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LetzHop Eduspace Sdn Bhd brings to Malaysia, Sesame Street English – a comprehensive learning platform that caters to teaching children English. Designed by the non-profit educational group behind the iconic children’s TV series Sesame Street; the Sesame Workshop goes beyond just academic learning by focusing on creating a curriculum that addresses learning by encompassing all aspects of your child’s growth. 
Sesame Street English began as a simple idea in the United States to teach children through television and 40 years later is a worldwide educational phenomenon that has reached millions of children in more than 150 countries. Each programme is specifically tailored to the unique needs of children based on their country, culture and local educators, the Sesame Street English programme has produced sustainable quantifiable results. "Using today’s technology, Sesame Street English represents the evolution of the interactive learning experience, and engages and provides children with the opportunity to enjoy focused lessons that will build the foundation for English proficiency” - Sesame Workshop.
The key mission of the Sesame Workshop is to harness the educational power of media to help children everywhere reach their highest potential. Classes are taught through media interaction with an emphasis on content learning, in the same way that the mother tongue is taught. Focusing on doing more than just ABCs and 123s, Sesame Street English allows the children to be able to interact with the Sesame Street characters via multimedia devices as well as through songs, dance and traditional academic worksheets. All of course outfitted with the names, faces and culture of Sesame Street. I remembered that I learned my English when I was in the primary by just watching my favourite show, Sesame Street. I'll sing and dance like them and I really enjoyed every moment of it.
Each child is greeted upon entering class in true Sesame Street style with a lot of laughter and a large dose of fun. Children go into class and learn, sing and dance with the familiar faces of their favourite furry muppet characters. Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster and the whole Sesame Street family are present in every aspect of the course from classrooms, from the wallpaper, the uniform, teaching exercises and even on the worksheets, everything has been officially licensed and comes directly imported from the Sesame Street Workshop.The environment, the characters and materials all work towards establishing a high impact productive environment that goes beyond just learning how to read and write.The Sesame Street characters become lifelong friends that will be there to teach, learn and guide your child through all the critical development points of their early years.

Working together with like-minded foundations such as LetzHopTM has been the critical link in continuing the growth of the Sesame Workshop. LetzHopTM is set to bring the Malaysian edutainment market to the next level with the introduction of Sesame Street English; the class brings a new take on interactive entertainment so that children grow to learn that education and fun go hand in hand. Right now the Sesame Street Workshop has expanded around Asia to Japan, China, Taiwan and now in Malaysia. Wow... During the lesson, my Little Angels learned how to made a rainbow and the volcano. This is their first experiment on how to made it and they really enjoyed watching for the results of it....
Learned how to made a volcano with vinegar and baking powder
LetzHop Eduspace was founded as a subsidiary under MMSC Ventures Sdn Bhd, one of Malaysia’s most established e-Learning solutions provider in Malaysia. Endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Selangor, each centre is required to have professional teachers with a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) certificate or a diploma in English or Education. The company has grown quickly over the year and now boasts 6 centres in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and are planning to open more around Malaysia over the course of the next year. The reason for the quick grow is that as what Puan Aishah said it was because they wanted to made learning as fun as possible so that the children will always remember it instead of traditional way of study as once exam over, children tend to forgot about what they had read. So for parents who wanted their little ones enjoyed what they had learned, then LetzHop Eduspace will be the perfect place to send your children to...
Puan Aishah Abdul Rahman, Executive Director of Letzhop Eduspace SdnB hd
Puan Aishah Abdul Rahman, Executive Director of Letzhop Eduspace Sdn Bhd says “Malaysia is a tri-lingual country with the main language being Malay, but English remains an important part of our lives. The Sesame Street English programme aims to not only teach but inspire and give children the confidence to speak English as a native speaker. This unique programme that combines education and entertainment is the right formula that gives high impact of a productive learning that excites and keeps children coming back for more”. For more information, please visit their website at www.letzhop.com/sse
Me and my 3 Little Angels
There are different stage that caters to each child. Each child need to take the examination first to see which stages are suitable for them so that they can learn more from there and master the English language. My Little Angels enjoyed the learning process even though just a simple one but they loved it so much. From here, they learned about the hands-on experiment, learned to sing, learned to be creative, learned to be interactive and most important, they learned with their favourite, Elmo. So, studying here, boring is not an issue as I'm sure your little ones will enjoyed all the learning process in a very very fun way as what my Little Angels had on that day....

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