Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Merdeka Sale at Lazada Malaysia

Lazada is Mommy Jane's online shopping paradise because there are wide range of products to be choose, best discount online, buyer protection, free standard shipping and top deals everyday. Lazada will be having a Merdeka Sale to celebrate our nation's 61 Years on this Friday. There will be an exclusive deals and discounts up to 80% off. This promotion valid from 28 August till 31 August only.
The Merdeka sale will include exclusive offers from local brands that we, Malaysians would love such as PONEY, XES, Voir, Habib, Carlo Rino, Bonia, LOL etc and many more deals from international brands !!!
Mommy Jane found a cute little PONEY Boxing Shark Tee (Green) for my youngest Little Angel, WJ. Normal price at RM49 and for this Merdeka sale, 49% discount was given and Mommy Jane only need to pay RM25 for this comfortable branded t-shirt.
For Mommy Jane favourite brand of shoes, XES is giving away storewide 50% off. A great deal hard to resist...
The Merdeka Sale will also offer Flash Sales, Vouchers and Free Shipping across Malaysia. Yeah...

To add on to the excitement,  Lazada will also organising Merdeka Shakin' Deals game. To Shake & Win RM15 vouchers, all you have to do is to download and log in the Lazada App, Stay on the homepage and Shake daily from 28 till 31 August at 1 p.m. and 9 p.m. Do not miss it out...
For more information on Lazada Merdeka Sale, do log on to their website at www.lazada.com.my/merdeka-sale and Facebook page at www.facebook.com/LazadaMalaysia
Do not miss out this Merdeka Sale at Lazada as we celebrate our country's independence day. Lots of products to be offered and lots of reward to be received. Spend wisely to save more so that you could grab more of the products that you had wanted to buy. Happy Shopping to all of you !!!


  1. wahh mmg murahla brgn yg ditawarkan di lazada. i nk beli vacuum..tgh survey sbb i tgk byk juga diskaun yg diberikan....best!

  2. So many sales recently, I love online shopping, will check out the lazada sales and grab some goodies before Sept!!

  3. I love shopping at Lazada too! There's so many offer and sales kan? Berbaloi beli time sale. I nak cari baby stroller after reading ur blog.

  4. Vavavaa... Banyaknya discount! Memang kena berbelanja dengan bijak time sale ni. Nina memang tengah usha barangan baby. Thanks inform, nak pi terjah sana....

  5. Sempena hari merdeka kita dapat promosi barang barang pada harga terbaik di lazatda. Bestnya, boleh jimat banyak. Yang penting kita bandingkan harga dan jangan terburu buru

  6. Antara kelebihan beli belah online ialah kita boleh bandingkan harga. Itu yang paling bagus. Kadang kadang tak nak beli barang pun, nak tahu harga je

  7. Saya memang suka tunggu masa promosi macam ni untuk beli barang barang secara pukal. Dapatlah harga murah sikit.