Monday, September 8, 2014

Flexi Work Life

As a Mom to my 5 Little Angels, I always wanted to spend more times with my little Angels to be the first to watch their growing up period like calling Mama, Papa, turning, walking, running and jumping. To be the first and only one to hear their grumbling, complaints, cheers and happiness but I just don't have enough times to do that. I always envy my maid whom had been with me for more than 8 years as she was closed to my Little Angels than me. Good news was, she really took good care of them. Bad news was my Little Angels sometimes more close to her than me. Sigh... I also remembered my Mom being a full time housewife, always there to cook delicious food for me, sending me to bus station cycle her bicycle every morning without fail to ensure I was save to school. She always there for me whenever I felt happy or sad as once I reached home, I'll relate everything to her. She is my best friend now and forever and I hope to be the same like my Mom but because of high standard of living nowadays, even my husband who is a Certified Accountant and work as Tax Manager can't afford for me to do that. These really mades me sad and felt guilty for not being enough times with my Little Angels ...
So, when I went to 1U last Sunday, I came across a banner as above about the at Urban Mom 2014. Without hesitation, I went to the booth to find out more and just in time for their live talk where the speakers on that day shared their experience on how they made a career comeback after being a Mother. Thats sound interesting to me as I also hope to have this flexi work so that I can spend more times with my little Angels...
Ms. Salika, Ms. Nisa and Ms. Pauline 
Ms. Salika Suksuwan, Head, Industry Partnerships, Talent Corporation Malaysia, together with Ms. Nisa Hidayah, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Standard Chartered and Ms. Pauline Teo, HR Analyst, BASF Asia-Pacific Service Centre Sdn Bhd are there to shared their experience in the first ever LIVE TALK SHOW programme exploring challenging topics for modern parenting. In conjunction with this event, aims to bring awareness and focus to mothers who is interested to make a career comeback, but unsure how or not familiar with the flexible working arrangement that certain employers offer. aims to build a network of employers and talent to optimise work-life integration while maximising work efficiency and enhancing employee engagement. 

All of you must had wonder what had offered. They offered flexijob. For employers, the advertise jobs with part-time or flexible arrangements (at no cost through and for jobseekers, they can apply for jobs which offer part-time or flexible work arrangements and raise the awareness of employers who offer flexible work. Apply for tax-incentives by hire and train women who have returned to the workforce, implement or enhance flexible work arrangements and establish a childcare centre and/or support for employees with children. Share and learn best-practices on flexible work arrangements, work-life benefits and family friendly facilities. Join them for upcoming programmes which promote diversity and work-life integration. Experienced HR practitioners who work together with TalentCorp to address the talent needs of our nation, particularly in areas related to diversity and inclusion. They believe that work-life integration is an effective human capital strategy to attract and retain talent.

Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (Talentcorp) was established on 1 January 2011 under the Prime Minister's Department to formulate and facilitate initiatives to address the availability of talent in line with the needs of the country's economic transformation. Collaborating closely with relevant Government agencies and employers in priority economic sectors, TalentCorp develops demand-drive initiatives focused on three strategic thrusts, specifically (1) Optimise Malaysian Talent (2) Attract and Facilitate Global Talent and (3) Build Networks of Top Talent.
If you want more information on flexi work life, do check out their website at or you can email to them at Check them out at their facebook page Facebook Page to get all the updates. You can register at the website and send in your resume there and any suitable vacancy for you, they'll give you a call for an interview. Success or not, it all depends on how you write your resume, your expectations and the way you market yourself in the interview to show to your prospective employer that you're the one that they are searching for...
Having fun time with my Little Angel, WT
To all the ladies out there, Malaysia needs all of you to come out and work so that we won't depends too much on the foreigners and the needs of talents to build up our economy so that all of us had a better life later on. By joining flexWorkLife, I believe there is no reason for you to waste your inner-talent. Come out and show to all of us that you can balance your life with work and family. I believe all of you can become a successful Mom and a successful person in life with no regrets. I'll be joining it and hope all of you'll be joining me too. Register now and show to all the prospective employers that woman also can do their part time work as efficient as full time employees ... 


  1. I also go there as Sunday family days out.. nice info for mommies and daddies..

  2. Looks like fun... I am blessed I have a flexijob but well... not stable income.... huhuh.... cannot always win