Friday, October 25, 2019

Risk of Stroke and Heart Attack with iGLOW's 10 Point Check

Are you at risk of Stroke and Heart Attack ? Ischemic heart disease & stroke remain as top 2 global causes of health in the last 15 years (WHO) We may be born with certain risk factors that cannot be changed. The more of these risk factors you have, the greater your chance of developing coronary heart disease. Since we can't do anything about these risk factors, it is important that we know how to manage our risk factors that can be changed. The sooner you identify and manage your risk factors, the better your chances of leading a heart-healthy life.
iHEAL Medical Centre which is located at the Mid Valley Megamall is offering its first kind in Malaysia, iGLOW's 10 Point Check to provide us a specific Stroke and Cardiovascular pre-screening programme. They use sophisticated mobile medical equipment or devices while maintaining assessibility and affordability where you could done the test in iHEAL Medical Centre or at your office.
Go up to Level 7 using the lift from CIMB Bank which located at the Ground Floor of Mid Valley Megamall 
What is the 10 Point Check covers at iHEAL Medical Centre ?  Mommy Jane done the 10 Point Check at iHEAL Medical Centre recently. The 10 point includes Body Mass Index. With the result from the index, we could know the level of our fatness. As we know, Obesity is a strong risk factor for cardiovascular disease. 
Checking my height and weight to get my Level of Fatness
The 2nd point is the Blood Pressure. It measures the level of our pressure in the arteries. High blood pressure can cause damage to our heart, kidneys and brain. 
Check the pressure at my hand
The 3rd point is the Ankle Brachial Index (ABI). This test is to assess the presence of hardening and blockage in arteries of our legs. Narrowed and/or blocked arteries in our legs can cause pain during activities and finally loss of limbs.
To access my Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) Level
The 4th point is our Blood Glucose. The blood test to look at our sugar level in our blood. Diabetes melitus can lead to heart, kidney and brain injury, The 5th point is through blood test too to asses our Level of Good and Bad Cholesterol in our blood. Disproportionate balance between good and bad cholesterol can lead to blockages in our arteries causing us heart attack and stroke.
Check my Blood Glucose and Cholesterol Level
The 6th point is the Carotid Arteries. It is the Ultrasound to check for plaque formation in both our neck arteries. Presence of plaque can lead us to strike. Ultrasound test also able to check our 7th point i.e. Size of Abdominal Aorta. The presence of weakened arterial wall causes dilation of our artery which can lead to rupture and excessive bleeding.
Carotid Arteries, ECG and heart function check at the same room 
The 8th point check is the Electrocardiography (ECG). It is a test to look at electrical activity of our heart. An abnormal heart rhythm can lead to stroke and even sudden death. Aren't it scary especially when someone suddenly pass away without any symptoms at all. 
The 9th point check is our Heart Function. The Ultrasound test to assess the strength of our heart's contraction. With the presence of impaired function, it may indicate previous heart attack. Ultrasound test in 10th point check also able to assess function and form of our Heart Valves. The infections and heart attack can cause damage to our heart valves.
Registration Counter
What are the benefits of 10 Point Check ? iGLOW 10 Point Check is designed as a quick screen to assess risks and early signs of stroke and cardiovascular disease in a non-invasive manner. Within an hour, I could complete the 10 Point Check and received the results too on the spot too. Yeah !!!
Spacious and Comfortable seats at the waiting area
Healthy snacks are available at the waiting area
Take a break outside the hospital to enjoy the natural surrounding area
It also provides us a 10 year Cardiovascular Risk scoring. The check was performed by qualified and trained paramedical staff and results will be ready within 1 hour and the results will be explained by a qualified doctor. My results were explained in detailed by Dr Soh. She let me know my risk of getting CAD in 10 years and thank God, it is only 1.28% which consider as low risk group. Yeah !!!
Dr Soh explained my results in detailed and professionally answer all my questions 
iGLOW's 10 Point ChecIt is convenient and there is no long queues doing the 10 Point Check at iHEAL Medical Centre. You can performed the check at your convenient and at your local area since it comes with a mobile medical equipment or devices. The results are easy to read and understand too.
Thanks to the friendly doctor, Doctor Soh for the consultations on my results
iGLOW's 10 Point Check is price at RM500 but they have on-going promotion at RM400 only till end of this year. Prevention better than cure. Get your 10 Point Heart Check frequently. iHEAL Medical Centre is located at Level 7 & 8, Annex Block, Menara IGB, Mid Valley City. Lingkaran Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur. Contact them at 016-2615297 for appointments. You can also follow their facebook page at and instagram page at to know more on their promotions and updates.
 Check out my video below... 

I'm so happy getting my results. Everything looks perfect except for my fatness level and my triglycerides. I need to do more exercise from now on to reduce my risk of getting stroke and cardiovascular diseases which may lead to heart attack. Going to reduce all my oily food intake too and to stay a healthy life.


  1. Interesting 10 point check. I want to ask my husband to do together with me. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. My grandma passed away because of heart attack. Agreed with you that prevention better than cure. I am interested to do this test.

    1. Joanne, do call them to make appointment and since there is promotion now, do grab the offer.

  3. heart attack is indeed a very scary thing to happen. you never know when it will strike. better get an early check to make sure your heart is healthy. thanks for this info Jane !

  4. nowadays heart attack can strike at such a young age sue to high level of stress and eating style. A great sharing of 10 point check for checkups.

  5. Bagus ada centre mcm ni yg boleh check kesihatan....risiko stroke n serangan jantung amat tinggi bg mereka yg mempunyai penyakit seperti 3 serangkai....good sharing of 10points...

    1. Bonda, thank you. Jantung memang penting. That's why we need a frequent check.