Monday, March 2, 2020

City of Infinite Possibilities in KidZania Kuala Lumpur's 8th Anniversary

KidZania Kuala Lumpur celebrated its 8th Anniversary with infinite fun and madness yesterda. Mommy Jane and Little Angels were invited to join in the celebration at the award-winning indoor family centre. With the themed, "City of Infinite Possibilities", KidZania KL is committed to making the city a place of infinite possibilities, one that will inspire and challenge our kids to dream big.
During their anniversary celebration on that day, the enthusiastic 'zupervisors' of KidZania KL had made sure all the kids who joined them and parents too had oodies of fun with variety exciting of infinite-themed activities, edutaining workshops, entertaining performances and parade for our kids to discover their potential and dreams to the fullest.

The celebration started with the welcome speech by En Shahrul Nizar Ahmad, Mayor of KidZania KL. He said that it's been 8 years since they were established. Since then visitors increased year on year, making them a much sought-after family destination in the country. They also been certified as a co-curricular partner with the Ministry of Education and worked with numerous industry partners and collaborators over the years for only one goal i.e. to ultimately equip kids with an understanding of the real world while empowering them with a variety of development skills, from creativity, financial literacy, critical thinking and the ability to dream and dream big.
Shahrul Nizar Ahmad, Mayor of KidZania KL
Shahrul also said that most children have dreams of what they want to be when they grow up. That's why is is so important to promote that positivity in encouraging our kids to chase after the path they dream of. KiZania always desire to motivate the kids to dream big with their advocacy "Learn Life Today" approach by offering real-life job experiences in different industries to develop important life skills and values. They are committed to help our kids to broaden their horizons, recognising and identifying the path or things they are good at and turn every child's dream into reality at KidZania.
Kai !!!  A greetings to said "Hello" to everyone
After the speech, there were exciting dancing performances with the KidZania KL's 5 mascots namely Urbano, Vita, Bache, Beebop and Chika, KidZania's Congrezz Kidz, Dancers and kids to join in the fun. 
Cake cutting ceremony with the cake shaped "8" with some mini fireworks to replace candles and the birthday song made the celebration more meaningful.
Mayor with KidZania Congrezz Kidz and KidZania's Mascots
Balloons were released in front of the KidZania National Store after the launched of KidZania KL's 8th Anniversary and only kids are allowed to grab the balloon. There are small piece of paper or some sweets inside the balloons to indicate the prizes to be won. My Little Angels able to redeemed 2 goodie bags and some sweets from the balloons that they grabbed. It was fun and kids were so happy.

Kids searching for the prizes slip
My Little Angels had the opportunity to join the Colouring Contest activity organised by the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC). They were given 25 minutes to complete the questionnaires and colour the palm oil picture. Colour pencil and the picture is provided so that they could complete in time. All kids who had participated the contest could bring home a goodie bag each. Winners announcement is at 4.30 p.m. and 2 of my Little Angels won the consolation prizes. Congrats to them !!!

Congrats to Rane's daughter for winning the 1st prize in the colouring contest
My Little Angels also joined the Infinity Bracelet Race by making bracelets in an infinity shape. All participants received a goodie bag each and winners got a bigger prize. My Little Angel, CW won the race with the fastest person to complete the challenge.

Besides the above contest, there are other challenge too i.e. Tealive Inifinity Cups Challenge and Nips Straw Challenge by Kodomo Lion to improve the children's morvement and accuracy. Both activities are a form of sensory play to develop and improve their gross and fine motor skills but my Little Angels did not join the challenge coz' they are busy making their burgers and fries at McDonald's establishment at KidZania, worked at Fire Fighters Department, Pilots, Hospital, Tealive and many more.

My Little Angels didn't join the infinity shape workshops i.e. the Infinity Tuna Wrap by Mission Foods where the kids making infinity-shaped wraps, Faber-Castell's Infinity Colouring Party workshop enabled kids to use their creativity in colouring their own version of the infinity symbol and DIY Infinity Mask resulted in creative infinity-shaped masks. Miss out so much funs but they do enjoyed themselves so much on that day.
Their 8th Anniversary event was made possible with the help of collaborative partners which include Faber-Castell, Kodomo Lion, Mission Foods, Tealive and Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC). Special prizes from their collaborative partners were presented to the kids after winning the challenges and contests.
Special promotion by Mission Food for their chips. 3 packets at RM15 and free a casing to put their chips and our smartphone too. Great deal not to be missed during the celebration
Moving forward, KidZania KL aims to regularly roll out new activities and continuously collaborate with more partners in creating additional career opportunities for our kids to experience first-hand. A very good news to all the kids and parents too so that our kids could try more role-play in future at KidZania.
For more details, do visit their website at and facebook page at Do watch my video on the event as below...

Thanks to KidZania KL for the invitation to join their 8th Anniversary event. Times passed so fast when me and my Little Angels joined their opening, every year celebration, launching, collaboration and many more and today we witnessed their 8th Anniversary event celebrated with the City of Infinite Possibilities that gave a memorable experience to all the kids who joined the celebration on that day. Looking forward with more new activities soon and Happy 8th Anniversary to KIdZania KL !!!
Thanks Mayor for the photo opportunity and for bringing the best for the kids at KidZania KL. Zank-U !!!


  1. Nice celebration. My kids would love the activities here too.

    1. Warren, do bring your kids to KidZania especially on this school holiday.

  2. I brought my children there during their anniversary. They love it so much.

    1. Wynn, nice meeting you there. I saw your kids running around happily. :)