Thursday, August 29, 2019

Seafood Buffet at Coffee House, Sunway Putra Hotel

Whenever I plan to bring my Little Angels out for a meal to take a break from all the cooking, as a Mom, I'll look for kid's friendly restaurant. Why ? The answer is I need to get them fresh and nutritious food that they love to eat and they could have fun too in the play area while me and my husband could enjoy our food after them. Ha ha ha !!!
Recently I found a kid's friendly restaurant that provide a play area for kids to play after the meal and the play area is connecting to the Coffee House at Sunway Putra Hotel. Parents have peace in enjoying our food and chit chatting while my Little Angels could enjoy their unlimited play time. A win win situation for both of us. Yeah !!!
Starting from 17th August 2019, Coffee House restaurant, located on Level 9 of Sunway Putra Hotel is offering BBQ Buffet Dinner on every Friday evening and fresh Seafood Buffet Dinner on every Saturday evening from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
If you worried about the food, I can tell you that the Menu for the buffet is specially crafted by the award winning Executive Chef Rossham Rosli and his culinary experts, bringing combinations of local and international delights, rich and flavorful BBQ Buffet and Seafood Buffet Dinner. Chef Rossham has 29 years of experience in the culinary field and work at various renowned restaurants and 5-star hotels around the world including New York, London, Maldive, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and Germany. He has been awarded as Best Head1Malaysian Chef by Chefs Association of Malaysia (CAM). Wow !!! Can't wait to try out all his cooking. 
Me and my Little Angels had the opportunity to review the buffet and let me show you all the food that we come across on this buffet.
Explore some of the Chef's recommendations and kid's friendly food such as Tiger Prawns, Grilled Mangolian's Seafood, Butter Dish with Cheese Au Gratin, Asian Creamy Seafood Pasta, Steamed Fish Dumplings, Seafood Teppanyaki, Seafood Mini Pizza, Assorted Sushi and many more.
Sautee Prawn with Garlic Oyster
Fresh Oyster, Prawns, Scallop and Crab Stick
Steamed Fish Dumplings with Thermidor Sauce

Butter Fish Cheese Au Gratin
Cook upon order - Seafood Teppanyaki
Mini size Seafood Pizza
For those who love spicy food, do check out their Oven Baked Curry Flower Crabs  and Black Pepper Mussels which are finger linking good.
Oven Baked Curry Flower Crabs
Black Pepper Mussels 

For healthier and lighter options, there are Spicy Chicken Salad with Caesar Dressing, Mixed Mushrooms Salad, Roasted Beef Salad, Hummus Tabouleh, Babaganosh and Tom Yam Gong for Mommy or Mushroom Soup for my Little Angels.

For those who loves to eat Japanese food, do check out their Assorted Sushi and Shashimi and various type of sushi which include their signature Nasi Lemak Sushi. 
Nasi Lemak Sushi
Meals will not complete without some toothsome sweet delights. From fresh Tropical Fruits, Ice Cream with toppings to fine cakes and pastries, French Chocolate Tarts, Boston Cheese Cakes, Rainbow Cakes, Mango Mouse Cake, Bread and Butter Pudding and Mini French Pastries. Yummy Yummy Yummy !!!
Fresh Fruits
Cooling Ice Cream
Assorted Ice Cream Toppings - Every Kids' favourite

Cheese and Black Forrest Cake
Various Cakes with Kids' Favourite Toppings
Bread Pudding

Mr Pathmanath Aruma, Director of Food & Beverage of Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur quoted that they the value-for-money buffets with extensive choices cater to both adults and children, as well as the added value facilities i.e. mini children playground, weekly lucky draws, complimentary Wi-Fi access; all these can benefit diners and repeat customers. By bringing this new promotion on weekend nights, families and friends can enjoy dining in their spacious friendly environment while savour the taste if these delights.
From now till 30th October, diners for the Buffet Dinner will stand a chance of winning the following prizes :-
1. 2 days 1 night accommodation stay in Junior Suite inclusive of breakfast at Coffee House for 2 pax worth RM1,010 nett
2. Dinner Buffet at Gen Japanese Restaurant worth RM128 nett
3. Weekend Hi-Tea Buffet at Coffee House worth RM79 nett
BBQ Buffet Dinner on every Friday evening
Buffet is price at RM88 nett (BBQ Buffet Dinner) and RM98 nett (Seafood Buffet Dinner) with half price for kids aged 8 to 12 years old and senior citizens. How about Kids aged 7 and below ? They will dine-in for FREE. Yeah !!!  
Besides for the Buffet Dinner, the Coffee House also offer Hi-tea Buffet on every Weekend from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the price at RM79 nett and half price for kids aged 8 to 12 years old or senior citizen.  aged 7 and below will dine-in for FREE too. 

What is the food available at Weekend Hi-Tea Buffet ? Do expect variety of Executive Chef Rossham's special creations such as Nasi Ayam Kampung, Tempe Goreng, Fried Bean Curd, Red Chilli Paste, Green Chilli Paste, Sambal Curry, Mee Rebus Daging, Nasi Lemak Istimewa, Crispy Shri,p Wantan, Power Gear Box Soup Chicken Percik, oriental Barbecued Lamb, Dim Sum, Chinese Fried Mee Hoon, Mee Goreng Kicap, Sago Gula Melaka, Bubur Cha Cha with Yam and many more. Wow !!! 

The Coffee House also offered Fish Head Curry Set or ala carte specials daily including weekends. Each a la carte is serve with coffee or tea and dessert (fruits or sliced of cake-of-the-day) for only RM25 nett per set. Quite affordable to enjoy our Fish Head Curry at a hotel.

Coffee House also serves daily Buffet Breakfast, Special Occasions/Festive Seasons, Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner, Valentine's Set Dinner, Ramadhan Buffet and Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner.
For reservations, please call them at 03-40409988 or email to them at For the latest offers and promotions, do visit their website at, facebook page at and instagram page at @sunwayputrahotel. Check out my video of the food below... 
Looking at all the food that I just introduced, I'm sure everyone feel hungry already. Ha Ha Ha !!! If you're a seafood or bbq lovers like me and my Little Angels, do try the buffet dinner with your family and friends. While our kids playing, we could enjoy the food more and chit chatting with our loved ones to check out the latest updates. From the food served, the dining area till the play area, I do recommend the Coffee House at Sunway Putra Hotel as Kid's Friendly restaurant.



  1. Wah... I'm so hungry now and will try the buffet seafood.

  2. My kids will love the food and the place here. Thinking to bring them there tomorrow.

    1. James, the place is kids' friendly place. Sure they love it.

  3. You make me feel so hungry now for this buffet seafood that I decided to bring my family to this place this weekend! This weekend will be my rest day as I dont have to cook and clean my kitchen afterwards such as rug cleaning or carpet cleaning after cooking. The photos looks so nice with delicious food. Thank you so much!

  4. Bestnya..sekali sekla dapat layan seafood dinner buffet ni syok jg..

  5. Wah menarik ini dan terima kasih sudi berkongsi pengalaman dan review hotel ini. Jika Naim berpeluang akan ke sini jua.

  6. sedapnya semua hidangan tu. sunway satu bandar yang sibuk and kalau repeat memang mek akan dapatkan dinner breakfast di hotel yang sama sahaja.

  7. I love its teppanyaki cooking style and the dim sums. Of course, I love its desserts and vast choices of food there too. Am looking forward to visiting there again.