Thursday, April 4, 2019

Kids' Friendly Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid

Ever since having my 5 Little Angels, I will always on-look for a restaurant which is friendly for kids to dine-in. A place which is spacious, safe, great service with great food, clean and not over-crowded. Today I will introduce you to a new restaurant which was just opened at Sunway Pyramid. ChakriMy is the super brand of Chakri Palace which serves authentic home style Thai comfort food. 
At ChakriMY, you'll get the best quality and authenticity of Thai recipes which is exactly the way we could find it in the vibrant street stalls and cafes in Thailand. We don't need to fly ourselves there but you could have it all at Sunway Pyramid now. Save our travel times and we could spend with our kids instead. 

ChakriMY had spicy food for spicy lovers like tom yam, green curry, nasi lemak etc and non-spicy food for kids especially. Besides meat, they served vegetarian too. Their top signature dish is "MAMA HOT POT" that will give you the warmth of a mother's cooking welcoming you home. Served in a big pot of noodles with delicious ingredients such as prawns, crab meat, chicken strips and eggs. I yet to try this dish but will try it soon with my kids coz' you could choose the spiciness of your soup. The price for MAMA HOT POT is at RM39.90 which can served up to 4 pax.
Photo credit to ChakriMY FB
Another signature dish is the "THAI NASI LEMAK" which combines their local favourite with a Thai touch, deep fried chicken served with spicy Thai sambal and mango salad. Looks delicious too even though I yet to try this. Whoever has try this, should share with us ya on your review and if I try first, then will share it out.
Left - Kober Restaurant Manager, Mid - Datuk Seri Garry Chua Owner of all Chakri Palace, RainTree & Sanoook and Right - Chris, Marketing / Social Media of Chakri
During the opening that we went, ChakriMY had organised some activities for you. After our delicious Thai buffet, the first activity is the eating noodles challenge to see who could eat the spiciest tom yam and the fastest to finish it will win a prize. Top 3 winners were chosen. Mommy Jane just joined in for fun to try the taste of the noodles. Indeed spicy but I really love it.
Guess which bowl is more spicy ?

After the challenge, there is a lucky draw and there are few winners. All of them walk home with ChakriMy cash vouchers to dine-in at the restaurant again. We indeed lucky coz' WJ had won a consolation of RM30 cash vouchers. Yeah... Time for us to go back to ChakriMy and this round maybe will try their signature MAMA HOT POT which served up to 4 pax.
ChakriMY is located at Oasis Boulevard, Lot K5, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. Do call them at 03-74918842 or visit their facebook page at

If you're looking for kids' friendly restaurant, then do consider dine-in at ChakriMy. The spacious restaurant and with relaxed atmosphere are what we as parents look for so that we could eat peacefully without any complaints and our kids will feel more comfortable to dine-in at not so crowded restaurant. 


  1. Wahh Chakri Palace dah ada buat chakri cafe pulak. Bagus diorg buat konsep sebegini, so tak lah risau nak bawak anak2 kecil kan, satu lagi buat kat sunway, harus ramai org

  2. Wahhh nanti nak bawa anak2 makan kat sini. Tengok menu pun nampak menarik dan sedap. Especially tom yam hehe

  3. Sedapnya makan kat Chakri. I memang suka makan thai food jadi bila tgk gambar ni pun dah terliur dibuatnya