Sunday, July 14, 2019

Combat Childhood Obesity by Healthy Eating

Do you know that 1 in 4 children are having problem with obesity ? Childhood obesity can profoundly affect children's physical health, social, emotional well-being and self esteem. It is also associated with poor academic performance and a lower quality of life experienced by the child but how we as a parent could combat childhood obesity ? For this post, I will be sharing my experience after attended the "Eat Like A Pro" Workshop to educate kids on healthy eating.

First, we need to identify the sugar level that our kids are having daily. How much sugar should a kid have each day ? Kid between two and 18 should eat fever than 6 teaspoons of added sugar per day. That's about 25 grams of sugar or 100 calories. Kids and teens should limit their intake of sugar-sweetened drinks to no more than 8 ounces weekly. Do you know the sugar level for our favourite drink, Bubble Milk Tea ? Yes, each glass of Brown Boba Milk (500ml) consist of 92 grams of sugar, which is 3 times higher than the sugar in a 320 ml of Coca Cola and Bubble Milk Tea worst with 102.5 grams of sugar which is equivalent to 20.5 tea spoon of sugar. Wow !!!
Some parents might said that they don't let their children having all these milk tea and soft drinks but do you know that fresh juice and healthy drinks also contain high level of sugar ? Check out the chart below...
Besides reduce our kids sugar intake, we need to incorporate healthy food options into our kids' daily diets and how to make healthy eating more appealing to their appetites. Miss Goo Chui Hoong, Consultant Dietician said the "Eat Like A Pro" campaign and recipes are a perfect starting point for those looking for fun and simple ways to add some extra nutrition into our kids' meals. Miss Goo also shared some of her food which looks appealing and yet delicious for kids i.e. the meat ball spaghetti and mini burger.
Goo Chui Hoong, Consultant Dietician shared some important tips on healthy eating
The half-day workshop that was held at the One Badminton Academy, Kepong saw participation from over 100 children and parents. 
Michelle Pang, Brand Marketing Specialist of Beko Appliances Malaysia
Mr Chan Lock, CEO of Beko Appliances Malaysia said that Beko already sports a wide range of appliances featuring innovative and helpful technologies to deliver healthy food at its best. Beko's Eat Like A Pro is all about encouraging kids to eat healthier by showcasing the diets of their sporting role models. They are pleased to be working together with Ampang Jaya Badminton Club ("AJBC") to inspire Malaysian children to eat and live healthier.
The highlight of the session was the appearance of our Olympic silver medalist, Chan Peng Soon who was on hand to share his own eating habits, approach to diet as well as provide attendees with a unique opportunity to get Olympic-level badminton tips and tricks. 
Kids listen attentively with the tips given by Peng Soon
Peng Soon also guide all the participants with the Beko blender to blend out a healthy drink for the kids to try out. It is very simple. Just add in fresh green apples, limes, mint leaves and water at Beko blender and within 2 minutes, the healthy drinks are ready to served and the kids do love it too.
Add all the ingredients in the blender
Drinks are ready to be served in just 2 minutes
Yummy Yummy Yummy !!! 
By 2025, 70 million kids around the world would suffer from obesity.. Eat Like A Pro is Beko global initiative to help parents around the world feed our kids more healthy food. With the support from partners FC Barcelona, the Barca Foundation and UNICEF, carried out a worldwide survey in 18 different countries across 13,500 kids between 6 to 10 years old to gauge kids' awareness on sports and healthy eating. 80% of kids stated that they would eat healthier food if they knew their favourite heroes did too which I'm definitely agreed on this. 
 After the talk, the kids had their chance to play with Peng Soon.

For more information on Beko Malaysia, do visit their website at and facebook page at To learn more about the Eat Like A Pro campaign, do visit
For AJBC, do follow their facebook at and court reservations and rentals at One Badminton Academy Kepong, do call them at 012-3766916.
After the workshop, Mommy Jane had spend some times to play badminton with my Little Angel, WT
Mommy Jane and Little Angels enjoyed joining the Eat Like A Pro workshop. We don't know that our favourite drink, Bubble Milk Tea contains so much of sugar which is more than 3 times sugar level for our kids. Times to reduce our Bubble Milk Tea intake now and more exercise in the future to reduce our weight. Since my Little Angels love to play badminton and cycling, Mommy Jane will bring them to the playground every weekend to have an active lifestyle and bonding session. Mommy Jane will also make a healthy meal for my Little Angels to bring it to school daily. Healthy Kids are Happy Kids. Let's do our part in reducing the obesity amongst our kids.


  1. Thanks for sharing a healthy eating for kids. Me and my kids really need to reduce the bubble milk tea already.

    1. Agreed. Nice to drink but bad for health. Ha ha ha...

  2. My kids love to play badminton too. Shall we go out together to have a healthy workout ?

  3. Thank's for sharing this info about seminar, it is an interesting method that I can use to reduce the consume of sweet drink to my kids.

    1. Charles, you're most welcome. Let's start staying healthy now for our kids' health.

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  5. Thank you for sharing. It's so important to cultivate good habits when our kids are young.

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