Friday, May 10, 2019

Nostalgic Ramadhan for Senior Citizens at eCurve

I'm sure all of you agreed with me that Ramadhan is a time of forgiveness, charity and unity. Muslims start their puasa month on last Monday and to commemorate the start of the holiest month of the year, Mommy Jane was invited to witness the festive spirit organised by eCuve with a group of old folks from Pusat Jagaan Al-Fikrah to experience the nostalgia of the bygone days with their Al-Kisah Pesta Ria campaign.
eCurve had transformed its Centre Atrium into a scene from the jubilant 60s era. Complete with heritage building decorations and evergreen tunes playing in the background, I could say that the atmosphere was ripe with the spirit of Raya. 
Kicking off the evening was the specially choreographed live musical entitled Irama Pesta Ria, with special celebrity guest star Musly Ramlee. Musly Ramlee was belted out familiar P.Ramlee favourites such as Bunyi Gitar and Mari-Mari Tuan Dengar Ini Cerita. He was accompanied on stage by his backup dancers as they swayed to the classic beats and transport all the guests who had attended the launch to the good old days.
Photo opportunity with the Old Folks from Pusat Jagaan Al-Fikrah and Musly Ramlee with his backup Dancers
Assistant General Manager, Leasing and Advertising & Promotions of eCurve, Gina Long Ahmad said that as they begin their preparations for the festive period, it is important that they share their good fortune with others. As part of their annual tradition, they invited old folks from Pusat Jagaan Al-Fikrah to share a buka puasa meal with them. It was heartening to see their smiles and they do hope that they have helped make their Raya a memorable one this year.

The senior citizens and their caretakers were presented with some early Raya gifts of goodie bags and Duit Raya.

After the presentation, the senior citizens and their caretakers with the invited guests had a hearty buka puasa meal at Arab Thai which is eCurve's newest eatery which serves Arab and Thai cuisines. For those who loves to eat Arab and Thai food, remember to visit this restaurant to try it out. Arab Thai is having Ramadhan buffet now and do enjoy this unique combination of Arab and Thai food fine dining experience.

eCurve's Raya Al-Kisah Pesta Ria campaign start from 3rd May to 6th June 2019 and remember to catch Musly Ramlee live twice a day on weekends.
For shoppers who spend RM200 and above in a maximum of 2 receipts, you'll be eligible to redeem Tiffin Lebaran and Festive Ria Packets for FREE. All redemptions are subject to terms and conditions, while stocks last. For Boost users who spend a minimum of RM50 in participating outlets, you'll get instant rebate of RM10. Wow !!! Terms and conditions apply.
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For more information on eCurve's Raya campaign, do call their Customer Care officers at 03-77250277 or visit of Facebook page at Check out my video below...


  1. Bagus projek car ini kita tolong orang yang memerlukan. Nampak kegembiraan wajah penerima. Apatah lagi sumbangan ini bersempena nak raya nanti

    1. Ayu, betul. Orang-orang tua memang gembira menerimanya.

  2. seronok pakcik makcik tu uiii..hehee..pakcik berspek tu alor comel..hehee..baju dekat situ semau nampak lawa-lwa

    1. Nadia, betul. Pakcik itu memang nampak moden. Ha ha ha !!!

  3. bestnya join this kind of event. saling membantu.suka tengok everyone happy

    1. Airah, agreed with you. That's why I like to join Mall that had CSR programmes.