Thursday, September 17, 2015

Johan Kids Public Speaking Workshop

I had always wanted to send my Little Angels for Kids Public Speaking Workshop but I'm not sure which workshop is the best for my Little Angels. As mentioned in my previous post HERE, trained your little ones to be confidence so that they'll always be confidence in everything that they do.

Here I am with my 3 Little Angels at Johan Speaking Academy to explore how public speaking can help my Little Angels to be confidence in their life. This workshop was for 1.5 days and each session had a maximum of 12 students only to ensure quality, focus attention and the deliverable of the results.  

On the first day, all the children had a warm up session and each of them have to introduce themselves. Then they did a breathing exercise to release all the tensions since majority are first time been at the workshop. Their first lesson was on the body language.
My 3 Little Angels registered themselves before joining other kids to start of their 1.5 days workshop
There were activities and contest for the kids too. My Little Angels really enjoyed it even though very reluctant to attend it at first. At the end of the first day. they let me know what they had done there, the activities that they had joined and the contest. Talked non-stop on their experience and exposure. I can see that they had enjoyed it so much on their first day of training and were very eager to attend the workshop on the next day.

The workshop was lead by Teacher Johan Ooi who is a charismatic speaker and facilitator with a unique blend of style and experience. He loves to speak on stage and had won numerous International Speech Contest as a speaker Toastmasters. He teaches teens, kids and even adults on public speaking to help build their confidence and communication skills to propel their career at a faster pace. He is indeed a friendly guy who would like to pass on his skill to train the kids when they are small to help them out in their growing up period.
Teacher Johan Ooi, a trainer and founder of Johan Speaking Academy
Medals and trophies won by Mr Johan, all through public speaking 
We woke up quite early on the next day as my Little Angels said it is an important day for them as now they'll speak in public. I was quite surprise. The first day workshop was only for 5.5 hours which include lunch time and 2 hours on the second day, how could they speak in public ? I doubt on their confidence level till I experienced it myself as all parents were invited to attend and to see ourselves on how our kids had performed after the workshop.
Kids showing their cute expressions 
Children listen to Teacher Johan attentively
Team work to solve the questions
All children enjoyed the class as it'll never bored
Teacher Cherry helping out to train WT to speak out
When all the parents had arrived at 11.30am. teacher Johan called up volunteers from the kids to showed their expressions through imagination. The kids did it very well. Congrats to them for able to express themselves in public that promotes interpersonal skills.

The reaction from the boy when his favourite toy was broken by Teacher Johan 
Kids and parents were the audience on that day

CW were no. 10 speaker on that day, She was a bit nervous waiting for her turn to comes and Mommy can see it. Mommy was more nervous than her as this is her first time speaking in public.
No eyes to see. Ha ha ha...
Trying hard to memorise the speech
But when she was at the stage, without seeing the script, she able to stand out to speak confidently in public. I was so proud of her hearing her speech. No more feeling of nervous. She could look at everyone without fear to introduce herself and what she love most. Her ambition and things that she like to do. She could talk confidently. Yeah to Pretty Wen for her courage to speak out.
CW express herself well in front of the audience

WH and WT also performed very well. Even though my 2 boys had to read from the script but at least they able to speak it out in front of the public audiences. Bravo to my little boys.
WH talk confidently 
He is just 6 years old and he can speak in public without fear
After each and every kids introduce themselves, the next session will be story telling. Some children have to read from the script and some really can memorised the whole story and tell it out to all the audiences.
This boy might be 6 years old but he can really told the story out with some emotions without the script
Superboy was the funniest boy amongst all
The confident that this boy shows really amaze me
The whole session was handle by 4 speakers especially trained by teacher Johan as he wanted the children to learned on how to handle the whole session. This training will gave the children a sense of empowerment.

The event finished at 1pm and all parents which include me were very satisfied with the results as Teacher Johan and Teacher Cherry had successfully build self confidence and self esteem at each child that mades them dare to stand out to speak out publicly without any fear. Their communication skills had improve tremendously and they're more confident in whatever things that they do now without any fear. 
Messages from the children that had attended the course
Teacher Johan and Teacher Cherry with the children proudly holding their certificate of attendance

So, if you want your little ones to have a confident in their life, then check out Johan Kids Public Speaking's WEBSITE and FACEBOOK. The price for 1.5 days workshop is at RM350 for 1 person and RM600 for 2 persons. The price will increase starting from November this year. So, send your children earlier as the earlier they being expose, the more confident they are in their life in public speaking. If you want a longer period of training where children will brought out from the centre to the real life, then the price for 12 weeks programme is at RM1,380 and early bird only at RM1,140. For registration, click at the link HERE. Johan Kids Public Speaking located at 92B, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 KL and you may contact them at 016-2589038.
Teacher Johan and Teacher Cherry with my 3 Little Angels
Tqvm to Teacher Johan and Teacher Cherry for training my 3 Little Angels to stand out bravely and to speak out. With the confident level they had it now, hopefully my Little Angels will grow up steadily to become a leader one day to lead everything that they do confidently and without any fear in their life. Yeah... 


  1. Hi dear, this really train up children to be great in public speaking. sad that its bit far from my place.

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  4. This is a great workshop for kids to remain or gain self confidence... I remember my little one when she was younger she would dare to go all out.. But less now that she is older...

  5. This is a great workshop for kids to remain or gain self confidence... I remember my little one when she was younger she would dare to go all out.. But less now that she is older...

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