Friday, November 22, 2019

Decorating Our Home with Schneider Electric's AvatarOn

When we have kids, some of my friends will say to me that's the end of freedom and fun of decorating our home. Taking precautions like sharp corners and breakable objects is very important to me as I have 5 Little Angels, but do know that we can still have some fun in decorating our home. In this post, I will share how we can enjoy decorating our home with kids. :)

First, we could surprise our loved ones with a nice customisable AvatarOn from Schneider Electric.. Our home electrical fixtures like switches and sockets are usually needed when retrofitting older houses to accommodate requirements of new electrical codes or contemporary electronic. What if I tell you that we could customise our switch cover with a special message for our loved ones ? Sounds interesting right ?

In today's world, industries are looking for elegance in design and opt for beautifully crafted switches. With a wide range of switches available, we have an option to choose from switches with smart soft LED locators or switches with customised printed covers.

What is AvatarOn ? AvatarOn is produced by Schneider Electric. It is a revolutionary suite of switches that takes personalisation to the next level with a premium digital printing technology. Each and every switch cover could be personalised with the printed photograph of our loved ones or capturing our most precious moments togetherness.

AvatarOn offers 4 amazing classic design i.e. White, Soft Wood, Dark Wood and Gold Hairline. With the unique design, it let our home's details change, just like the changes in our colourful life. With their unique, patented technology and exquisite manufacturing, it will ensure comfortable operation and the easy-mount design which allows us to change the faceplates as quickly and easily as we wish. 
Are you excited to have your own AvatarOn ? Get it installed in your home first and then create your unique AvatarOn designs with 4 simple steps through online customisation service at

You can purchase your AvatarOn from or Lazada. 

Don't worried if you missed the 11.11 sales, stay tuned for Lazada 12.12 sales where we can purchase Schneider Electric's AvatarOn with a great deal that not to be missed !!!

Start planning to surprised our loved ones with a special message printed on the AvatarOn switch faceplates. Let's enjoy personalising our own AvatarOn and I'm sure my 5 Little Angels will get excited to decorate our house together for this upcoming Chinese New Year celebration.


  1. Amazing ideas! I will implement that at home. By the way, don't forget to also check the kids' dental health by visiting our dental clinic

  2. I love it where we could personalised our AvatarOn. Going to personalised my children photos too.

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  4. good sharing.. the stuff look great!

  5. Hey nice! This product looks lovely and make your home looks cute too. Thank you for sharing this information.

  6. wahh! new n modern gadget to use to deco the wall.. look so cute

  7. This is simpy beautiful. As we used to have photo albums before, I think AvatarOn will be the next big thing to keep the memories alive right.

    1. Rawlins, agreed. Whenever we look on it, all the best memories will appear.

  8. Nice product, simple and really practical . Wanna try this AvatarOn at my house also lah

  9. Really nice deco for our house. I am looking forward to have AvatarOn after my house renovation with good painting services. click here to find out more!