Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Kodomo Lion Healthy Teeth, Happy Smile Campaign

As a Mom, we know that motivating our kids to brush their teeth is not always a simple task, am I right ? It do takes time and to be honest, it is not always inherently fun for our kids but we do agreed that it is critical for our kids to start from a young age to learn, practice and understand the importance of brushing their teeth properly. At this post, I will share some tips which may help some parents to teach their kids to take care of their teeth.
Let our kids to pick their own toothbrush 
I always allows my Little Angels to pick his or her own toothbrush which helps to make the process of learning on how to take care of their teeth in a fun way. There are all sorts of different themed toothbrushes in the market now and one of it is Kodomo Lion, the No. 1 Kids Toothbrush & Toothpaste brand in Malaysia. Kodomo means children in Japanese and its brand has provides oral care solutions developed exclusively for kids from 6 months to 12 years old. Kodomo Lion has 2 toothbrush ranges i.e. Kodomo Lion Progress, and Soft & Slim for different age groups. 
Choose a Kid Friendly Toothpaste
A multitude of kid friendly toothpastes exist in a large assortment of colours and flavours. These fun and kids' tailored flavours tend to make brushing a more enjoyable task and they will always look forward to complete their routine of brushing their teeth. 

Kodomo Lion toothpaste comes in fun designs with Dr Lion and buddies andhad 4 (four) sugar-free fruity flavours i.e. Strawberry, Grape, Orange and Apple. It helps to restore mineral and repair early caries in 14 days while reducing the formation of dental plaque. Its 5% Xylitol is a safe and natural ingredient to enhance the fluoride action which helps to strengthen teeth enamel. Its active fluoride helps to fight against cavities and both has helps to restore mineral and repair early caries. Its low foam formulation indirectly encourages our kids to brush for longer.
Musical Educational Tools
We know that our kids tend to pay closer attention to messages from music other that us. Music can be the key in the actual implementation of healthy habits. Normally Mommy Jane will play the Kodomo educational music for them to learn on how long to brush and make the routine more fun. During the event to encourage better childhood oral health, Mommy Jane and Little Angels had enjoyed the singing and dancing competition with Kodomo song and we won 1st runner up for our effort. 
Check out our video on Kodomo song and our dance below...

Brush our Teeth Together
Do make brushing a family activity coz' our young kids love to imitate us as their parents or their siblings and it is an effective way to encourage our kids to practice oral hygiene by brushing and flossing in front of them and let them do it together with us. By completing the routine together, we has the ability to make sure that our kids are brushing properly.
7 out of 10 kids in Malaysia have oral health problem which affects the physical and mental development of children. Kodomo Lion Healthy Teeth, Happy Smile campaign engages parents and children to make tooth-brushing a fun and healthy family bonding activity, where parents model good brushing behaviours to children to set them on the path to lifelong good oral health.
Ms Loo Mei Fong, Senior Brand Manager of Southern Lion Sdn Bhd
Ms Loo Mei Fong, Senior Brand Manager of Southern Lion Sdn Bhd said the campaign is to equip kids with the right toothbrush, toothpaste, technique and the ideal role model. With just a bit of effort, every kid can have Healthy Teeth, Happy Smile for life coz' by looking after our kids' milk teeth, it will pave the way for good healthy adult teeth.
Dr Lim Zi Wei, Dental Surgeon
Dr Lim Zi Wei, Consultant Pediatric Dentist, Sunway Medical Centre shared the challenges of pre-schooler oral health and the role of parents in forming good oral care habits. Our kids need to start brushing when they have their first teeth and it should be a task for parents until our kids are able to brush on his or her own around age 5 or older. She encourage parents to send their kids for routine dental check-up, regular brushing and flossing while work with the dentist to lead to good dental health.
Dr. Manjit Kaur, Ministry of Health, Malaysia
Kodomo Lion will collaborate with the Ministry of Health, Malaysia to take this campaign to pre-schools. The brand has been working with schools in Johor for the past 20 years on children's oral care, and will be expanding to other states.
The secret for parents and kids is to brush twice daily with a good quality kids' toothbrush such as Kodomo Lion which is suitable for our kids' oral development for at least 2 minutes and to do it consistently. 
Kodomo Lion's Soft & Slim Kids' Toothbrush has a special-tapered soft & slim bristles to removes food particles & plaque thoroughly yet gentle on gums. Its long slim neck design is to reach out to clean all inner teeth and the "Thumb Lock" toothbrush handle for a firm and easy grip. It is available with appropriate head sizes for 3 age groups i.e. 0.5-2yrs, 3-5 yrs and 6-9yrs. Retail price at RM5.05.
Kodomo Lion's Progress Professional Kids' Toothbrush is soft with end-rounded bristles which provides high cleaning efficacy. Its long slim neck design is to reach out to clean back teeth thoroughly. Available with round compact head sizes for 4 age groups i.e. 0.5-3yrs, 3-6yrs, 6-9yrs and 9-12yrs. Retail price at RM3.95.
Both toothpaste and toothbrush are available nationwide at hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies at the recommended selling price for the toothpaste at RM3.40 (40g) and RM5 (80g).

Mommy Jane had learned a lot from the oral health talk organised by Kodomo Lion while my Little Angels had enjoyed joining the art and craft, the indoor playground and the sing and dance activities and contest. We won the 1st runner-up for the sing and dance with Kodomo song contest and the Insta photo contest. Thanks to Kodomo Lion for the attractive Smiggle and AEON vouchers and the most important is the fun activities that were line-up for my Little Angels to enjoy their brushing teeth session and learned the importance of taking care of our teeth together. It is indeed a bonding session between Mommy Jane and Little Angels that makes us feel closer as we joined it together.


  1. I remember Ms Loo Mei Fong ni. Dulu dia handle Dutch Lady. Now dengan Southern Lion. Dulu kan masa my daughter kecil2 pernah pakai Kodomo Lion tooth paste sebab ada flavour. Strawberry and Orange 2 of my favourite.

    1. Ezna, is it ? Small world. My kids like the strawberry flavour too.

  2. Kodomo lion memang sesuai ntk anak². My kids also dah dibiasakan brush teeth. Husband and I always offer to kids to choose their own toothbrush and let them brush their teeth itself. They love the flavor of toothpaste. It'I really help.

    1. CX, great job in motivate your kids to take care of their teeth.

  3. My son have few toothbrushes from Kodomo too. The bristles are so soft for him. And i agree with u. Let them choose on his own to encourage them to love brushing their teeth.

    1. Ana, great to hear that. My kids using Kodomo from baby till now.

  4. so fun event, sure kids enjoy. congrats on your winning at the day. The toothbrush I saw selling here too, easy to shop now as got hypermarkets nearby.

    1. Sherry, thanks. Kodomo are available at most places. Easy to get 1 for our kids.

  5. waa it’s look like such a great and fun event to attend! the kids must be having fun there totally! good to know lots of infos and demonstrations etc as well ourselves right. good to have the chance to try such products. this brands is such a well known brand and i believe it must habe such great quality as well 😊

    1. Qeela, indeed great and I start my kids with Kodomo when they're ready to brush their teeth so that they will have a healthier teeth.