Monday, April 17, 2023

Carina, a Family-Friendly Products

As a Mom to my 5 Little Angels, I always look for a family-friendly products. The brand should be safe and fun for the whole family. Recently I came across a wide range of family-friendly products, including facial tissues, wet wipes and kitchen towel named Carina.

Carina is our home-country, Malaysia's tissue manufacturer which was well known for producing high-quality, soft, durable and strong tissue products that are friendly and perfect for our daily used. 

The fast selling items in Carina include Lavender series, Green Tea Scent Tissue and their Beauty Series and at this post, let me share to all of you the products that me and my Little Angels use daily.

For Carina Lavender series, there are Carina Wallet Tissue and Carina Soft Pack Facial Tissue. Carina Wallet tissue was designed for on-the-go convenience while the Soft Pack Facial Tissue, we could bring it out whenever we go for shopping, movie. meal times etc.

Me and my 5 Little Angels love the ultra-softness and strength of Carina Tissue which comes with 3-ply thick sheets, ensuring superior clean with improve softness to reduce causes of skin irritation. Each tissue is residue-free when wet, maintaining superior gentle touch and strength. Every sheet gives a unique sensation of softness, ensuring the best in gentle and family hygiene care. 

Carina Wipes are fragrance-free with antibacterial properties. I always use Carina Wipes to clean stubborn oil after cooking, home and public places to avoid the spread of Covid-19. Carina Wipes are also soft and with thick cottony material is also gentle and effectively cleans my Little Angels' skin. Carina premium kitchen towel could also handle the mess at my home at an affordable price.

For medical beauty series, I always use Carina Cotton Buds and Carina Facial Cotton. Carina Facial Cotton is a natural and hygenic way to remove my make-ups, cleanser, manicure etc. It is made with 100% pure cotton, ultra soft and lint free which is gently for my skin.

Carina recently launch their Green Tea Scent Tissue. Me and my Little Angels love the refreshing green tea scent which provides us a calming and focusing sensation. The gentle touch of the tissue is suitable to our sensitive skin areas without causing any irritation. Perfect for our personal or family use and the compact size of the tissues make it easy to take with us wherever we go.

Check-out the video of my review.

For more details, visit their links as follows:


●   Aeon BiG:

●   Aeon Wellness:

●   Carina MY:


●   Aeon BiG:

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Try it and you will love it and grab their Raya Special Offer now! Carina products are now available at AEON Big and AEON Wellness outlets listed below:

AEON BiG Outlets:

• AEON BiG Putrajaya

• AEON BiG Klang

• AEON BiG Ampang

• AEON BiG Bukit Rimau

• AEON BiG Subang Jaya

• AEON BiG Kepong

• AEON BiG Tun Hussein Onn

• AEON BiG Sri Petaling Jaya

• AEON BiG Shah Alam 23

• AEON BiG Puchong Utama

• AEON BiG Wangsa Maju

• AEON BiG Mid Valley

• AEON BiG Danau Kota

• AEON BiG Jaya One

• AEON BiG Kuantan

• AEON BiG Penang Prai

• AEON BiG Bukit Minyak

• AEON BiG Ipoh

• AEON BiG Sutera Utama

• AEON BiG Kluang

• AEON BiG Batu Pahat

AEON Wellness Outlets:

• AEON Wellness Bandar Sunway

• AEON Wellness Bandar Utama

• AEON Wellness Subang Jaya

• AEON Wellness Shah Alam

• AEON Wellness Bukit Mertajam

• AEON Wellness Penang Prai

• AEON Wellness Bandar Indera Mahkota

• AEON Wellness Midvalley

• AEON Wellness Taman Maluri

• AEON Wellness Sunway Velocity

• AEON Wellness The Sphere

• AEON Wellness Wangsa Maju

• AEON Wellness Ipoh Station 18

• AEON Wellness Taiping

• AEON Wellness Bandaraya Melaka

• AEON Wellness Kota Bharu

• AEON Wellness Aman Central

• AEON Wellness Kulaijaya

• AEON Wellness Tebrau City

• AEON Wellness Nilai

and many more!


  1. I used these tissues before and love the quality of it.

  2. Going this weekend to get some to try it out but looks good to me.