Monday, May 24, 2010

When I was just a little girl...

When I was just a little girl, my Mom used to bring me to see parades. We'll took chairs and sit beside the road and eagerly waiting for the parade to start. From the flowers, lights and dance parade, they show us that Malaysia had different ethnics with different cultures.
So, when Tourism Board again organise Colours of 1 Malaysia, mades me think of my past... and I decided to let my children to experience it. Many peoples said don't bring children to pack place as afraid of H1N1 but for me these experiences shouldn't be miss.
After dinner, we park our car at Pertama Complex and walk to Globe Silk Store which is quite near to our parking. Easy to go home later as I don't think my children can watch till the end of the shows. It was reported that the events will start at 8pm till 12 midnight but after half an hour waiting, ard 9pm, the events only started.
We sat in front of lion, dragon and tiger costumes as children love to watch it. The place that we sat, can only see 1/3 of the performances as actually those performances start from Merdeka Square.

This is the first time children got to see so many lions, tigers and dragon get together to performed. They are so happy and excited seeing it especially my eldest son.

It was followed by Launch of Malaysia Mega Sale 2010 where these students dance n parade taking shopping bags and wear those Hawaii constumes.

Children got to see Indian and Sikh community dance also.

Lastly its Kadazan dance. We had to leave after that as my eldest daughter already felt very tired as didn't take nap in the afternoon. Its almost 10pm and she always slept as this time, so we had to go home but on the way getting our car, they grab some sticks that produce lights as souvenir.

Eventhough its just a short trip but it reminds me of myself when I was just a little girl. It might not as excited as when I saw it when I was just a little girl but I am happy seeing children got excited seeing it for their first time. Learning through experience and I am glad children got to see and experience our cultural in Malaysia. Colours of 1 Malaysia...

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