Friday, September 27, 2019

Raise our Happy, Healthy and Confident Kids with TheAsianparent App

Even though I am a Mom for my 5 Little Angels, I never stop myself from learning on how to become a better Mom. How to raise a happy, healthy and confident kids ? How normally do you get all this information ? Normally I will surf through the website to find the relevant topics that I want but there is a limit. Some topics are not relevant at all. Sigh... Recently I found out some of the useful information on kids from theAsianparent App and would like to share to all of you something about the App.

TheAsianparent is Southeast Asia's largest parenting portal with a monthly network reach of more than 25 million users, celebrated their official launch of their featured App today. The App is designed to support the journey of today's Asian parents as a Mum or Dad from conception to pregnancy to breastfeeding to ultimate raising happy, healthy and confident kids.
A bit introduction of the App by Adrian Watkins, Chief Strategy Officer of Tickled Media
As we know, most parents like me will face our own set of questions when expecting a baby. Is having durian or nasi lemak during the pregnancy is okay ? How much does our baby inside me weigh now and many other questions. Through its community, theAsianparent App offers answers to these burning questions. Save our times and effort to search for the answers now. Yeah !!!
Ms Serina Sue, Deputy Country Manager of theAsianparent Malaysia
Ms Serina Sue, Deputy Country Manager of theAsianparent Malaysia said that they are focused on empowering Asian parents and providing them with the tools to support their parenting journey. Through their app, they strive to bring about a sense of community and a safe space for parents who are increasingly embracing a digital lifestyle.

For those who are pregnant now, the App features a pregnancy and baby tracker that helps us to monitor the day-to-day development while providing a helpful information such as symptoms to expect and precautions to take. Even after birth, we still can continue to track our kid's milestones up to the age of 6. Wow !!! Very very suitable to all the pregnant Moms especially those working full time and don't have much times to surf for the information. 

The App also is decked with a comprehensive guide to food and nutrition. We could navigate what foods are safe to have during pregnancy and offers our best advise to other Moms on the nourishment for our babies. The extensive list is adapted to include our local food such as nasi lemak, sirap bandung etc so that we as Malaysian Moms can always be confident about the food that we eat especially during our pregnancy.

If you have any questions on pregnancy and parental-related concerns, the App offers a platform to ask medical experts and get answers while learning more about medication, health and wellbeing. We are encouraged to pose questions on the App and interact directly with medical experts from Sunway Medical Centre Velocity and DoctorOnCall to gain a better understanding of illness, vaccinations and allergies that are common amongst kids.

Besides all these useful information that we could get by downloading the App, we could also earned some reward points to redeem towards ShopBack bonuses, iflix subscriptions, Boost e-wallet credits and many more by just answering the questions in the community forums or voting in polls to collect the points. Psst.... there are some contests to win some exciting prizes like a birthday party for your little ones at Waka Waka Playland worth RM500. Good luck !!!

For Android users, do download the Asianparent App from the Play Store while iOS users can download from the App Store or just scan the QR code at the photo below to download the App directly. 

For more information, do visit their website at and follow them at their Facebook page at and Instagram page at  Check out the video of the event below...

Thanks to theAsianparent for the invitation to their App launch. Me and my Mom Bloggers friends enjoy ourselves so much learning how we could become a better Mom with the helps of the App. Thanks for the sponsors too i.e. MeBooks, Fitlicious, Sunway Medical Centre, Waka Waka Playland, Grab and Photobook for the goodie bag that me and my kids could enjoy it after the event. Yeah !!!
TheAsianparent App is indeed useful for all the Moms-to-be, Moms and even those planning to have baby soon. If you're Dad, you might want to check out the information at the App too since there is a section for Dad only. Just open the App from your phone, you're accessible to all parenting related information, guides and we could customise our little ones photos too. With the help of the medical expert at the App, we could get the advise for FREE. The best thing is TheAsianparent App is FREE to download by anyone, anywhere and anytime.


  1. I like the App. Good for new Mom like me to get more information on parenting guides.

  2. Good to have the App to track my pregnancy.