Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Family Fun Workshop at Dreamworld Playland

Last Saturday, Mommy Jane brought 2 Little Angels to Dreamworld Playland, the Starling Mall to join a Family Fun Workshop organised by Baby Talk Malaysia and 100Comments.Com. The workshop cost only RM15 for 1 adult and 1 child instead of the normal price of RM58. The price is indeed worth it because for everyone who had purchased the ticket, we will bring home goodie bag worth more than RM100. If you didn't join for this round, you could also join them for the next round coz' Baby Talk Malaysia will will on and off, held useful parenting seminar especially to us as a parent to gain more knowledge while our kids could enjoy playing at the playland.
Registration started at 9.30 a.m. and the event started at 10 a.m. All adults and kids must wear socks to enter Dreamworld Playland for cleanliness and everyone will be scanned to ensure no one had fever on that day to avoid the spread of virus before being allowed to enter the playland. 
Kids' Favourite Playland while parents will have a peace of mind listening to the talk
The event started with a welcome speech by Anita, representative from Baby Talk Malaysia. Anita thanks all the sponsors for sponsoring the venue, food, goodie bags and lucky draw prizes and thanks all parents who spend their precious weekend times to learn more on the Parenting & Health Talk. 
Goodie Bags worth RM100++ for all parents who had registered for the event
Lucky Draw Prizes worth more than RM3,000

The talk started by Steven, representative from UCMHP EduCentre. He shared out the secret to raising a stress-free and successful kids. He even shared us some tips on how we could help our kids out as parents. From their date of birth, we could know their characters and find the suitable way to build up their inner talent. 
I visited some of the Sponsor booth to get to know their products and services. Came across Innolac Probiotic Powder which is a special supplement designed to support the body's gastrointestinal system and stimulate the immune system. The powder is sugar-free and contains a yummy grape flavor and my kids love it so much. Each box got 30 sachets. Normal price at RM47 per box but during the talk, they sold 4 boxes in a bag at RM120 only and each bag comes with a FREE smart watch worth at least RM30. Indeed a great deal that we shouldn't miss out and Mommy Jane bought a bag for my 5 Little Angels.
In conjunction with Mother's Day this weekend, Eat Cake Today.Com had sponsored a Mother's Day cheese cake to all Mom who had attended the workshop and for all April babies, they had a Pop Corn cake. Happy Birthday to all April's born kids !!!
The Mother's Day Cheese cake indeed delicious. Creamy and not so sweet but the Pop Corn cake a bit sweet. Suitable for the kids. Eat Cake offered free delivery right to your home and 10% discount for everyone who order their cakes online.
For the lucky draw, every participant who attended the talk had a chance to win lucky draw prizes worth more than RM3,000. Congrats to my friend, Sebrinah who is 6 months pregnant now and had won a Mirella electrical breast pump. Just in time for her to use it after the birth to give more breast milk to her baby, the best milk a Mom could give to her little one. 
Congrats to Sebrinah for the win. She looks so happy receiving it
Congrats to this father who had won a spectacle worth RM300++
After the talk and the prizes to all the lucky ones, we proceed to have a refreshments. They served nasi lemak, nuggets, sausages, sandwiches, cakes, kuih, fruits, teh tarik and chocolate drinks. Suitable for adults and kids and everyone enjoy the food so much. We got to try the delicious cake from Eat Cake Today.Com too. Yeah...
For more information on parenting guides and all the workshops, you could visit Baby Talk Malaysia's facebook page at or 100 Comments' Facebook page at  Check out my video of the event as follows...

Me and my 2 Little Angels enjoyed the fun workshop. They could play and running around the playland while Mommy Jane could gain more knowledge on how to become a better parent for my 5 Little Angels. Thanks for the knowledge, tickets to the playland, attractive goodies and delicious food. We will definitely look out for their next workshop and hope to see all of you there too !!! 


  1. Hope dapat join workshop camni. Boleh menambah ilmu parenting dan dalam masa sama ada bonding time bersama anak. Anak pon mesti teruja sebab dapat explore pelbagai permainan yang menarik.

  2. Good workshop..while parent gain their knowledge, the kids can enjoy at the playland.

  3. Bagusnya program dan aktiviti ni. Seronok tengok ibu anak enjoy the workshop. Lain kali ada lagi ajak laaa kita eh

  4. Parenting workshop is always good to enhance parents parenting knowledge and have family bonding moments too! Happy Mother's Day!

  5. bagus worksyop ni...sesuai untuk parent serta bakal parent... boleh belajar informasi informasi baru

  6. Seronoknya dapat join bengkel keibubapaan macam ni. Boleh dapat ilmu. Dapat segala pengetahuan baru. Kalau la kita ni duduk dibandar, then dapat join event mcm ni, menarik kan..