Monday, December 3, 2018

Back To School with Sunfeet

Does my child have flat feet ? What are the effects of flat feet in our young kids ? I'm sure these are a few questions parents like us ponder and often choose to seek medical advice but those mild one, we might not know till we do some screening on their feet by medical professions. It is normal for children to have flat feet when they are young as their height gradually increases until 6 to 7 years of age.
The majority of children with flexible flat feet are pain-free and no treatment is needed but if our kids develop other symptoms such as pain, muscle tightness, muscle weakness or trouble keeping up with peers in performing age-appropriate activities, you may want to consider consulting your pediatrician, pediatric orthopedic doctor or physical therapist for a full skeletal and development evaluation to rule out other potential causes and treatment recommendations.

To know more about flat feet amongst kids, Mommy Jane and Little Angels had attended Back to School with Healthy Feet & Spine Talk on 25th November 2018 organised by Dato' Dr Edmund Lee, Orthotic Expert in Asia.
During the talk, Dato' Dr Edmund Lee recommended that parents take 5 minutes at home to check for signs of possible foot disorders that could prevent our active kids from participating in sports and other activities. The checklist as follows :-
1. Do the bottom of our kids' shoes show uneven wear patterns ?
2. Does our kids walk irregularly ? Is one leg longer than the other or do feet turn in or out excessively ?
3. Do pre-schoolers walk on their toes ?
4. Does our kids often trip or stumble ?
5. Does our kids complain of tired legs, night pains and cramping ?
Dato' Dr Edmund Lee shared 2 aged groups i.e. Age 1-4 on False Flatfoot and Age 4-12 on Flexible Flatfoot
If we parents take time to perform these checks, we will able to identify symptoms of common foot ailments, such as ingrown nails and more serious foot disorders like flat feet which could hamper our kid's performance in physical education classes and sports.
After the talk, Mommy Jane took this opportunities to have all our feet to be scanned and analyse by Foot Health Consultant & Specialist at Sunfeet International Rehab Centre. They used their unique biomechanical assessment system to assess and diagnose cause of patients' lower limb and biomechanical problems. The system has its foundation in engineering principles and allows them to determine the underlying cause and effect of biomechanical anomalies.
Dato' Dr Edmund will then explained the results to Mommy Jane. Amongst all of us, only my Little Angel, CW had some problem. CW had a bit of flat feet that causes her legs pain whenever she walks for too long and easy to sprain her feet. For treatment, Dr Edmund had recommended us to use custom prescribed orthotic therapy, integrated with other conservative treatment methods like sports rehabilitation and physiotherapy, providing a holistic approach to eliminate pain, fixing issues and ultimately improving her well-being.
Sunfeet 3D Custom Orthotic Insoles that were customise made according to the size of our feet
To protect our kids' legs, you might want to grab their Back to School Campaign Promotion where all the school shoes no matter white or black, were sold at RM299 nett only instead of their normal price from RM329.

Besides school shoes, you could check out their impact spinal protection school bags to protect our kids' spinal since the school bags are much heavier than their weight.
For Free Assessment with their Dato' Dr Edmund Lee, do call them up for appointment at 013-5283939 or visit their facebook page at Check out my video below...

If your kids complaint of tired legs, heel pain and leg of foot cramps at night or if you could see abnormalities on your kids' feet, do treat the cause and not just the symptoms. Send them to any Orthotic Expert or Sunfeet for free assessment to confirm the cause instead of waiting. Early intervention may prevent scoliosis (curvature of spine) or even arthritis later in life if the problem is left untreated. Recommended daily stretching and proper walking shoes to make our kids' walking more comfortable. 


  1. Waaa bestnya siap ada sesi pemeriksaan saiz kaki ya
    Jenama sunfeet ni memang highly recomended sebab kasut2 dia semua direka dengan teliti serta berkualiti tinggi.

  2. Now I have to check my feet before buying my school shoes I used to buy the shoes. Now that the technology is sophisticated, it's easy to find a comfortable one and match it with day-to-day use.

  3. Its good to bring your kids to check because as parents, we do not know everything. Treat it as a normal health check and fix any issues before they get worse

  4. Bagus bila kasut anak kita sediakan dari produk yang bagus sebab mereka akan guna kasut ni sepanjang tahun. Biar mahal, asalkan anak selesa dan belajar bersungguh-sungguh.