Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Future Card Buddyfight

At first when I received an invitation from a PR inviting me and my children to experience and explore the game cards, I really wonder what all these about. We normally played buddy fight through Ipad or Computer or Laptop and now through cards. Erm... Really wonder how they're been played and is it interesting ? Here I am with my Little Angels at the Eternal Magic, a card game shop in PJ Millenenium Square branch to discover the game...
The Future Card Buddyfigh was from Japan. It's a Japanese collectible card game created by Bushiroad. Released on January 2014, these anime was air on TV2, every Saturday at 8.30 a.m. and Astro Channel 612 Nickelodeon on every Sunday at 9.30 a.m. Manga can be found on www.onemanga.comWatch free at: http://www.youtube.com/user/fcBuddyfight
Lots of cards and limited editions merchandise you can look for
During the event, my children and even my hubby was taught on how to play the games. They used English as the wordings at the cards with points and powers at each card. And now let give all of you some lessons on how to play the cards. Remember that your objective is to reduce your opponent's Life to 0 by using your cards to attack and defend.
WH concentrating on how to attack his opponent i.e. his Sis, CM
You need a deck as above to play. A deck usually consists of a minimum of 52 cards, inclusive of 1 flag card and 1 monster card (buddy). A deck can only have a maximum of 4 cards with the same name, excluding the buddy card.  To play, place a flag card of your world face down on the flag zone. Then, choose 1 monster as your buddy and place it face down on the buddy zone. Next, shuffle your deck and place it face down on the deck zone. 
Bonding time with their Daddy while accepting the guidance by the Master there
Draw 6 cards from the top of your deck to form your hand. Draw 2 cards from top of your deck and place face down in your gauge zone. Decide who goes first with jan-ken-pon (rock, paper, scissors). Declare the start of the game by turning both the flag card and the buddy card face up.    
CM and WH really concentrate and eager to learn on how the games was played
Easy, right? Hope all of you understand on how it works but if you want to know more of it, you can always drop by at their store as there will be tutor who will teach and guide you and once you're master to it, you can always enjoy it while release your stress as its not only for children, lots of teenagers and even adults also enjoyed playing the cards.
Family times as all of us can play cards together and enjoy the fun of it
Everyone must eager to know actually what is the benefit from playing Buddyfight as I wanted to know also. So, I asked this question to Hui Shan, Marketing Executive from Knight Connections and she said the card encourages interaction among children and parents which I totally agreed as I enjoyed the games with my husband and children. It encourages children to learn more about the game as they need to read at the card as all the wordings are in English. It can improve my children's concentration on reading and improve their English without need any force. Ha ha ha...
Their cute reactions and the concentration really amaze me
It also encourages children to add basic sums, Maths as the cards got no. of points and energy. They need to calculate the sum and ensure they have enough power to fight or defend. It encourages children to think of a variety of ways to win their opponent and this is what we called it as Strategy as they need to plan, act on it and think of next ways to fight back. Really interesting, right ?
Once you're master to the cards, you might want to join the challenge
Buddyfight can be purchased at all Thunder Match IT shops and most card shops in Malaysia. Card shops will have their own tutor to teach players for free on how to play Buddyfight and each player will receive a Trial Play Deck, except for Thunder Match outlets. For a list of card shops in Malaysia, do visit this link for more information... http://fc-buddyfight.com/en/shops/shop-listing/asia-oceania/#Malaysia or https://www.facebook.com/buddyfightmalaysia

Tqvm to both the handsome Kor Kor for the lesson that we had learned on that day. Thanks to Huey Shan and Jun King for the invitation as all my little Angels brought back exclusive Buddyfight goodie bags which had the cards in it to play at home. Family time and bonding times now to play Buddyfight cards together and let's see who'll win the game and become the Master of the fight in our family. Ha ha ha...