Friday, May 3, 2019

Kumon Students Recognised For Exceptional Performance

To improve my Little Angels in English, Mommy Jane sent them to Kumon, the largest after-school enrichment programme in Malaysia. Recognising over 700 Kumon Students for their Exceptional Performance, Kumon recently held its annual Advanced Student Forum 2019 ("ASF") at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel. This platform aims to recognise students who have successfully advanced 5 years ahead of their school grade as well as programme completers who have completed the Kumon Mathematics or English programme up to level O and L respectively. Congrats to all the 771 Kumon students from over 200 centres nationwide.
Attended by over 2,400 students, parents and Kumon instructors, this ASF annual event is also held globally in other countries i.e. Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, New Zealand and Australia across the Asia and Oceania regions. This year's episode saw special guest appearance and invited speaker, Dato' Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, our country's first astronaut. 
Dato' Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, Malaysia's first Astronaut as a Guest Speaker and Kumon Parent
His Experience as a Kumon Parent

As a father of 2 daughters, whom are currently attending Kumon programme for both Mathematics and English, he shared his real-life journey to success having fulfilled his lifelong ambition to be an astronaut. He also shared about the challenges faced to excel in his academics and eventually graduated as an orthopaedic surgeon before representing Malaysia as the first astronaut. It was indeed a very inspiring story for parents and students to learn from our idol, Dato' Dr Sheikh Muszaphar, on his journey as a parent and as the first astronaut of our country.
Dato' Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor's 2 daughters' achievement at Kumon so far. Both had shown great progress in English and Mathematics. Congrats to his 2 lovely daughters !!!
Dato' Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor said he always exposes his children to explore more activities to bring the best out of them
Our experience in Kumon Malaysia is that they focus on helping our kids to achieve their limitless potential through the self-learning method, a method initiated by an educator, Toru Kumon, in Japan more than 60 years ago. The lessons are customised based on our kid's ability and progress and at a level that is comfortable (just-right level) and not limited to their school-grade levels, some even surpassing it. Upon successful completion of a level, our kids are required to undergo an Achievement Test to evaluate their progress before advancing to the next level. Kids as young as four are able to progress in Mathematics and English in Kumon.
Mr Yosuke Sugawa, General Manager of Kumon Malaysia presented an award to a Kumon Student in Primary 2 who had advanced 5 years ahead of his school grade
The self-learning method is an effective way that guides our kids to develop the ability to self-learn and equip them with critical life skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking, which prepares them to be more discipline, independent and gain confidence as well as perseverance.
Mr Sugawa shared that there is a strong need for parents and educators to shift from over emphasising academic excellence but to also focus on character building and critical like skills to further shape our kids to be resilient which better prepares them for their future. The 7Cs Model of Resilience advocated by the American Academy Pediatrics includes control, competence, coping, confidence, connection, character and contribution to set our kids on the right track to resilience.
Ms Dana Lekshmi, Kumon instructor for Dato' Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor's 2 daughters, sharing her experience being with Kumon for 22 years
Kumon has over 200 centres nationwide with a student database of over 33,000 and targets to unveil 20 new centres over the next 2 years, bringing a total of more than 220 centres by 2020. For more information on Kumon Malaysia, do visit their website at and Facebook page at Check out my video on the event as below :-

Having enrolled my 2 sons aged 10 and 13 years old in English subject at Kumon since December last year for 3 months, I could see their progress and they now have a strong foundation in English. The routine and self-learning method that Kumon has introduced, has shaped them to be more self-disciplined and confident. You can read up on our experience at Kumon at HERE. 
Me and my Mommy Friends, Ruby and Jia Shin as we took some time off to attend the Kumon Advanced Student Forum 2019 and to meet with Dato' Dr Sheikh Muszaphar to learn more on how we should guide our kids to optimize their ability towards success


  1. Wow congrats to Dr. SM for his daughters' achievement with KUMON!

    Farhana Jafri

  2. Saw a few postings on Kumon too. Think of sending my son off here too when he gets bigger. So I should start saving up now.

  3. Wow, they have a huge student database! Will definitely share the info with my relatives with kids.

  4. Everyone knows that kumon is a great place to send our kids for learning and study new things. I have heard positive feedback from others too. It is a good approach for kids' future

  5. Kumon is such a good place for children. ramai kawan zul yang satu sekolah dulu dari Kumon. semuanya pandai-pandai belaka bila masuk sekolah. Jealous rasa.

  6. KUMON mmg salah satu institusi yg diiktiraf dan berjaya melahirkan anak2 yg genius dan berkualiti.. Moga pendekatan ilmuan yg berkualiti ini akan terus berterusan