Saturday, August 27, 2022

Domino’s Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Rice and Pasta are all set to hit the market!

Cheese-Baked Rice is me and my 2 teenagers girls' favourite. Whenever we saw cheese-baked rice at the menu, we surely ordered 1 to share amongst 3 of us. The fun of sharing and the joy of eating. Ha ha ha!!!

When I heard that Domino's is coming out with the newest side item i.e. Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Rice and Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Pasta , we definitely want to be the first to try it out. Me and my eldest Little Angel had it last week and we will sharing our review at this post.

Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Rice and Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Pasta were perfectly pair with its Ssamjeang range. We can now enjoy Domino's newest specialty k-side dishes along with our favourite Ssamjeang pizzas too. These new K-side dishes are all set to hit the market on 23rd August and will definitely excite K-fans and spicy food lovers as they truly complement Domino’s Ssamjeang pizzas by offering more variants to the much-loved Bulgogi range.

Domino’s Pizza recently came back with its much-awaited Ssamjeang range after a two-year hiatus and it's safe to say K-fans and spicy food lovers couldn’t have been happier. To add to this happiness Domino’s Pizza once again drops the bomb with its new Bulgogi Cheese Baked k-side dishes that are all set to awaken taste buds and set palates on fire.

Get ready to Super Saranghae Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Rice

Domino’s Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Rice is an absolutely mouth-watering combination of Korean rice mixed with spicy bulgogi sauce, shredded chicken, mushroom, mozzarella cheese, seaweed flakes and roasted white sesame. Let’s not forget the spicy bulgogi sauce that brings it all together for the best Korean feast! Definitely addictive and sure to satisfy that desire for spicy cheesy food. 

This flavourful k-side dish is one not to miss and sure to make your Ssamjeang pizza meal even more enjoyable.

It's an epic Italian favorite meets Korean spicy with Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Pasta

Get ready to be pleasantly surprised with this ultimate fusion of east meets west – Domino’s Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Pasta. A true feast awaits as the Italian favourite meets Korean spice in the new Bulgogi Cheese- Baked Pasta that combines rich mozzarella cheese in a bed of springy pasta baked in spicy bulgogi sauce ready to set those taste buds on fire with just one bite.

With the perfect combination of pasta, spicy bulgogi sauce, shredded chicken, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, seaweed flakes and roasted white sesame this k-side dish is sure to be an absolute favourite and the perfect side dish to any feast.

The Bulgogi Cheese-Baked range is a perfect addition to the menu and they are a great k-side dish with a cheesy and spicy twist that will surely leave customers wanting more. At Domino’s they constantly strive to give customers the ultimate pizza experience and with the new Bulgogi Cheese-baked items to add on to the Ssamjeang joy and k-love by spicing things up even more.

Domino’s Pizza offers some amazing Everyday Value Buy 1 Free 2 for sharing below RM 9 per person. And now lebih OHSEM is that pizzas are topped with FREE extra cheese! With its latest Bulgogi Cheese-Baked range, Domino’s Pizza makes sure to continuously innovate and offer exciting experiences along with delicious, high-quality products at great value to us as their customers. Watch my review video below...

The Bulgogi Cheese-Baked menu items are available across Domino’s outlets. The Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Rice and Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Pasta are being offered for only RM17.90 each with any pizza purchase. Visit Domino’s Pizza stores or order online at

Do try it out with the ongoing promotion, me and my eldest Little Angel love the taste and we are sure that you will love the creamy and yummy taste too!!!


  1. Looks yummy. Gotta try it out. :)

    1. Hi Celine, hope you enjoy the Bulgogi Cheese-Baked rice and pasta as much as we enjoy it too. :)

  2. I think I will love these Cheese-Baked rice and pasta too.

  3. Domino's never fail to impress me with their new menu. Yummy...