Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora for Modern Lifestyles

Wearing a watch is important for time management for us to choose the right activity for the right occasion. Time is priceless and wearing a watch also fosters a positive attitude towards time. It reminds us of the seconds or minute that have passed. Watches have become a fashion statement for both adults and students. It reflect the wearer's lifestyle and personality. Therefore, choosing the right watch to wear is important to all of us. 

As a professional working Mom, I just got myself purple colour Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora and let me share my review at this post and the reason I choose this watch.

Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora is a user-friendly for female consumers. The smartwatch has various functions and can be served as a fashion accessory too. Comes with 3 vibrant colours i.e. Purple, Gold and Pink, I could choose the colour that best matches my outfit, personal style and preference. I could also switch up my style with premium bands with their Quick Release Magnetic Strap.

Their 3D Full View Colorful Display provides clear visibility of metrics and other information on a full screen without black bars which looks like a magnifying glass that makes the font on the watch look bigger and clearer which enhance our viewing experience. The Fadeless Aluminum Case that coupled with a fashionable design makes the appearance to look gorgeous and impressive and suitable for our casual and formal outfits.

Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora delivers fantastic sound with their stable Bluetooth 5.2 Connection with reliable speakers and mic for crystal-clear phone calls that sounds naturally. With High Definition Music Playlist on Wrist, I can connect Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora to my smartphone via Bluetooth 5.2 and listen to my favorite songs while working out, hiking or even when I clean the house.

Listen to my favorite songs through my Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora

Exercise mode on

My Little Angels love their AI Voice Assistant which acts as our smart life assistant by simply say “Call Mom” or “Play Music” to get it started. With their 70 sports modes, Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora offers lots of choices for all women, including calories and step counts. Their SPO2, Heart Rate, Sleep Monitoring help me to monitor my health condition.
Smart Life Assistant 

SPO2, Heart Rate, Sleep Monitoring help me to monitor my health condition

Nice workout watch for me and my Little Angel

Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora also serves as my perfect companion to remind me of those special days of the month which include my menstrual so that I could take better care of myself. When I am bored, I could play at Lora's Built in Games. Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora also comes with IP68 Waterproof and I could customise watch faces to put the face of my 5 Little Angels. 

Play games with my smart phone when I feel bored

Where ever and when ever I missed my Little Angels, I could just look at my smart watch  
For safety purpose, Lora comes with Password Protection and Find Phone mode. I could control my camera too to take a perfect family's photos. If you need to calculate a sum, just use Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora's calculator mode for convenient sake. It also comes with Stopwatch, Timer and Alarms.

Find Phone Mode

Every morning before I send my 5 Little Angels to school, I will check the weather forecast through Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora to determine what to wear on a given day and to remind my Little Angels to bring umbrella if it is going to rain after their school session. 

Weather Forecast

When I am in dark area, I could switch on the Flashlight from my smart phone. I could also reply my message quickly through Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora and for emergency, just press SOS button from the smartphone to call for help.

Send and Reply message quickly through Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora

Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora comes with the 3rd 2-in-1 Core calling chip in the world besides Apple and Samsung. With the 2-in-1 chip, power consumption is 30% lower than that of a dual chip which allows it to compete with the top 10 thin calina watches in terms of battery life. I could enjoy a fast, stable, and energy-efficient smartwatch calling experience with Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora.

Charging my Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora using USB cable with magnetic head

I could use Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora with a peace of mind since KIESLECT offers a one-year replacement warranty insurance. Within one year of purchase, I can exchange my faulty watch (excluding accessories) for a brand new unit. However if the watch is damaged due to human factors, KIESLECT reserves the right not to replace it.  

Besides Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora, do look out for Kieslect Calling Watch Ks for your ultimate fitness partner to boost your motivation to achieve your fitness goals and Kieslect Calling Watch Kr Pro that jam-packed with awesome features but also possesses an excellent battery life. My video review on Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora as follow:

A little background on Kieslect. The brand has established a robust distribution network, supplying stylish smartwatches to over 5,000 retail outlets in more than 60 countries. Founded in 2017, Kieslect has partnered with leading wireless technology providers and other selected companies with core technology to embrace and lead the new world of quality smart wearables with elegant designs, superior quality, and the best value for us as customers. 

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Hope all of you enjoy reading my review on Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora. It is an ideal smart watch for all ladies and the benefits it provides to us worth every cent.  



  1. Nice watch. Love the functions.

  2. I'm looking for such watch too. Thanks for sharing your review. :)

    1. You're most welcome. Hope you enjoy having it. :)