Tuesday, February 25, 2020


My 2nd sister married to a Singaporean 13 years back and hold a Singapore Permanent Residents (PR) now. When me and my Little Angels went to Singapore during the year end school holiday for a week, we stayed at her flat apartment which located at Choa Chu Kang. During our stay, we observe the different between our home at Kuala Lumpur and my Sister’s home.

Me and my Little Angels were attracted with their safe environment, cleanliness, convenient and many more as compare to Malaysia. Singaporean allowed their kids to walk freely and to take the public transport to and from school without accompany by their parents or adults but not here in Malaysia.

When I do some research on how to apply as Singapore PR, I came across service offered by Paul Immigrations, an immigration consultancy firm based in Singapore. They specialize in assisting their clients apply for Singapore PR, with internal operations that enable them to achieve a high success rate through their extensive knowledge of the entire process.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Guiding Clients to Permanent Residency

Paul Immigrations was established in 2016. There are over 15,000 satisfied clients and they have over 100 employees. Their mission is to provide Malaysians and foreigners with professional assistance and valuable insights to help us to gain competitive edges in our PR applications. Their vision is to strive to be the trusted market leader in helping us to establish our futures in Singapore.

How Paul Immigrations could help us? Their services include Offering Insights into acquiring Permanent Residency, Organising all Documents Required by the Authorities, Strengthening Your Application Through Additional Documents, Creating Personalised Cover Letters to Accompany Your Submission, Leading You through The Application from start to finish and therefore, Reducing Any Unnecessary Wastage of Time and Hassle. They have Policy Knowledge & Professional Case Management, Strong Complete Documents Package, Minimise Hassle & Time Wastage and have Strategic Approach in Handling Complex Issues.

What are the process involved? Is it difficult to apply for PR? Regardless of how intimidating it may all sound, just a simple 6 steps and you’re done with the application as Paul Immigrations will always be there to assist us and to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Step 1 : Telephone Interview
An immigration consultant will conduct the first round of interview with you, the potential client, on the telephone to determine if you fit the criteria to become a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR). They will ask about the work pass you are holding (i.e. Student Pass, Personalised Employment Pass or Employment Pass), whether you have any immediate family members who are Singapore Citizens or PR or you are awaiting the outcome of any ongoing submissions with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority.

The consultant will then conduct a profile assessment which includes determining your age, salary and duration of stay in the country. You can check our eligibility criteria of applying for SPR on ICA’s official website.
Step 2 : Personal Appointment With the Consultant
The consultant will then schedule a personal appointment with you to verify first-hand if you possess the work pass stated during the telephone interview. During the appointment, your physical work pass is required for verification to determine your chances of a successful application for Permanent Residency.

Next, they will go through with you, the factors on which your PR approval hinges i.e. the industry you work in, education qualifications, Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)’s unspoken annual quota, the political climate and the level of difficulty to attain the approval and unspoken quota. It’s then up to you to decide whether you would like to engage the service/help from Paul Immigrations to provide you with a better chances of getting an approval letter from ICA.

Step 3 : Compiling Documents
After agreeing to engage their services, you will then need to submit your documents to a specialist. You can choose to scan and email these documents to them directly or schedule a meeting to hand them over to them personally, whichever is more convenient for you. List of documents include Audited form or Form 4A, documents that are compulsory (as indicated on ICA’s official website) and any other documents that reflect your participation in community involvement and charity work). After compilation of the list of documents, the specialist will advise if your documents meet the listed PR requirements and criteria as stated by ICA.

Step 4 : Completing the Paperwork
The specialist will complete the application form based on the information submitted. One of their in-house writers will also write a customised cover letter based on the questionnaire previously given and the application form to emphasise your profile and commitment and contributions made to Singapore.

Step 5 : Submitting the Client’s PR Application
After all of the above is done and completed, the specialist will inform you that you are ready to move on to the online submission. They will give you the option of submitting it remotely or schedule another meeting with them for you to submit it with their personalised guidance.

*Steps 2 to 5 will take an average of 1 to 2 months

Step 6 : The Outcome
ICA will takes about 4 to 6 months to come to a conclusion for each PR application. Depending on ICA’s decision, the specialist will guide you on what you should do next

No more worries and no more stress. These specialists will help us to ensure the success of your application to become Permanent Residents.

Their office is location at Suntec Tower Two, 9 Temasek Boulevard, #13-01/02/03 Singapore 038989. For more information, please contact them at +65 62066390.


  1. Thanks for sharing. A great way to apply for Singapore PR.

    1. Wee Ming, Paul Immigrations will help to shorten our process and ensure our application has a high successful rate.

  2. My friend is considering to become Singapore PR. Will ask her to read this up.