Sunday, November 24, 2019

Eat Right Play Right to Teach Kids on Healthy Competition

Do you know that 23% and 6% of our Malaysian kids below the age of 5 are stunted and overweight ? In our country alone recorded a 13.3% obesity and 38.5% overweight prevalence in 2017 study, the worst in ASEAN caused by improper eating habits with the increase of fat and sugar intake by 80% and 33% respectively. It is times for us as parents to teach our kids about healthy eating especially in situations where there is an abundance of food choices. At this post, Mommy Jane will share how Zurich Malaysia promotes healthy competition to teach our kids to "Eat Right to Play Right " ("ERTPR:).

As parents, we must navigate in fine line in imparting our kids with knowledge of proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits. Zurich Malaysia had launched ERTPR Youth Cup in 2018 to increase community education on healthy eating habits through grassroots football as studies show regular exercise can help motivate our kids to make healthier food choices.

Besides the on-going Football competition, the kids could join the Games Station at the booth nearby to the football field to learn on the nutrition information too. Each kid was given a card with 4 game stations. The staff there will teach the kids on some nutrition information and the guide to play the challenge. They needed to complete the game and once successful, the kids will get a stamp at their card. Once finish, they could redeem a small gift from Zurich Malaysia. My Little Angels enjoyed the interactive games while learning more on the healthy meals for their daily nutritious needed.
The lady explained to my Little Angels on the type of grains that will provide them with energy. Choose the grains and throw the small bean bag to the hole. 

Shoot your favourite Protein meal to build a stronger muscles
Choose the Fruits and Vegetables that you want to hit your ball to for a Happy Tummy
Computerise game to catch your Dairy for a healthier bone

Kids tend to learn through experience and with the interactive activities, it will promote proper nutrition practices and stimulate awareness. Zurich Malaysia also engaged Sodexo, a food services and facilities management Company to share their expertise in providing easy-to-follow balanced meal preparations for the benefit of participating kids and their parents. My Little Angels had the chance to learn making a healthy egg sandwiches which are healthy and delicious at the launched at International School 
of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) on this morning. 
The preparation for the egg sandwiches is quite easy since all the ingredients were prepared in advance. 2 kids in a group to stir fried the eggs and added some fresh lettuce, slices of tomatoes and cucumbers at their bread. A dedicated dietician and few chefs were at hand at the ERTPR Youth Cup to share their experience and knowledge on healthy menus that give our kids the balance in nutrition they needed to grow up healthy.
Mr Stephen Clark, Zurich Malaysia's Country Head said that through the ERTPR Youth Cup, they hope to promote sportsmanship and to teach the kids and parents that eating healthy is neither difficult nor expensive. This initiative aligns with Zurich Malaysia's purpose to help Malaysians protect their loved ones as well as give us handles to enhance our lifestyle.

The ERTPR Youth Cup is the final qualifier for the Grand Finals in December which see approximately 400 kids showcased their talents on the football field while family members cheered on at the ISKL Football Field. Prior to this, the ERTPR Youth Cup visited Kedah, Nageri Sembilan, Johor and Penang.
Put some vege and egg at the bread. Simple and delicious. Even our kids could prepare their own healthy meal for breakfast
ERTPR Youth Cup is part of Zurich Malaysia's integrated community initiative funded by a local grant from Z Zurich Foundation. The foundation was established by Zurich Insurance Group as a vehicle to deliver on its global community investments, focusing on sustainable initiatives that address both global challenges affecting humanity and the planet, plus the needs of local communities.
For more information, do visit their website at Check out my video on the event as below...

Thanks to Zurich Malaysia for their invitation to join their Eat Right Play Right launched campaign. My Little Angels had enjoyed the interactive games and cooking workshop which had indirectly taught them the importance of Eat Right Play Right and how they could prepare a simple and yet delicious meal on their own. With Zurich Malaysia's initiative, hope more Malaysian kids could lead a healthy lifestyle by staying active in sports and having a healthy meal daily.


  1. Pendekatan program begini dapat beri iompak kepada penerimaan dan pemahaman kanak-kanak tentang pemakanan yang baik dan sihat. Aktiviti dibuat dengan fun memang menyeronokkan!

    1. Bella, memang seronok. We enjoyed the programme so much.

  2. What a great programe for kids to join... it's a great opportunity for our kids to develop their talent and also skills

    1. Mifta, agreed. Best way to encourage them to stay healthy.

  3. Betul, budak-budak kena makanan yang sihat untuk proses tumbesaran dan akal mereka

  4. Warghh, anak mommy diberi peluang masak ya . Bagus program macam ni atleast as a parents kita tahu pemakanan yang baik untuk kesihatan anak-anak

    1. Salina, they enjoyed the cooking so much. Great way to educate them.