Thursday, December 7, 2017

Hoshino Coffee Opened its First Outlet in Mid Valley

Hoshino Coffee has been a favourite place to dine-in in Singapore amongst family and friends and the queues are always long. For Coffee lovers, Food Lovers and Dessert Enthusiasts, Hoshino Coffee had hits Malaysia with its first outlet in Mid Valley. Mommy Jane and Little Angel were here to try out part of their signature menu.
A star is brewed as Hoshino Coffee offers Malaysian coffee fans with a wide array of dishes that make up their mouth-watering menu. 
For Hoshino Coffee, quality is never compromised as their premium hand-dripped coffee is prepared in detail for each cup of coffee. They uses specialty-grade Arabica beans which are carefully selected by Coffee Maestro, Masahiro Kanno. Then it will be freshly roasted at the outlet for it to retain its flavour and aroma. Hot coffee is served in a preheated cup to enhance the taste and iced coffee is served in a copper mug to present the beverage in its best form.
The must-try beverage is their signature Hoshino Blend Coffee and Japanese Milkcoffee. Mommy Jane had ordered both and the taste of Japan's premium brewed beverage had fulfill my daily dose of caffeine and fill my senses with the enriching aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
Hoshino Hand-drip Coffee at RM12.90
Check out my video below on the unique way the Barista of Hoshino Coffee had made a cup of coffee and the food that were served on that day...
We were served with some of their specialty dishes on that day. Hoshino Signature Spaghetti is like Aglio Olio style tossed with eggplant, chicken bacon, shimeji and chicken sausage. On top of the spaghetti, there is a perfectly poached egg and toasted sesame seeds which you can eat it as it is or mixed everything together before you eat.
Hoshino Signature Spaghetti at RM19.90
Hoshino Pot-Baked Curry Rice with Chicken is my favourite amongst all. The Japanese rice was baked in Japanese curry sauce and cheese with semi-molten egg on top. The curry is a little spicier than the normal Japanese curry. The taste was strong and I love the rich curry taste. The best way to have this dish is to stir the egg and melted cheese within the hot pan and eat it together while it is hot with the curry which had infused the rice. 
Hoshino Pot-Baked Curry Rice with Chicken at RM23.90
For seafood lovers, you might want to try out the Seafood Paella. Using fresh mussels, prawns, squids and clams, the rice was flavourful and delicious.
Seafood Paella at RM26.90
Salmon Wasabi Cream Spaghetti was served on a white oval dish with shiitake mushrooms, salmon chunks, shredded seaweed, sesame seeds and a bit of spicy wasabi.
Salmon Wasabi Cream Spaghetti at RM26.90
As for dessert, we had the Hoshino signature Pot-Baked Souffle which is in original and matcha flavour. It is light and airy with wobbly golden hue puffy on top. The eggy fluffy can add with thick custard sauce as condiments
Pot-Baked Souffle at RM15.90 each
The fluffy French Toast are one of their iconic desserts. Drizzled with caramel sauce and topped with the homemade whipped cream, it is a simpler variation of the French Toast.
French Toast at RM17.90
Pancake Souffle is one of the best-selling desserts at Hoshino Cafe. Enjoy a single slice of souffle-style pancake or a double portion with whipped cream on top. You can have it with honey or maple syrup too.
Pancake Souffle (Single) at RM14.90
Hoshino Coffee was founded in 2011 and had opened its first outlet in Saitama Prefecture, Japan and has been capturing the hearts and palates of the peoples around it. There are more than 180 outlets in Japan and has made their presence in Singapore, South Korea, China and now Malaysia.
Their dining area at the Ground Floor is with compartments for those who want some privacy
The First Floor of the dining area is set-up with comfortable sofa for diners to enjoy their food while relax themselves with a cup of coffee
Family friendly cafe with a kid's room for children to play around after their meal while Daddy and Mommy could enjoy the food peacefully. Ha ha ha...
Hoshino Coffee is a culmination of the partnership between Nippon Restaurant System ("NRS") and Doutor Coffee. NRS is known for its unique delectable food menu and had served more than 30 dining brands in Japan while Doutor Coffee which is renowned for its coffee roasting and brewing expertise of more than 50 years, being the largest coffee chain in Japan.
Hand-Drip Coffee session for customers who wish to see it live
For reading pleasure
Hoshino Coffee is located at 27-G, The Boulevard, Mid Valley which is near to the entrance mall and in front of the beautiful fountain. For more information, do log on to their website at and facebook page at
Mommy Jane and Little Angel, CM had enjoyed the yummylicious and the uniqueness of the Japanese food, drinks and desserts at Hoshino Coffee. The place was ambience and it is a comfortable cafe to dine-in at while enjoying our very moment togetherness that are stress free. We will definitely come again to enjoy the yummylicious food with our family and friends while my Little Angels could enjoy their play time at the kid's room which located inside the cafe.


  1. I love coffee. Can't live without it. Must go try when in KL. Thanks jane

    1. Gaylen, you should try this and I'm sure you will love it too.

  2. I noticed the restaurant when I visited Midvalley last week. The interior decoration is so fabulous and lush.

    1. Rawlins, agreed with you. Very comfortable to dine-in here.

  3. I don't drink coffee. However, I seriously think that I should try out the food here.

    1. Maya, do try out their curry chicken rice. It is my favourite.

  4. the food looks oh so good... I want to try it too... will check it out when am in the area

    1. Miera, avoid during lunch and dinner time coz' the queue is really long ya.

  5. I love coffee, and this Hoshino Coffee looks like a place that I need to visit. Will check this out.

  6. Not a coffee fan but don't mind coming for the food and ambience. Looks so cosy.

    1. Emily, I'm sure you will love the food and the place too.

  7. oh my... cozy ambiance with suoerb good food!! I wanna go try now!!


    1. Racheal, hope you had enjoyed the delicious food.

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