessons in sportsmanship. Everyone are the winner with children guaranteed to win at least a medal for their efforts.
On Your Mark, Get Set and Go....
WJ a bit playful while waiting for the Double Relay to begin
Events chosen are fun, safe and easy to participate and all the children had been trained 2 weeks before the actual day. Events like relays, obstacles course, jumping jack and lots more. 
Teacher helping WJ to wear the jack bag

Jump Jump Jump... Who is the first to jump to the finish line ?
Check out the video of the activities below...
Congrats to WJ for winning 4 medals on that day. Mommy Jane was so proud of your achievement and hope you will succeed not only at academy but also at sports. Stay Healthy by Stay Active. Go all your way out to achieve your dreams. Hope you had enjoyed your Kindergarten sports day and another few months, you will be entering primary school soon. Jia you !!!


  1. tahniah utk ank mommy jane..dpt 4 medals ...bdk2 bila sport day mmg excited...kita sbg parent mesti dtg support diorang kn supaya lebih bersemangat

  2. Congratulations WJ! Wah 4 medals in one day..bukan calang-calang..and really lve to see the spirits in them during the sports day. Every school like this..

  3. Wah bestnya! Tahniah WJ sebab dapat 4 medals! Mesti mommy jane bangga hee tak sabar tunggu anak sendiri bila ada sports day di sekolah nanti. Kita sebagai mak pula yang excited kan :)

  4. Tahniah mommy Jane & anak2 sbb byk dpt medal, l dulu masa anak2 kecil mmg suka bwk dorang joint mcm2 aktiviti, firstly pertandingan mewarna time cuti Delilah.

  5. Congrats anak u dapat 4 medal sports day. I missed my school day sekarang. Haha

  6. Congrats to your son on his medals and achievement. May there be more to come, both in sports and academics.

  7. Congratulation WJ for winning 4 medals on his sports day! Luckily the weather was good though. Very humid weather would not be very good and healthy for kids these days. Wish him the best in the future!

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