Thursday, October 24, 2019

Brand New and Preloved Items from Japan at J-Hunt, the Mottainai Store

Good news to all the Fans of brand new and preloved items from Japan !!! J-Hunt, the Mottainai Store will open its first outlet at Level 3, AEON Big Subang Jaya on this Friday, 25th October 2019. J-Hunt is a shopper's paradise promising wide assortment of products  in 10 categories from Apparels, Bags, Infants, Hobbies, Musical Instruments, Shoes, Sports, Tablewares, Toys and Watches.

J-Hunt will provide us a new shopping experience with a happy treasure hunting ground for pre-loved items, many brand new items, premium items and collector's items from only RM1. Mommy Jane and Little Angels had the opportunity to be their shoppers to experience the treasure hunting before their opening on this Friday, 25th October 2019. Will share some of the loots that I bought.
Their friendly staff will welcome you in Japanese Language and will assist you from getting the products to payment at the counter
There are lots of new and preloved clothes for you to choose for Men, Ladies, Children and Infant from only RM1. I got myself a white colour outer wear at only RM1. It might be preloved items but it looks brand new and match with my dress. See it to believe it and it is only RM1. Besides that I found 2 more outer wear at only RM1, my black sweater and my blouse at RM1 too. Let me post with my new clothes that I found at J-Hunt. Fashion show time. Ha Ha Ha !!!
Do you like my white outer wear ? It cost me RM1 only and my hat at RM20
Lots of women clothes from RM1
My blue colour sweater at RM1
My working coat at RM20 only
Another treasure that I found is their bags. All women love bags and their bags look brand new, fashionable and elegant from RM10 only for casual or office use or even attending any functions. Even my Little Angels, CW found her favourite small little bag at only RM5. 
My working blouse at RM1 only and both the bags at RM15 each. More bags for me to style with. Yeah !!!
My casual bag at only RM10
My Melody small little bag for my Little Angel at only RM5
 Fila branded big size of luggage bag at only RM20.
More bags, clothes and toys from the rack for you to choose from. Some brand new and some preloved...

Check out some of the watches, hobby, sports, tablewares, musical instruments, toys, kids etc at J-Hunt where everything were display nicely...
Check out some of the branded watches include G-Shock
Brand new sport shoes for my Little Angel at RM20 per pair
Sport Equipments from RM10
Philosophy of J-Hunt is simple which is to embrace the care of our planet earth by not throwing away items carelessly. They collect, purchases and re-conditions used items for wholesale & retail. They also creates a caring society through "Give-A-Helping-Hand" projects through their Mottainai Volunteer Project (MPV). What is Mottainai ? Mottainai is a Japanese term which means "to have respect for the resources, not to waste them, and to use them with a sense of gratitude". This word is closely related to the preservation of ecology and the concept of 3R's i.e. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and adding 1 more, Respect.
J-Hunt Boss
Do look for their Vintage Lane which showcases the history culture and traditional art forms of the Japanese from the Tokugawa Shogunate during the Edo period (1600-1868). Check out for the Samurai helmets, the Fortune Cats, the traditional crafted chests, the decorated
Adopt a Lucky Cat to brings more fortune to your home
J-Hunt is opening on this Friday at Lot 2-13, Level 2, AEON Big Subang Jaya. Be the 1st 100 to shop on their opening day and receive a mystery gift when you WhatsApp to them at 100-2026273 and mentioned "I LOVE JHUNT". When you're there, do join their video contest to win RM3k. Just do a video on your shopping experience at J-Hunt and then upload to your FB or Insta with the caption "I love JHunt because...". Remember to put the hashtags of #JHUNTLAGIHEBAT #JHUNTMOMENTS and tag your 10 friends to be in the winning of RM3k. Wow !!!
Check out my video on my shopping experience at J-Hunt as below...

J-Hunt, the Mottainai Store is a retailer with a heart. Following the footstep of Mottainai Volunteer Project, J-Hunt support the disadvantaged and give back to society. The Company recruits Orang Asli community and train them for meaningful work and planning to recruit other disadvantaged groups like the deaf and mute in future. Good News to those in needs !!!
For more information on J-Hunt, please visit their website at and do like and follow their facebook page at and instagram page at for more promotion and updates.
The cute Little Bear that I'm holding at only RM30. My Little Angel, CW loves the bear so much
Thanks to J-Hunt for the pre-opening shopping experience. Me and my Little Angels love to shop at J-Hunt coz' we able to save a lot and got all my dream brand new and preloved items in good condition at an affordable price. Bought more than 10 items at less than RM100 and the items are imported from Japan. Will shop at J-Hunt for more my family items soon. Jom serbu J-Hunt on this weekend !!!


  1. I went shopping on their opening and grab till RM229 for my clothes and bags. Will go again this weekend.

  2. Really !!! Clothes from RM1 ? I need to go there to get it. Ha ha ha !!!