Sunday, September 17, 2023

SWAN Shine Primary (XL) School Bag series

Carrying heavy loads tend to cause various problems for children and the most common problem reported includes pain, muscle fatigue and soreness. Parents like me are always concerned that children might develop spine abnormalities and deformities or stunting of growth if our children carry heavy loads. Therefore, it is important to choose a bag which suits our school-going children to prevent an early onset of chronic back pain and strain.

Recently while scrolling through the websites and looking for recommendations from parents' groups, I came across SWAN Shine Primary (XL) School Bag series and I will share with you the reason I chose this bag for my youngest Little Angel, WJ.

SWAN Shine Primary (XL) School Bag series come with 2 special functions i.e. Hi-Density Coated OVC and Water-Resistance. These functions effectively block damages to school books and ensure protection against sudden downpours of rain which are quite frequent happened in Malaysia.

SWAN Shine Primary (XL) School Bag series are lightweight to prevent back or lumbar pains, thus improving our children's posture when walking or standing. It comes with durable zipper for long lasting and water bottle pocket on both sides for the convenient of our children to drink water. It also made from a high quality material and spacious with multiple compartment which includes laptop compart.

SWAN Shine Primary (XL) School Bag series comes with a choice of trolley 360º Wheels or Staircase Wheels to cater the needs of the school-going children at school. Since WJ's classroom is at the ground floor, I chose trolley that comes with 360º Wheels for him to manage his bag well. 

The Bag and the trolley can be separate to suits the needs of our children

SWAN Shine Primary (XL) School Bag series comes with vibrant and colourful interior that attracts children. Whether you have boys or girls, I'm sure they will love the colour of these school bag series. Since WJ is at standard 5 now, he chose to had a vibrant black colour.

SWAN Shine Primary (XL) School Bag series provides a 6-month repair and service warranty to ensure you have peace of mind and quality assurance when you do invest in a school bag for long-term use. If you want to get these series of school bag or other series for your children, do purchase it online at

Let's watch my video below taken at a playground to review WJ's favourite bag.

I always believe that a strong and sturdy bag is essential to last at least a year and it must be easy to carry around throughout the day. SWAN Shine Primary (XL) School Bag series met my requirements and helps my Little Angel to keep his belongings safe and with the wheeled bags, it helps him to carry a heavy load without hurting his back.


  1. The bag looks awesome. My kids will love to have it.

  2. I always get Swan bag for my daughter. Easier to carry to school daily. :)

  3. Good to have the function for the staircase wheel coz' my son always spoilt the trolley wheel especially he need to drag it up to his classroom.