Thursday, February 20, 2020

Hawaii Series Mattress Displayed at Aloha Getha Roadshow

Do you know that a bed mattress can affect our sleep pattern and health ? Research shows that 1 in 3 Malaysians suffer from poor quality sleep and one of the important factor that contributes to a good night's sleep is the right mattress. Considering we spend around 1/3 of our life in bed, it is worth doing some research into getting it right. At this post, I will share the Getha Hawaii Series mattress on displayed during Aloha Getha Roadshow held at Mid Valley Megamall on last weekend.
I brought my Little Angels along to shop at Mid Valley while checking out the Aloha Getha Roadshow to find the right mattress for me and my Little Angels.  Various activities were organised on that weekend and my favourite is the Golden Egg Game. There were 3 sessions for those who want to join the game i.e. at 12.30 p.m., 3.30 p.m. and 8 p.m. Since we were there at 11.30 a.m., I joined the 1st session. The game is pretty easy. Just jump 25 times within 10 seconds at the trampoline and we had the chance to choose a golden egg and crack it to see the prize that we won.
Getha, we are ready for the challenge. Yeah !!!
Jump Jump Jump. I jump at 27 times in 10 seconds. Not bad right ? All thanks to my morning exercise daily that build my stamina
I'm so happy and chosen a golden egg to break it off to see my prize inside the Getha golden giant egg
Everyone is a winner and the winners could brought home Getha Latex Pillow worth RM280, a pair of Aurum Pass to the Getha Lux Suites worth RM300 and other fabulous great prizes from Getha. Indeed a great prizes to all of us. Thank you Getha Malaysia for rewarding us who visited the roadshow.
Won a Getha Latex Pillow worth RM280. A good night sleep with the great pillow
Besides joining the Golden Egg Game, me and my Little Angels could experiment the 5 senses at Getha's 5 station which brought us on a journey of growing and harvesting getah asli, through interactive story and 3D imaging that we could see from our phone. Just register at the counter by scanning the bar code before proceed to the 5 stations. 
What are the 5 senses that we could experiment at Getha roadshow ? The 5 senses are Sound. Scent, Sight. Touch and Taste. Just scan our phone at each station, go to the website link and the information of the 5 senses will be out from our phone for us to read to understand how the 5 senses will affect our sleep.

Sound is from the noise pollution which can jostle us from deep sleep. Ambient white noise  from fans and air purifiers can reduce disturbing sounds and Earplugs could easily drown out the noise.
Scent is from our surrounding. Using lavender oil decreases blood pressure, heart rate and skin temperature in sleepers.

Sight with minimal light exposure, which can be achieved by using thicker curtains or wearing a sleep eye mask
Touch a comfortable and supportive mattress is the most important factor to a good night's sleep. Choosing a wrong unsupportive mattress often results in a lack of quality sleep or body pains.
Taste a warm drink before sleep could calms anxiety and promotes sleep. The best time to drink tea is about 30 minutes before bed. At the roadshow, we could taste a coconut as a reward after completed all the 5 senses and redeem a goodie bag too while stock last.
As for kids, Getha Baby Dino Mascot will appear for the greet and meet session. Baby Dino will give balloons to the kids. Can see the happy face of the kids when meeting with the cute baby Dino.
Getha has introduce 4 types of Hawaii series of its mattress at their Aloha Getha Roadshow i.e. Aloha, Waikiki, Honolulu and Grand Pacific. It is the softest amongst all the series and made from AO Latex technology. The price for Aloha series is from RM4,988.
Aloha bedding can use for storage too
Waikiki series is super firm. Made from AO Latex technology, Biocare function, Aloe Vera fabric coating, Japanese firm latex and coconut fibre. The price for Waikiki series is from RM9,588.
Honolulu series is medium with extra support. Made from AO Latex technology, Biocare function, Bamboo fabric, Cotton, Coconut fibre and 7 zone profile latex. My Little Angels love the Honolulu series. The price for Honolulu series is from RM13,388.
My 2 Little Angels tested to sleep on the mattress and they love it so much coz' it is comfortable and even if they jump on it, there is a warranty of 10 years. Ha ha ha !!!
Grand Pacific series is soft, medium with extra support. Made from AO Latex technology, Biocare function, Silk Damask fabric, Anion fibre, 9 zones supportive latex and Kulkote coated latex. The price for Grand Pacific series is from RM17,188.
My favourite bed. Even though a bit pricey but worth to invest coz' we could sleep on it for more than 10 years
Getha mattress is made from 100% natural latex. Their Aloe Vera is delicate, soft to touch and moisturizes our skin; the Biocareis electro-magnetic field (EMF) free, anti-static, antibacteria and remove odour; the bamboo fabric is soft, high-absorbency, breathable and hypoallergenic; the cotton fibre is eco-friendly, breathable and organic; the anion fibre is to improve immune system, blood circulation, promote cell rejuvenation and remove odour and the kukote technology is to temperature regulating and long lasting cooling effect. 

The characteristics of Getha 100% natural latex include clean and safe, environmentally friendly, support and comfort, no sleep disturbance, pure and simple, high degree of heat dispersion, excellent ventilation, superior quality and craftsmanship. 
Why we need to purchase Getha Aloha Hawaii series at the Roadshow ? First is because the Hawaii series is only applicable at the road show. Not at their website or show unit. 2nd is because during the Aloha Getha Roadshow, for purchase of RM8,888, we will get a pair of Aurum Pass to the Getha Lux Suites worth RM300. Purchase RM10,000 and above, we will get free Samsonite luggage worth RM1,399. Third is because Getha mattress has 5 years in a row winning the world branding award at Kensington Palace.

With any purchase of any 1 of the Hawaii series mattress during the roadshow, we will get 1 ticket to enter a chance to win a platinum 5D4N luxury trip to Hawaii, USA (inclusive of 2 Business class flight tickets from Malaysia to Hawaii and accommodation at a 5-star hotel. If we purchase 2 mattresses, 2 tickets for the lucky draw will be given. The more we purchase, the higher chance for us to win our trip to Hawaii. Good luck everyone !!!
When is their next roadshow ? The next Aloha Getha Roadshow will be at Bangsar Shopping Centre from 26 February till 1 March and at 1 Utama Shopping Mall from 24 March till 29 March 2020. For more details, you can visit their website at and details of their roadshow at GETHA upcoming Roadshow. Aloha Getha Roadshow video at Mid Valley as below...
Remember to join their upcoming roadshow to win great prizes and to experience the quality of the Getha mattress on the spot.


  1. Congrats on your winning. The roadshow looks interesting. Will be there at BSC. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love Getha mattress. The quality is good and comfortable to sleep at. Times for me to change my mattress now.

    1. Agreed. The investment for our good night sleep indeed worth it.

  3. Nice event. Going to their roadshow at 1U and hopefully can win the pillow.