Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Pizza Should Be The National Food of Malaysia , Find Out Why

If there's one food of 'foreign nationality' that should be gazetted as Malaysian's national food, I without a doubt would vote for pizzas to be our national food. Why? Well, read more to find out why me and my Little Angels think that way.
1. Pizza may have originates from Italy but ever since Pizza has made appearance in Malaysia, the recipe has changed to suit the Malaysian palates. Some of our pizzas are spicy and a tad exotic. We have Sambal Ikan Bilis Pizza, Nasi Lemak Pizza and even Durian Pizzas! Isn't that cool? 

Our pizzas are unique and well diversed. Can you honestly say that you'll have Sambal Petai or Durian Pizzas anywhere else in the world? Of course not. You can only have it in Malaysia!

2. Almost no Malaysians can live without pizzas. Ask anyone in any household. They would definitely tell you that they will order pizzas at least once a month or during special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.

3. Pizza is usually ordered when busy moms like me needs a respite from cooking in the kitchen. Pizzas has long kept Malaysian moms sane and gave us plenty of rest when we desperately need it.

4. Pizza brings family and friends together, and not to mention a must have in office when we need to work late.

5. Malaysian kids especially my Little Angels absolutely love pizzas. Ask any Malaysian kids if they like pizzas and they will tell you with conviction that they love pizzas!

Anyway, suggestion on making pizzas as our national food aside, how long has it been since our country has issued the execution of MCO? It's been more than a month, right? 

So, it's been more than a month we've been staying obediently at home while waiting for the Covid-19 to slowly go away. Waiting is a pain, but we all have to do our part as a responsible citizens to break the Covid-19 infection chain.

Problems? Yes. We've been binging on Kdrama and Netflix and then wham! We feel emotionally miserable cuz we suddenly crave for our favourite food like Pizza to 'keep us company' us during all our drama marathons but making efforts to go out and be stuck in a roadblock and being interrogated by the police when all us want is just buy some comfort food is simply a turn off. 

So, what do you normally do? All we wanted is just some simple Pepperoni Pizzas or Margherita. And maybe some comforting mushroom soups and garlic bread to go with it. But going all out for it is not something we're willing to do right now. So, what do we do?

Well, fret not. It's not the end of the world yet. There's a solution for our woes. It's called the FoodPanda Malaysia delivery. Foodpanda Malaysia Delivery, or fondly known as just FoodPanda is an online delivery platform that allows us to order food online.

FoodPanda have loads of pizzerias that's offering pizza delivery in their listing. All we need to to do is just register an account and just place our orders and food will be delivered to our doorsteps. We can choose to COD our food when it's delivered to us, but naturally, it's advisable to pay online and request for contactless delivery throughout this MCO period.

Now, what are you waiting for? Order a pizza...or two, to keep you company at home during your drama marathons. Indulging in some pizzas once in awhile is good for your soul.


  1. I always order my pizza through FoodPanda especially during these MCO. It is so convenient and I can get more discount.

  2. I love pizza too. I enjoyed my nasi lemak pizza so much.

    1. Nasi lemak pizza ? Sounds interesting. Where can I get it ?

  3. Pizza is now so full of flavour. I love pizza too..

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  5. Now if only Malaysia could make 1 decent pizza would be good. P.S using cheapest cheese you can find to top the pizza just didn't cut it.