Thursday, June 8, 2023

Pizza Hut Enters New Food Category with “MELTS” and it is not Pizza!

To all the Pizza Hut fans, good news to all of you!!! Pizza Hut Malaysia is set to entice diners with an entirely new product range called Pizza Hut Melts™. I am fortunate to be invited to attend the launch of Pizza Hut Melts yesterday at Sunway Pyramid.

The baked crunchy wrap crust is loaded with a choice of four different varieties of hearty toppings i.e. BBQ Chicken, Chicken Mania, Surf’s Up and Aloha Lover. Each flavour comes with oozing copious amounts of mozzarella cheese. Yummy yummy yummy!!!

Instead of the traditional meal, Pizza Hut aims to expand beyond pizza and into an everyday individual dining experience. 

Pizza Hut Malaysia Chief Marketing Officer Emily Chong sees the introduction of Melts unlocking a whole new category within the brand, consequently making it more accessible while drawing a larger pool of younger consumers.

From Left_ Kim Lim, Director of Universal Studios Malaysia, Emily Chong Wai Yee, Chief Marketing Officer of Pizza Hut, Vijayaratnam Tharumartnam, Head Group Communications of QSR Brands, Angel (Dolla), Sabronzo (Dol

Chong said that Melts is designed for the busy on-the-go lifestyle of young Malaysians who crave a cheesy meal but may not have the time to enjoy a whole pizza. Pizza Hut is focused on being more than just an occasional treat. We aim to become a contemporary, everyday meal option, and the Melts, are a perfect vehicle for this strategy. They are quick, tasty and lend themselves to both solo and group diners, which is something their research shows is on trend.

 Emily Chong Wai Yee, Chief Marketing Officer of Pizza Hut

To mark this significant foray, Pizza Hut is collaborating with up-and-coming female pop group – Dolla.  The Malaysian girl band which recently had a big Hari Raya hit, have been named product ambassadors for Pizza Hut Melts.

Pizza Hut Melts are priced from RM16.90 for ala carte, from RM17.50 with dipping sauce, and from RM18.90 for a MyBox Melts set, which includes a side and a drink. For more information, please visit

I had tried the Pizza Hut Melts and it is so delicious. My favourtie is the Aloha Lover which consists of pepperoni chicken, fresh and juicy pineapples and mozzarella cheese. The handpacked Pizza Hut Melts make it convenient to eat at anytime and anywhere on the go. Do try it now!!!

About QSR Brands (M) Holdings Bhd (QSR Brands): 

A franchisee of over 850 KFC restaurants in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and Cambodia, QSR is also the operator of Pizza Hut in Malaysia and Singapore, with more than 500 restaurants and delivery concept in Malaysia and Singapore. In addition to its restaurant operations, it is extensively involved in breeder and contract broiler farming, hatchery, poultry production and processing as well as a host of ancillary businesses including baking, commissary and sauce production. This makes QSR the first and only fully integrated food operator in Malaysia. QSR Brands and its subsidiaries guarantee full halal compliance to customers in all of the Group’s markets. Every aspect of the food manufacturing process follows strict controls and accepts only certificates recognised by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) and strictly adheres to MS1500:2009.


  1. Something to try on at my next visit to Pizza Hut.

  2. So tempting to try it out. :)