Monday, May 6, 2019

Family Friendly Dentist at Perfect 32 Dental Clinic

I'm sure most parents like me wanted our kids to have the best experience possible when coming to the dentist, so they will have a lifetime of great dental experience. I don't want my kids to be like me coz' when I was just a little girl, seeing a dentist, will be a nightmare for me. Ha ha ha !!! Recently I found a family-friendly dentist at Sri Hartamas when I am looking for a dental treatment to do scaling and crowing. 
Perfect 32 Dental Clinic provides the best quality dental treatment and oral care. Their clinic is equipped with state of the art facilities and highly trained personnel. They had few rooms for dental treatment and X-Ray. The place is clean and neat and with a small section for kids to play while waiting for their turn or their parents' treatment. With the play area, the kids will walk-in happily without any fear.
Dr Nitha is a very experienced dentist. Studied in Bachelor of Dental Surgery at University Malaya, she had a wide experience of more than 15 years as a Dentist in various hospital and reputable dental clinic. Being a Mom of 2 children, she is a very friendly and gentle. She also creates a very personal relationship with her patients. While doing the treatment, she will chat with me and even WhatsApp me to ensure that I won't have any discomfort after every treatment.
Dr Nitha is a detailed person. Once examined my teeth, she suggested that I need to do an X-Ray so that she could determine the exact decay is located before any treatment proposed.

Once X-Ray done, she said that root canal and crowning need to be done at 1 of my teeth to protect the teeth from further damage. Root Canal needs 3-4 treatments while Crowning needs around 2 treatments. To ensure I feel comfortable with all the treatments, she help me to set the appointment date to once every 2 weeks. My appointment always on Sunday morning coz' on weekdays, I work full time. It is indeed very convenient for me to do the treatment on my off and free days.

A root canal is a treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or becomes infected. During the procedure, the nerve and pulp are removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed. 
A screen in front of me if you feel boring and the soothing songs that play inside the dentist room, makes me relax and comfortable while Dr Nita savings my teeth
While doing the treatment, Dr Nitha always ensure that I don't feel the pain. Anesthesia is administered to the affected tooth and trust me, the root canal treatment is no more painful than a filing. 

After few weeks of root canal treatment, Dr Nitha will place a permanent crown or a similar type of restoration on the top of the tooth. Depending on the condition of my natural tooth, Dr Nitha may need to place a small supporting post inside of the root chamber, to make the crown or restoration more stable.

Besides root canal, crowning and whitening, Perfect 32 offered Emergency Pain Management, Dental/Tooth Implant, Halitosis/Bad breath treatment, Deep scalling and root planning, Tooth Extraction, Wisdom Tooth Removal, Minor Oral Surgery, Removable Dentures, Scalling and Polishing, Tooth Coloured Fillings, Porcelain or Composite Aesthetic Veneer, Porcelain Crown and Bridge and Braces/Orthodontics.
Little Container for the Kids to choose. White, Green, Purple, Pink and Blue. Which colour your kids prefer ?

Perfect 32 is the best place for kids. For every kids' tooth extraction, Perfect 32 will pack the tooth and given back to their little patient for keepsake in this cute and unique tooth shaped container without any extra charge. My Little Angels love it so much. Now they have a little container for their precious tooth.
Perfect 32 Dental Clinic is located at No. 25-2, Jalan 23/70A, Plaza Crystalville, Desa Sri Hartamas Kuala Lumpur. For appointment, do call them at 603-62116232 to avoid disappointment. Do visit their facebook page at for more details and promotions.
If you worried about the pain, I can assure you that Dr Nitha is very expert on that and will ensure the pain is minimise and when she chat with me, I don't feel the pain anymore and my nervousness gone. She will also ensure that the waiting times for the treatment is minimise by setting appointments but when there is urgent case, she will still accept the patients but when times come, the priority will be given to those who had the appointments. Do make your appointment early and meet up with Dr Nitha for all of your teeth problems and you’ll feel the family-friendly services at Perfect 32.
Mommy Jane and Dr Nitha


  1. Wahhh dah jumpa klinik yang bagus untuk buat crowning ya? Harga dia macam mana ya? Kalau bagus dengan servis yang dibuat, ok lah..tak payah nak cari klinik lain lagi dah

  2. Family friendly dentist yang saya suka tau mommy. Banyak banyak doktor, nak jumpa doktor gigi paling seriau dan takut sekali tapi kalau friendly macam ni kita suka anak anak pun suka .Berapanye harga rawatan yang ditawarkan ?

  3. Bagusla kilinik gigi macam ni. I sebenarnya takut jumpa dr gigi tapi bila tengok klinik ni nmpk selesa trs tak takut

  4. I use to visit dentist every month cos am a braces geeks. hihi

  5. Bagus lah klinik gigi ni, kids friendly. Anak-anak pun mesti selesa kan nak cek gigi di sini. Dentist pun sangat berpengalaman, yakin nak buat treatment dan paling best siap follow up thru whatsapp. customer service memang tip top

  6. selalunya memng ramai orang takut nak pergi jumap dentist ni..ahhaa.tapi bila tegnok ni denagn suasana yang tenang..doktor pun macm ok je..mesti tak risau..hahaa

  7. cantik dekorasi klinik gigi..baru rasa tak takut datang klinik gigi macam ni. eh teringat pulak BBL ada appointment doc gigi bulan depan. yelah 6 bulan sekali mesti check kesihatan gigi