Monday, June 27, 2022

Online English Lesson with 51 Talk

Covid 19 pandemic has change everyone’s lifestyle to stay safe. Most People choose to work from home and let our kids to stay most of the times. To ensure my 5 Little Angels able to catch up with the education at school while able to learn safely, I registered my youngest son, WJ for an online 1-on-1 English Learning platform in Malaysia where he could attend anywhere and anytime.

Why I choose English? Normally at home, we will speak in Mandarin and since they went to Chinese school where their main language is always Mandarin, they seldom speak in English. That makes their English language is a bit weak as compared to Chinese subject. We knew that English is very important in our day to day life because English is mostly used to communicate all over the world.

There might be a lot of tuition centres out there but I will always choose the best for them. The classes at 51 Talk will help them to start easily and able to use English language in their daily lives with the words that they could easily learnt to apply.

51 Talk is the top 3 English Learning platform in Malaysia which emphasised on the importance of usage with the right pronounciation. We might learnt on how to memorise when we were young but with the new generation, memorise doesn’t work on them. They need to hear and know how to use it.

51 Talk has the most effective way to learn English nowadays and train our kids on public speaking in English language. The duration of each class is normally at 25 minutes and we need a long term package to get a good frequency of learning so that WJ able to catch up consistently.  

51Talk has an international standard approved syllabus i.e. CEFR and having a package in a reputable centre which gave us a comfort of long-term learning and  no worries of its closure.

Kids as young as 3 years old could start the online English lesson up to 15 years old with 51 Talk. If you would like to have a trial class for your kids, you can try it for FREE and an assessment will be done before the teacher determine the level of your kids. 

Do register for the free class at For more information, you could visit their website at and facebook page at


  1. Looks interesting. Will register for the trial class.

  2. Registered for my son to attend the trial class.