Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Our Kids' Creative Journey Begin with HP Little Makers

I love challenges and so do my 5 Little Angels. Challenges help our kids develop life skill learnings such as problem solving, making choices, measure risk taking and navigating their way socially and emotionally in group situations. If you like challenges too and want to let your kids to take on a challenge, then check out the HP Little Makers Challenge!
The HP Little Makers Campaign is a platform and contest for our kids to experience immersive learning through the HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3700. Kids from the age of five (5) years and above can participate in the challenges with their family and friends. The challenges are designed to reinvent learning experiences and explore ways to help our kids to shine.

How to join the challenges? Every 2 weeks, one challenge will be released in the course of 16 weeks. All you have to do is to  download the challenge from HP Malaysia’s website at hp.com/my/littlemakers. Carry out the challenges as per the instructions and be as creative as you want. Upon completion, upload your photo to your social media account and follow by hashtags of #HPMY #HPDeskJet #HPLittleMakers and tags @HP Malaysia on Facebook or @hp_asia on Instagram. 

In order to be in the standing for the bi-weekly prizes, participants will need to answer on open ended question pertaining to the challenges. Remember to set your profiles and postings to "Public" till the announcement of the winners. Every 2 weeks, 5 winners will be chosen to win RM500 worth of HP Printers. In order to be in the standing for the bi-weekly prizes, submissions should be done within the time frame and in accordance to the respective challenges. The contest runs from 16 January 2019 to 7 May 2019 (11.59 p.m.).
Mommy Jane and Little Angels had joined the Challenge 1 on 16 January till 29 January to make a paper plane. Ever wondered how long you can make your paper plane fly? We only took 5 minutes to complete this fun challenge!

It is very easy to do. Just print the template given and follow the steps and our paper plane was done. With some information and knowledge on how the paper plane can fly, my Little Angels learned the tips on how to fly our plane so that it could go higher and further. 

Mommy Jane used HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3777 All-in-One Printer to print all the challenges. It is the world's smallest all-in-one compact printer with low-cost colour. It save space, money and the most importantly, it is convenient to use. We could print wirelessly, scan and copy from virtually any mobile device. Just send our documents to print directly from our smartphone or tablet, it is suitable for office and home use. 

For more information on the HP Little Makers Challenges, do visit HP website at hp.com/my/littlemakers or facebook page at www.facebook.com/HPmalaysia. Check my video below...


  1. I use HP printer as well. Hehe. Nice post!

  2. cantik design dan warna printer HP tu yer , kebetulan printer kat rumah ni asik rosak jer ..nanti nak cubalah printer HP..yang penting senang dikendalikan walaupun kanak2 ..barulah ok

  3. I manage to try out this challenge with my daugther as well, it was fun for the both of us.

  4. Ya i saw many people join this..looks interesting cause can spend time with child. I need the printer at home to..hehee.

  5. I guna printer HP.. So far mmg ok..dan puas hati bila guna xmcm printer2 lain.. Ini design baru ke .. Nmpk lawa lak...

  6. Hello, i'm Afifah. One of your group member. Followed your blog, too! Nice to meet u! And glad that i found ur blog, informative!