Sunday, September 22, 2019

What we can Buy with RM1 at myNEWS Malaysia ?

How much is the value of RM1 and what we can buy with RM1 ? Last time we can buy many things at RM1 but nowadays with RM1, we can only buy some sweets and junk food and not even a newspaper. At this post, I will share to all of you a great deal offer by myNEWS Malaysia where we could even buy our lunch at RM1 and our kids will sure love this healthy and delicious meal too.
For the month of September and on every Tuesday, myNEWS will be offering Bento at RM1 and the best thing is, you could choose 5 Bento variants i.e. Spaghetti Spicy Belado, Jumbo Chicken Cutlet Bento, Mapo Tofu Bento, Salmon Salsa Bento and Curry Laksa at their selected outlet.
Since I am a fan of tofu, I choose Mapo Tofu Bento as my lunch. Isn't it a great deal? Just RM1 for my lunch. The best thing is, it is so convenient where we can have it anywhere, anytime and the most important is, we could have our meal in less than 5 minutes. Wow !!! 
All its Bento are packed and sealed properly and we don't need to worry about the leakage of the meal to ensure that it is hygiene and fresh. Just make the payment of the Bento of your choice by showing the cashier the barcode at your myNEWS App to enjoy the promo code of RM1
Unwrapped the plastic and cover of the Bento before you put it inside the Microwave and wait for 5 minutes to heat it up
The Japanese Rice and the Mapo Tofu are pack separately  
The tofu is so soft and smooth and the taste is like the Bento that we always have it at the Japanese Restaurant. Best to have it when it is still hot. Gonna try their others variant soon at only RM1 on every Tuesday at selected outlets. Yeah !!!
For those who love to eat Onigiri, you can enjoy it too at only RM1 on every Thursday. There are 5 Onigiri for you to choose from i.e. Onigiri Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese, Onigiri Garlic Teriyaki Mayo Chicken, Onigiri Teriyaki Salmon, Onigiri Tuna Mayo and Onigiri Tobiko Kani Mayo.

I tried out Onigiri Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese and love the Japanese pearl rice and the delicious fillings. The Seaweed is wrapped separately with the rice to ensure the crunchiness and the nutritious of the seaweed is maintained.
Do check out their fresh buns too at an affordable price. Their Japanese Crafted Maru Sweet Bread i.e. White and Choco at only RM2.90 and 6 pieces of Maru French Butter Croissant at only RM4.50..

To get this promotion deal offered by myNEWS Malaysia, all you have to do is download the Apps and register as member for FREE at your phone via Playstore or Appstore and you'll receive myNEWS virtual card at your phone. Then claim your RM1 deal on every Tuesday and Thursday. Only 2 promotional items can purchase per receipt and it is only available at the selected stores. Click BENTO and ONIGIRI for the list of the stores who are running the deal on every Tuesday and Thursday. First come first serve basis. Do get it early before they run out of the stock.

With Apps, we will also receive notification on up-coming promotions and deals that you wouldn't want to miss it out. We can collect our points too to redeem our next meal for FREE !!!

For more information, do visit their website at  and facebook page at

With the RM1 deal, I could save a lot and my Little Angels love the variants of the Bento and Onigiri. We could have it for lunch and snack time coz' it is healthy, delicious and convenient to enjoy our Japanese meal in the month of September.


  1. Such a great deal. Thanks for sharing. Getting my Bento tomorrow.

  2. I love to eat Mapo Tofu too. Simply delicious and will get the Bento tomorrow.

  3. Great deal not to be miss. Will mark my Tuesday and Thursday to get the Bento and Onigiri at RM1.

  4. Cam menarik je.. Lepas ini boleh Naim pi tengok. Terima kasih review hehe

  5. Menariknya. RM1 je. Kalau bawa anak buah mesti diaorang suka ni.

  6. Wow...this is a very good deal. I should grab this chance to eat yummy food with cheaper price.

  7. Memang berbaloi dan seronok tak terhingga kalau dapat beli Bento dan Onigiri di myNEWS dengan harga RM1 sahaja! Nak cari juga nanti :p

  8. Selalu g mynews ni.
    Tai x perasan this.
    Wow! Berbaloi sgt ni.
    Semua nyer yg saya suka :-)