Friday, October 26, 2018

Kids Chocolate DIY Workshop with Harriston

Who are the Chocolate Lovers here ? I'm sure all of you do. For the love of the chocolate, Mommy Jane brought Little Angels to Harriston Signature flagship store in Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras for a DIY workshop where we could make our very own chocolates.
These DIY workshop is open for public for kids above 3 years old and adults too. Incorporating 4 processes altogether, each session lasts for an hour and is open every day from 9.30 a.m. till 6 p.m. for only RM35. 

We begin our session with the chocolate moulding by tempering chocolate at the right temperature, coating chocolate moulds, moulding and unmolding chocolates. Once done, we proceed to make our lollipops by learning how to pour melted chocolate into a piping bag to achieve the desire shapes. The process includes inserting sticks into chocolate mixture and removing chocolate after it has hardened.
We also learn on the chocolate painting where the process of coating biscuits is revealed by dipping into melted chocolate and decorating it with chocolate paint and sprinkles. Ending the totality of the experience, we learn to mould Harris, the Orang Utan which can be brought home together with our lollipops and biscuits as a treat or even as personalised gift for our loved ones. 
Mommy Jane and Little Angels' creation during our DIY Workshop at Harriston
Serving over 8 million chocolate lovers worldwide with their ever-expanding list of 150 chocolate variants, Harriston is a leading chocolatier in our Country. Commited to its tagline "A Unique Malaysian Chocolate Experience", Harriston takes pride in infusing truly Malaysian flavours into their chocolate creations especially with its successful exotic range i.e. the Durian and Tong Ali chocolates which has proven to be one of the brand's bestselling products.
Funded 2005 by S.C Teng, Harriston is now managed by the second generation of the Teng family i,e, 2 sisters, Teng Wei Tzyy, CEO and Queenie Teng, Executive Director ("ED") of Harriston.
Bloggers, Media, Queenie (ED of Harriston), the PR, Xavier (Xavier Mah Consultancy) and our kids
While we were there, we able to taste the Ruby chocolate which is the world's fourth type of chocolate after dark, milk and white chocolate.Harriston is already distributing the industry-shaking ruby chocolate, thus making its first ever appearance in Southeast Asia. Designed to delight the taste buds of we, Malaysians and to cater to the ever-changing need, Harriston has been at the forefront of innovation thanks to their partnership with Barry Callebaut, a World leading chocolate manufacturer. Harriston's ruby chocolate are in thin strips and coconut crunch bar which are available exclusively at Harriston stores under the Harriston Signature line.

Queenie Teng said that building a truly Malaysian brand from ground up, is and always will be, a challenging task. However, they are adamant in becoming an international brand promoting experiental education through creative chocolate products and shopping experience, and at the same time, handling down the richness of Malaysian natural and cultural heritage to the next generation.
Thanks to Queenie for the presentation of Certificate of Participation on their workshop and a box of Ruby Chocolates for Mommy Jane and Little Angels to bring home 
Harriston sells its mouth-watering products and chocolate-filled experiental workshops at their flagship store, Harriston Signature in Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras and Georgetown Penang where else their Harriston Boutique, an abbreviated version of the flagship stores are located at Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands; MaTIC, Ampang and Jalan Bagan Jermal, Penang. 
Have you ever wonder how our favourite chocolate is made ?
At Harriston Signature Outlet, we could see how their staff has made the chocolates through their see-through glass room
For more information, do visit their website at and facebook page at Check out my video on our workshop below...
If you think that you and your kids could make a better chocolate mould than me, then head over to Harriston Signature Outlet at Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras to make one. My Little Angels enjoy the fun introduction to the art of chocolate making which packed with discovery, hands-on experience. The best thing is, we could taste it and bring our very own handmade chocolates home. The DIY Workshop proved to be an invaluable experience for me and my Little Angels to explore more on our favourite chocolates.



  1. Belum pernah lagi cuba coklat Harriston. Pernah tengok kawan2 lain pernah pergi sini. Bangga sebab luxury coklat ni merupakan Malaysian Brand.

    1. Bella, betul. Lots of tourists like to buy at here too.

  2. Tak pernah rasa lagi coklat ni ... Akan ku beli ini jadi koleksi coklat ku nanti

    1. Al, you should give it a try especially the durian chocolate.

  3. Nice chocolate making workshop for adults and kids. Must be a fun-filled experience and the kids get to know how to mold chocolate appropriately.

    1. Kathy, indeed a nice workshop for parents and kids together.

  4. i remember last year they also organize this kind of workshop, is it? it is so nice get to learn how to make our own chocolate.

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