Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Dining in the River at BBQ Lamb KL Kemensah

Have you ever dining in a river with your kids ? If not, it is a good experience for us and our kids to enjoy the beauty of the nature while having our yummylicious BBQ serve to us directly in the river.
Is it dirty ? Some parents might ask me but to tell you the truth, when we were just a little girl, we will just dip in the river to play with the water, climb the trees and catch the fishes without thinking whether it is gems free. Thinking back, I'm sure all of us had enjoyed our childhood so much without any worries. Even though times have changed, we still can help our kids to enjoy the beauty of the nature the way we did. 
After our outing to Zoo Negara on last Sunday to see our Malaysia 2nd baby panda, we decided to go to BBQ Lamb Kemensah which is located around 3km drive. A perfect day to enjoy our first dining experience inside the river with flowing water after a hot day at Zoo. Soaking our feet into a cool river water while enjoying our bbq dinner surrounded by beautiful trees.
There is a counter when you walk to the entrance to check your reservation name and they will took our orders and gave us 4 empty small cups for our refillable ice lemon tea. Then they will showed us our table by pointing to it. We took out our shoes, balance our body in the flowing water and took careful steps on the rocks to our dining area. Better to wear a short pants with appropriate clothes and if you're worried that your feet might get hurt, you can wear a slipper to go in the river.

There is a pool and a small water fall where kids could jump in the water and get wet.
Pool for kids and adults who wish to dip into
There are few sets of menu for us to choose. There are meat set for 2 pax at RM90, seafood set for 4 pax at RM170 and ala carte menu. We ordered RM150 meat dinner set for 4 pax plus ala carte fish at RM45 and additional 2 rice at RM10. The meat set got a big plate of grilled lamb, grilled chicken, beef tenderloin and smoked duck and 4 plate of herb rice, soup, pudding desserts, coleslaw, watermelon and 4 refillable ice lemon tea.
The meat, fish and even the rice are very delicious and fresh. The meats are juicy and tender. We are surprise with the great taste and grilled quality. There are few sauce to dip with our meat and fish. The sambal for the fish is the best and even if eat without the sauce, the meat and fish is finely marinated and the original taste is still delicious.
Family-friendly restaurant ? Yes. My kids love this place and you can bring your infants too but better be careful coz' you need to balance your baby and yourself while walking in the stream.
There are other tables at their open area or under the roof for those who wish not to get wet in the river but we choose to dine in the river which is the main reason we were here.
The Open Concept Kitchen where the staff will BBQ the food 
Drinks were prepared at the Hut
The meat was cooked for more than 10 hours at their traditional oven to ensure its freshness and juiciness
To get a best view of the river, it is recommended to dine-in before 6 p.m. Do make a reservation a week before the dining date to avoid long queue. WhatsApp them at 012-2114100 and location waze at BBQ Kemensah. Do follow them at their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Bbqlambklkemensah for more updates and promotions. Check out my video below...
I personally recommend this restaurant to all of you because it is a whole new dining experience in the river and the yummylicious of the food. The feelings of having our BBQ in the river surrounded by the beauty of the nature is something that our kids want to experience at least once in their lifetime.


  1. Interesting place to explore. My children sure love it. Can play the water wor. Ha ha ha !!!

  2. Food looks delicious and I love this place. Will check this out.

  3. definitely a must place to go for lamb lover! Food looks delicious and place is nice to hang out with friends or family

  4. Never been here but heard lots of good respond about the environment and foods. Wish I can come here some day

    1. Zarin, make appointment to come to avoid disappointment.

  5. Wah bestnya momny you dapat makan di bbq lamb kl kemensah ni. I teringin nak makan dekat sini bawa family tapi tak berkesempatan. Both of us busy dengan kerja. Tak tahulah bila dapat datang sini.