Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Do Not Miss This Article, If You Often Suffer From Menstrual Pain!!!

As woman, have you ever experience period pain? I'm sure 80% of all women out there had that experience. Some women are experience pain and cramping at the beginning of our menstruation because of abnormal uterine contractions and constriction of block vessels in the myometrium. The pain will also affect our lower abdomen, lower back pain, nausea and headaches. 

What can we do when we have period pain ? Some women use a heating pad or hot water bottle to place on top of our lower abdomen, getting some exercise, taking a hot bath, doing relaxation techniques include yoga and medication. Besides all these methods, recently I try to use EmrysHome & Flexwarm Menstrual Pain Relief Heat Belt and I will put my review here for those who wants to find a solution to ease the pain of menstrual cramps.

Whenever my period is coming or whenever my tummy not feeling well, EmrysHome & Flexwarm Heat Belt could help to reduce my pain. Not only we can use it at our tummy or abdominal area, we could use it when our neck or legs feel pain. It could cure our backache too. Just put the belt around the area affected and after 20 minutes, it will reduce your suffering whenever you have your period. 

The Heat Belt is very portable.The ultra thin design and light weight makes it very portable and ideal for our period pain reliever. We could just tied it on our lower back, waist, abdomen, shoulder and knee or any part of our body which we feel uncomfortable with to provide us a pain relieve. It is so portable that we could wear it all the times whenever we go for shopping, at home, travel or even sleeping time. With the aerospace technology, the EmrysHome & Flexwarm Heat Belt has high temperature fuse which could sudden-shift the temperature to protect our belly without worrying. The adjustable belt with bucket fits all the body size.

The Far Infrared Therapy ("FIR Therapy") is proven scientifically to be more effective than conventional heat therapy since it penetrates deeper into our skin without causing skin injury. The Graphene produces far infrared of wavelength from 6-14um when generate heating, which can be easily absorbed by our human body.

The Magnetic Charging Port works with any USB charging cable and it is compatible with most mobile phone adapters. Just connect it to any of your power bank to get the source of the power. A small pocket of the belt is located for your powerbank storage.

The Flexwarm heating technology reaches the depths of our lower abdomen that keep us feel warm. The low temperature is at 40°C, medium at 50°C and high temperature at 65°C. Normally I will choose a medium temperature of 50°C with a comfortable heat to make myself feel comfortable and my belly is cover with a warm palm. 
Low Temperature
Medium Temperature
High Temperature
Its heating material is made of carbon fiber, which is safe, soft and more healthy than original method. It is made from the most expensive dupont lycra, which is thin and breathable to ensure comfort, durability and appearance. It is also tested by electromagnetic wave intensity radiation data and the test is within the safe range, which can be safely used by old and kids.
Press the circle as above to START the heating
EmrysHome & Flexwarm Heat Belt is very easy to use. Just put the belt around your uterus and your powerbank into the small little bag. Plug in the USB power cable into the power bank and press to turn on the power. Press and hold it for 1.5 seconds to turn on or off, then select the temperature that you want. Blue colour had the lowest temperature, follow by yellow and red if you want to feel hotter.
EmrysHome & Flexwarm Therapy Menstrual Cramp Warming Belt is functioning for up to 100,0000 hours, which means that you could use if for 4,166 days or more than 10 years. For the price that we pay, it is indeed worth of our every sen. The price of the belt is at RM199 only and if you purchase it currently, you'll get a power bank for FREE. What’s more, if you put my code "JC18", you can enjoy 18% off as discount. Just register at their email and key in "JC18" at the Coupon Code when you check out with your purchase and click apply, then you just need to pay RM163.92 with FREE Power Bank. To get rid of pain in “those day”, do visit the website at



  1. This awesome. I really need this . Look like a good menstrual pain reliever.Should I get one for myself?

  2. looking forward on this product which attract me is it can be charge using USB cable. good for me at least can help me when the pain is there

  3. Wah looks awesome la menstrual cramp warming belt ni mommy. Yela kadang bila time menstrual perut akan rasa kejang dan sakit lepas tuh sakit pinggang kadang saya rasa mual dan tak sihat bila menstrual ni. Mood jangan cakap lah memang swing .Bagus kalau ada warming belt ni satu di rumah

  4. Boleh digunakan ketika datang sakit sengugut? Kira ianya boleh melegakan sakit tu la ye.
    Erm.. Macam amazing dengarnya.
    Boleh la membantu mereka yang bermasalah time period ni kan.

  5. wahhh tak tahu pula benda macam nie pon wujud. bagus ya teknologi sekarang. dapat membantu masalah sakit ketika datang bulan. nak suggestkan pada kawan2 lah. hopefully it helps them to overcome this pain.

  6. yup sometimes the period pain does make me uncomfortable for the whole day!! this thing surely gonna work well bcz HAHAHHA i sometimes put hot water inside a bottle and put it on that below belly just to make it more comfy!