Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Natural Energy Provider with Ginsana Vitalise

Feeling TIRED ? Feeling EXHAUSTED ? Feeling STRESS ? Being a full-time working Mom, it is not easy coz' most of us need to work full time and after office hour, we need to be with our kids. Fetching them to school, tuition, activities, appointments and many more. During weekend, we need to do housework and teach our kids, shopping and the list go on. It is indeed tiring juggling family life and work. We, Moms are human being too but the satisfaction is there when we see the happiness in our family's face. We really need more energy to face the day to day works but what can we do ? At this post, I will share my experience and tips on how to stay alert all the times.
Every morning, I will wake up at 5.30 a.m. to prepare breakfast for my 2 Little Angels to go to school. My neighbour will fetch them at 6 a.m. and after their car left, I will go to my neighbourhood playground to do some exercise, stretching and take a deep breath of the fresh air. At 6.30 a.m., I will go home to prepare for the 2nd batch of my 3 Little Angels before go to work. Exercise is very important in our daily life to improve our health.
Besides doing exercise daily, I will also take some supplements i.e. Ginsana Panax Ginseng G115® to improve my physical performance. Ginsana Panax Ginseng G115® is the all natural long-term energy provider for those who had fatigue, weakness and exhaustion and sad to said, I had it all ever since became a Mom. I always feel tired and exhausted and since my friend recommended Ginsana Panax Ginseng G115® to me, I took it daily without fail.
Ginsana Panax Ginseng G115® made from the highest quality ginseng. The G115 Ginseng extract is a unique and scientifically proven extract made from the roots of the plant Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer. Its high level of safety and efficacy and its positive effects have been tested and proven in the world-wide studies.
Ginsana Panax Ginseng G115® is available as soft gelatine capsules in glass bottles of 30, 100 or blister of 30, 60 & 100. The capsules do not contain sugar and are therefore suitable for diabetic. Each capsule contains 3.46 kcal (14.5kJ). It is suitable for long-term treatment and does not have any doping effect and no oestrogen-like effects and also suitable during menopause.
Take 2 capsules of Ginsana Panax Ginseng G115® with breakfast or one each with breakfast and lunch. The capsules are best taken with some liquid. Since this is a traditional medicine, do consult your pharmacist/doctor before taking this product. Not advise for those in pregnant but safe to use in lactating women. For our kids, yet to be established. Better keep it away from them first.
Ginsana Panax Ginseng G115® 200mg with 100 capsules is price at RM175 only and is available at Multicare Pharmacy and other Independent Pharmacy. For more information on Ginsana Panax Ginseng G115®, do visit their website www.ginsanaproducts.com/our-products/ginsana.html and facebook page at  www.facebook.com/GinsanaMalaysia/.
After having Ginsana Panax Ginseng G115® for a month now, I feel more energetic than before. Ginsana Panax Ginseng G115® have restore and enhance my well-being. It has help to stimulate my physical and mental activity after feeling week and tired for the past few years. It also had stimulate my mind, reduce my stress and prevent aging. Besides that it has anti-cancer potential and helps to eases menstrual discomfort, boost my hair health and protects my skin. I'm sure all of you will agreed with me that from my photo above, I looks younger and prettier now right ? Ha ha ha.... All thanks to Ginsana Panax Ginseng G115® who keep me healthy so that I could live a healthier and happier life with my 5 Little Angels.


  1. first time I heard this product. I think maybe I need this product bcos i always get tired and exhausted after doing my work. definitely will buy this product after this :)

  2. Baru 1st time dengar pasal dis product.. Glad u to hear it give a lot of benefits to u

  3. Wow nice one! Maybe I should try this one out. Currently consuming vit C only.

  4. New brand is it? Because I never heard of this before. But i agree that we do need supplement to enhance our energy

  5. AM suka product yg berkaitan ginseng n mmg tgh mencari product utk kembalikan tenaga n kekal aktif.. Keje semakin banyak, badan pula lemah.. Mmg mencari product seperti ini.. AM nak cuba juga la