Thursday, September 10, 2015

Holiday at Wave Rest House & Cafe, Jeram Organised by TEDMI (Day 2)

I woke-up at 6.00am to prepared myself early so that I can prepared some light breakfast for my Little Angels before we proceed to ride our bicycles. This is my 2nd day of holiday at Jeram with my Little Angels. You can read up my first day adventure HERE
At the entrance of the Wave Rest House & Cafe
WH cycle his own, CW became the passenger for my blogger friend, Elana as I'm not that confident yet to fetch her behind since I didn't cycle for more than 15 years while WT with Steve, the Wave Rest House's boss since he is the expert. I really proud of WH who learned how to cycle the 2-wheel bicycle here. Going to the beach time, he might not be steady enough but at least he dare to try. Going back to the Rest House from the beach, he was steady enough to cycle alone. A good experience for him. 

We cycle for 5km to the beach along the road in a group. It was fun and relax. It might took around 20 minutes to reach but no one complaint anything as the beautiful of the nature and the fresh air blowing to our body, makes us feel great and don't feel the tired at all. We really enjoyed ourselves with the scenery of a Kampung life.
Everyone looks so happy
Once we reached the beach, the place was really beautiful with lots of shells. Me and my Little Angels collected the shells home for remembrance.
CW collecting shells
Lots of beautiful shells can be seen
Me and my Little Angels at the beach
Then adventurous part about to begin as we need to walked through the stone to go further to the sea. CW was hold by Steve and WH was hold by a Cher Cher to walk through it while me and WT just half way through and we have to gave up as feel like a bit dangerous. Mommy Jane can't balanced herself off. Better stay put with WT at the beach at the end. Ha ha ha... 
Everyone start to walk but me and WT sitting there and have some photo session at these beautiful beach
Wen Li and Elana post for the photo at the stone 

Me and WT doing some fishing at the beach.
According to the guy who borrowed us the fishing rod, he said he can caught "Siakap" fish here at the beach
After around 45 minutes at the beach, we proceed to return to our Rest House for breakfast time. This round, I am more confident in cycling and I fetch CW behind me. During the rides, we chit chat and shared out lots of things. Bonding time between a Mom and a daughter. I felt really happy as able to understand her more. Just the 2 of us throughout our journey. Yeah...

We had our breakfast of fried rice and fried meehoon. The best part is, we were served with bottles of cold teh tarik and coffee sponsored by That Foodie Place. It was indeed refreshing. I love the coffee and my Little Angels love their teh tarik. Both also yummylicious. Since both freshly made, we need to put it into fridge and can only last for 5 days.

Andrew, the founder of TEDMI, Gary, the boss of Spectrum Hair Studio anAndrew's previous boss and
also the boss of My Keep 
After our breakfast, Andrew took out the lucky draw prize. The moment that all of us are waiting for as we wanted the prize so much. It is in purple colour and it looks so beautiful. The prize was. intax camera mini 8 set sponsored by My Keep worth RM546. Mr Ben's daughter do the draw and my little Angel, WT won the prize. Yeah....

Me, my Little Angels, Andrew, Mr Ben with his lovely daughter
We were indeed very happy getting the prize unexpectedly. Tqvm. Mr Ben. After the draw, we proceed to the best part of the itinerary i.e. the speed boat riding for bird watching activity. Going to the sea and another village to look for few types of birds, monkeys and even monitor lizard.
All of us have to wear the safety jacket before proceed to the boat
Coz' I am the driver of the speed boat. Ha ha ha...
Andrew will become our tour guide for this trip
Off we go. Yeah...
At the middle of the sea, we saw fisherman trying to catch some fish home by using net.
Hi Uncle, hope you got more fish today. Yeah...
We saw beautiful bird at the middle of the sea and they stand at the stick
Then we saw a fisherman catching some clams
At this village, every house sure got at least one boat park outside their house
as boat is their main transport here to catch fish and to go anywhere
This is the place where boat will send there for repair and maintenance 
There were different type of beautiful birds which include eagles were being spotted at the bushes.

After half an hour boat riding tour, we went back to our Rest House. My Little Angels played at the playground while I just sat at the bamboo swing while waiting for another group to come back from their tour.

Once the group were back, we were served with our favourite ice cream sponsored by Kindori. Green tea, chocolate, mango, vanilla, strawberry and even black sesame ice cream were brought here for all of us in variety of forms i.e. cups, lollipop and cake. Tqvm, Kindori and we really love it especially kids. He he he...
Variety of ice cream to be pampered with. Yeah...
Kindori ice cream cakes in green tea and mango flavoured.
Can get 1 next time for my little Angels' birthday
Table full of Kindori ice cream for all of us. Yeah...
Besides ice cream, we were served with local specialty pau. Chicken char siew, curry chicken and the red bean pau. My Little Angels love the chicken char siew pau as it is delicious. All thanks to Clement and Ally for went all the way out so that all of us can try the local famous specialty. Yummy...

A must to have drink at Jeram i.e. fresh coconut. It is so refreshing and keep all of us from the heat. Yeah...
WT enjoying his fresh coconut drink
After enjoying our tea break with all the light food, we had a chit chatting session where Andrew, the founder of Tedmi, shared some of his personal story to us on how he falled from a mountain as high as 7-storey building, how he survived and how he stand up from the fall... I think he is really an awesome guy who is very tough in whatever things that he do. Hopefully my Little Angels will be as tough as him when they grown up. He he he...
Me and my Little Angels enjoying our tea break session
So, if you want to experience something different like what we had experience here, do check out Wave Rest House & Cafe's FACEBOOK. Their package are from RM139 for adults and RM69 for kids on weekdays and from RM169 for adults and RM69 for kids on weekend and public holidays. Package includes accommodation, seafood dinner, breakfast, bicycle riding to beach, mangrove forest tour and bird watching at the sea. Called them in advance to made bookings at 017-7164389. There are 9 rooms that can cater up to 30 pax. Wave Rest House is only 60km from KL and took around 1 hour drive. Consider very near if you want to escape from the busy town and just to relax yourself at a quiet place.
Tqvm to everyone that came together as one to made the event so happening
It comes to the end of our tour and its time for us to pack our things :(. So sad. Sigh... All of us had really enjoyed ourselves so much for this holiday as everything was well-planned. We'll always miss the adventurous part where we had to walked in the rain through the forest, stones, tree branches and everything there. Tqvm to TEDMI team for organising all this and we're truly grateful with the meaningful and adventurous memories given to all of us. A big thank you from the bottom of our heart to all the sponsors. Hope that we'll be able to meet up again for the next trip. So, if you want to win a trip like me, download TEDMI App now and you might rewarded with a ticket to another trip soon. Do also check out my 2 Junior Rangers experience on Day 1 and Day 2 See all of you soon. Yeah...


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