Thursday, September 11, 2014

Food Art with Zespri Kiwifruit

Zespri Kiwifruit were me and my little Angels' favourite as they'll always pursuade me to bought it when we went to Supermarket. Do you know that Kiwifruit is high in Vitamin C ? Zespri® Kiwifruit has 2x the Vitamin C of oranges. So, when I was invited to join the Food Art with Lee Samantha at Marmalade, Publika, I accepted the invitation since I learned a lot from Lee Samantha from my first lesson with her at Kidzania and now I wanted to learned more about the food art using our favourite Zespri kiwifruit also. 2 in 1. Ha ha ha...

Zespri® Kiwifruit is from New Zealand and the 10 benefit of eating it as follows :-
1. Vitamin C - One serving of kiwifruit has 240% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C! This flu-fighter also wards off the effects of aging and stress, and powers up the immune system.
2.  Fiber – Rough makes you smooth – two kiwifruit contain more fiber than a bowl of bran cereal. Fiber promotes a healthy heart, regular digestion, and helps lower cholesterol levels.
3.  Potassium – A serving of kiwifruit has more potassium than a banana. A great fit for active lifestyles, potassium maintains fluid and electrolyte balance and releases energy during exercise.
4.  Low Glycemic Index – Kiwifruit is an excellent addition to any weight-conscious diet as well as being   diabetes friendly. With a low glycemic index (52), this low-fat, low-carb fruit makes a satisfying snack.
5.  Antioxidant – Kiwifruit is an antioxidant all-star! Antioxidants attack free radicals and harmful by-products in your body, reducing your risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke

Puan Nurul Aziah, Consultant Dietitian
6.  Folate – Kiwifruit contains close to 10% of the recommended daily value of folate, vital for the health of mother and child during pregnancy, and for the prevention of birth defects.
7.  Magnesium – Two kiwifruit have a healthy 30 mg of magnesium, which powers up energy levels and improves nerve and muscle function.
8.  Lutein – This phytochemical found in kiwifruit helps to prevent age-related blindness and protect eyes against environmental stress and high-energy light
9.  Zinc – Important for boys and men because it helps produce testosterone. Everyone else needs the zinc in kiwifruit for healthy hair, skin, teeth and nails.
10. Vitamin E - Kiwifruit is one of the few low-fat sources of this potent cleanser and antioxidant. It also helps to lower cholesterol and boost the immune system.

Aunty Kiwi taught us on how to differentiate a green and a yellow kiwi
With all these benefits, you don't have any reason not to eat it. If you want to stay healthy, take 1 of the Zespri Kiwifruit daily and you'll had all the vitamins needed to stay healthy. Next, how to made our children eat and enjoy it, Ms Lee Samantha were here to show it to us through the Food Art so that children will had all the vitamins needed and be creative.
Lee Samantha, mother of 2 wonderful daughter
Lee Samantha was a full time housewife and Mom to her 2 healthy daughters. She always find ways to encourage her daughter to eat healthily and to become independent. So, she found a new way to do it i.e. through food art. She'll spend some times to draft what she want to do first. Like for today, when she saw a cat, she want to draw a cat dreaming of a fish in the garden. After got some idea, she'll draw it in a scratch book. A simple one will do as per the photo.
Then she'll organise all the materials that she had on that day to do as per her drawings. She'll prepare breakfast set with bread, peanut butter, chocolate jam, Zespri Kiwi Fruit, strawberries etc...
Here we go with the food on the table. Looks creative, right ? All children who saw it will definitely love it too and finish everything on the plate and I love it also. After got the learning tips from Lee Samantha, all of us proceed to do ours. Some follow as per Samantha's ideas and some do their own art work. I choose to do my own so that I can learned to became creative. Ta da... My creations...

Aiyah... too much of Kiwi fruits on my plate as I want to utilise all the resources given and serve it to my 5 Little Angels to ensure they have all the vitamins needed. Can you guest what is this ? Let me see. Erm.... Daddy's face as he is wearing a spectacle like my Food Art. Ha ha ha... You can find Zespri Kiwifruit from their facebook here... and their website here to know more of their benefit and some recipes too...
Photo session with my Idol, the person who inspire me
Tqvm to Zespri Kiwifruit for the invitation to join the workshop and thanks to Lee Samantha for the idea of the food art. For your information, after my first lesson with Lee Samantha at Kidzania, my son, WH won grand prize for the desert making at Pavilion and I won a Panasonic Bread Maker with my decoration for the bread. You can check out my previous blog post on my winnings to see my other creations. Lets be creative to ensure our children have a healthy eatings...