Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Beaconhouse Group of Schools Offers 15% Discount in School Fees

Education determines the quality of an individual's life. Proper and good education is very important for our kids. Choosing the right school is important too because it teaches our kids the basics they need to know for the future. Recently Mommy Jane came across one of the largest networks of international and private schools i.e. Beaconhouse Group of Schools ("Beacon").
Beaconhouse has announced a 15% reduction in school fees in light of the announcement of the continued extension of the nation’s Movement Control Order (MCO). It will apply to all of Beaconhouse’s 14 schools in Malaysia from pre-schools to secondary schools and  benefiting close to 3,000 students and their families. 

A great relieve to all the parents who had suffered financially through the pay cuts and uncertainties in their workplace during this pandemic which had extended till 28 April. 

The government had introduced some stimulus packages in helping Malaysians to cope with the crisis but corporates, employers and individuals must also play a bigger role to ease the strain on Malaysians.
Alister Bartholomew, Regional Director, Southeast Asia, Beaconhouse Malaysia said that they understand the financial burden that some families may be facing amid school closure and economic slowdown. They are proud to be one of the first schools in the country to extend this gesture of goodwill to help the parents of their beloved students in these difficult times. I agreed with him that "Learning mustn’t stop, no matter what".
He went on to add that the school’s top most priority will be the continuation of student education regardless of the surrounding situation. He said that this is part of their promise for holistic and life-long learning. Even though they are all at home playing their part to flatten the curve, their commitment to enriching their students continues.
Despite school closures for several weeks now, Beaconhouse has been quick to adapt, with Beaconhouse Schooling Uninterrupted launching a robust virtual learning system providing a full spectrum of learning opportunities for its students.
The progress of their online teaching and learning platform, which is becoming more comprehensive and meaningful in its rollout every day despite such short notice. This is all thanks to their ever-committed teaching staff, their committed students and their dedicated parent.
When the discount will be given ? The school will reimburse school fees for the period of the MCO extension that’s just been announced. 

For further information on the Beaconhouse Group of Schools and the reduction in fees, you can visit their website at

About Beaconhouse Group of Schools
Beaconhouse is an international network of schools, headquartered in the UK. The Beaconhouse Group stands as the largest school system of its kind, with operations in various parts of the world, including Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, the Philippines, Belgium and Thailand.

For the past 45 years, it has been providing quality education from pre-school to post-graduate levels, based on a strong educational background. Beaconhouse Malaysia currently owns and operates 14 schools within the Klang Valley.


  1. Great discount especially during MCO. Thank you.

    1. James, indeed a great initiatve by Beacon to help the parents.

  2. Good news to the parents of Beacon. They really need it.

    1. Wenly, yes especially during these MCO periods Lots of peoples loss their incomes

  3. This is such a great initiative by the school!
    If you want to know more about Beaconhouse Schools (or other international schools), you can take a look here

    They have information on fees, curriculum, reviews (you could leave a review too) for schools & enrichment centre at their site.
    Hope this info will be useful!!!

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