Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Outdoor activities

Last Sunday evening, my children wants to go for a swim as they really enjoy swimming and luckily my apartment had swimming facility. Got adult and children area. So they got to play at the children area where the water is not deep and save to play. They do bring along floats, ball and the flying pan to play with. 3 of them happiest moment will be at the pool.
Except swimming pool, we have 2 types of playgrounds also. My children got to choose 1 of them as there are just below my apartment unit. Maid will bring them down every evening to play around. Lots of birds flying around.

Another side of the land have 2 nice playland, basketball court, football court and jogging trek which was maintained by DBKL. I can see them from my apartment unit. Their voice can be heard from my unit also. I used to jog early in the morning but nowadays a bit lazy as every week days had to rush to prepare them to school and kindy. Weekends is my lazy time.
Its cooling and windy here. Can get fresh air with the natural bird singing, really relax...

They got to mix around and know more new friends also.

It might be just a simple activities but never look down on it as it builds children stamina and their brain also. My eldest daughter was recently selected as one of the 8 students in their class of 50 students to join the sports day as she could run fast. She really proud when she informed me the good news.

Just let our children to venture all out and not just stay at home watching television and shopping. It also helps a lot to build a healthy children. Children Healthy, Family Happy...

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