Saturday, May 11, 2019

Ramadhan Buffet at 10 Binjai Restaurant, PNB Perdana Hotel & Suites On the Park

For those customers who always frequent to 10 Binjai Restaurant at PNB Perdana Hotel & Suites on the Park for their Ramadhan buffet, the restaurant has brought a twist this year for Iftar with the concept and mood of a Ramadhan Bazaar in the City. Mommy Jane and Little Angels had visited the Ramadhan Bazaar and would like to share our review here.

The casual all-day dining outlet 10 Binjai Restaurant has transform into an unique bazaar reminiscent of those found in popular outdoor bazaars around Malaysia. Bazaar Perdana theme was chosen this year as one of the symbolic unity of Malaysian society.
Chef Amran Adnan has set up a varieties buffet with a total of 188 local delicacies that promise us a different experience. Check out their Sup Berempah Binjai, Kambing Golek, Apam Balik, Satay, Aiskrim Goyang, Ais Batu Camput (ABC), Steamboat, Roti Jala, Murtabak and their special menu for Cheese during Iftar at 10 Binjai Restaurant.
Do try out their freshly made Roti Canai, Murtabak and Roti Jala that comes with Chicken Curry or Dal at Warong Mak Peah
Kambing Golek freshly grilled and cut by the Chef before serve to the diners. There are variety of sauce for you to choose from. Black Pepper, Mushrooms, Chilies, Tar Tar Sauce, Soy Sauce and many more to eat with your grilled lamb
Noodles with Sup Berempah. You could choose your favourite ingredients here and the friendly Chef will make it hot for you at Warong Tokey Pian
Fried Crab with Chilies
Delicious Fried Chili Brinjal for Brinjal Lover

Serunding Daging and Kurma were served
Freshly Grilled Satay Ayam and Beef with their Delicious Peanut Sauce
Grilled Prawns and squid
Choose all the ingredients that you want to make your ABC the most special for you
Ice Cream Goyang for those who yet to try it out. Best to eat to cool up your body

There are variety of desserts, traditional kuih-muih, cakes, tarts, fruits and drinks for you to choose from. My favourite is their chocolate cake which very rich with chocolates.

Which Kuih-Muih, Cakes and Tarts to choose ? Erm... I will just choose my favourite.
Ha ha ha...

Get your Black Glutinous Rice Tong Sui and Bread Pudding at Warong Cek Mek Molek
Variety of Local Fruits for you to choose from
Live Teh Tarik show for Teh Tarik Lovers

Which drinks that you preferred ? Keladi, Corn, Orange, Flower Tea, Mango, Bandung and many more
Our favourite is Apam Balik. Why me and my Little Angels love it so much ? It is because their Apam Balik is cook on the spot and we could request to add more peanuts, corn and coconut up to our taste preference. Mommy Jane loves peanut and Little Angels prefer more corns. That made our Apam Balik so delicious and we love it so much. Best to eat while it is still hot or just separated from the pan.

Apam Balik with Peanuts, Coconut or just Corns ? Up to your taste preference and the Chef will custom made for you on the spot
10 Binjai Restaurant at PNB Perdana Hotel & Suites On the Park Kuala Lumpur had embraced the concept of Islamic Shariah and has been certified HALAL by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) since the year 2007. Besides that there is a surau provided at Level 5 of the Hotel for hotel guests and customers to utilize fully to perform their Maghrib and Tarawih.
If you worried that you'll miss out the Iftar hour, no worries coz' there is an Iman who will announce the time for the Buka Puasa
PNB Perdana Hotel and Suites On the Park Kuala Lumpur is located in the center of the heart of Kuaa Lumpur and near to major shopping mall such as the legendary Suria KLCC, luxurious Pavilion, Lot 10, Bukit Bintang and Sungei Wang Plaza. After your Raya shopping, you can enjoy your Iftar at 10 Binjai Restaurant.
The price for the Bazaar Perdana Buffet at 10 Binjai Restaurant is at RM98 nett for adult and kids get 40% discount at RM58.80 nett only. For more information and reservations, do call them at 03-74903838 or visit their website at or follow their Instagram page at Check out my video below...

Me and my Little Angels loves how the food is served. We could choose our own ingredients and ask the Chefs to cook as per our preference for some of the dishes. There are so many varieties for us to choose from and it is hard to have it all. We just choose some of our favourites and we love the food so much. The restaurant is spacious with air-cond area or open area with the soothing sounds of music while all the guests could experience an exquisite Iftar signature dishes. For those with kids, 10 Binjai Restaurant is kids' friendly restaurant and the kids will love their dishes as much as my Little Angels do.


  1. Oh my the pictures make me craving for the foods so much! Looks like its a cozy area for family dinner or buka puasa. Plus if I were there, I will definitely be spoilt over so many food choices!

  2. Nama warong dia kelakar & comel! Yang buat teh tarik tu pun sempoi je pakai. Bestnya ada chili crab memang berselera bila berbuka nanti

  3. fuhh so tempting. last year i manage to come here this year most probably on this weekend. ehjeheh cant wait lah!

    1. Khai, enjoy your buffet Ramadhan at here and don't miss it out.

  4. i tengok post ni time perut tgh laparr..hahaa..meltingnya tgk desert tu semua..kambing bakar tu menggodanya..

    1. Lin, come and try yourself. I'm sure you will love the food here too.

  5. Fried crabs with chilies tu so tempting lah mommy jane! Bestkan berbuka disni. Great iftar at PNB hotel.

    1. Julia, memang best. Thanks for your recommendation that brought me here. :)